Remote Magnetic Sewage Flow Meter

Sewage Flow Meter is an electromagnetic flow meter used to measure sewage/waste water. Also called Effluent flow meter, or wastewater flow meter. Features of Remote Magnetic Sewage Flow Meter Electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument for measuring volumetric flow. Flow measurement Read More

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter, also called insertion electromagnetic flow meter, is an insertion type flow meter. Insertion magnetic flowmeter can be installed without stopping flow. Suitable for large diameter DN300-3000. Features of Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter Compared with the pipe Read More

(Best Price) Magnetic Flow Meter Manufacturers

Sino-Instrument is one of the reliable Magnetic flow meter manufacturers and suppliers in China. Magnetic flow meters apply for wastewater flow rate measurement. Sino-Instrument can offer stainless steel magnetic flow meters, both the Pipeline and plug-in style. Of course, Sino-Instrument Read More