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At Sino-Instrument, we are pressure measurement specialists.

Alongside our range of High-Performance Pressure Transmitter.

we have selected a reliable brand of pressure transducers,

to suit less demanding applications of for OEM.

These Pressure transducers are manufactured by China transmitter manufacturers.

China transmitter manufacturers,over the past 20 years,

grown into the market leader in the area of pressure management.

These companies designs and manufactures pressure transducers,

and transmitters for aerospace, defence, oil & gas, automotive,

process and general industrial applications.

Our Pressure Transducer range

OEM Pressure Transducer

Oem smart Pressure Transducer pressure sensor

This series of general purpose pressure transducers are designed for applications,

where economical price and reliable pressure measurement is required.

Incorporating the latest strain gauge technology,

and utilising unique manufacturing techniques,

have resulted in a low cost, high quality transducer range, ideal for OEM applications.

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General Purpose Pressure Transducer

This pressure transducer, featuring Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure sensor technology,

has been designed to meet the operational requirements of demanding pressure measurement applications,

where good quality, fast delivery and low cost are a high priority.

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Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters

Each manufacturer now,

has its own definition,

of what is a pressure transducer and a pressure transmitter.

On our website, we have classified as “Pressure transmitter” the high-performance devices,

such as Sino-Instrument Pressure Transmitters.

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