Sino-Instrument level transmitter

SI3151 Level TRANSMITTERS Direct Mounted Flange Type

Sino-Instrument > level transmitter > Hydrostatic for Liquids High-performance level measurement using a differential pressure transmitter. High-reliability micro-capacitance silicon cell All welded construction with no flange ‘O’ rings Exceptional resistance to harsh environments Electronic linearisation to correct tank shape Hart® Read More

SMT3151TR submersible level transmitter

SMT3151TR Submersible Level Transmitter–2Mpa,200m

SMT3151TR Submersible Level Transmitter, also known as Submersible Level Sensors, or submersible hydrostatic level transmitter–Instruments for Measuring Media Levels. SMT3151TR series submersible level sensors, (submersible pressure transducer 4-20ma ) are normal model of level pressure transmitter. Provide continuous liquid level Read More

SMT3151 differential pressure level transmitter

SMT3151LT Differential pressure(DP) level transmitter

SMT3151LT Differential pressure (DP)level transmitter SMT3151LT Differential pressure (DP) level transmitter a new type of differential pressure (DP) transmitter produced by advanced technology and equipment. Continuous level, flow and differential pressure measurement. Liquid level measurement, is the most common measurement process in Read More