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High-performance level measurement using a differential pressure transmitter.

SI3151 Level TRANSMITTERS   Direct Mounted Flange Type
  1. High-reliability micro-capacitance silicon cell
  2. All welded construction with no flange ‘O’ rings
  3. Exceptional resistance to harsh environments
  4. Electronic linearisation to correct tank shape
  5. Hart® 5.2 multi-drop communication
  6. Versatile indicator with 5-digit display
  7. Field repair possible with common spare parts
  8. The built-in loop calibration facility
  9. Wide range of flange types
  10. Large installed base

Most DP type level transmitters use an ‘O’ ring seal,

which will perish within 6 to 12 months usage in a hostile process environment. 

The FCX series transmitter uses an all-welded construction with fill fluid,

that has been subjected to high vacuum for an extended period to remove entrained air. 

This provides long term reliability not found in any level transmitter of its type.

Each application is different. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Data sheet: Direct-mounted level (pressure) transmitter.pdf

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