SI-T40B Digital Torque Transducer-Non-Contact-No Bearings

Features of T40B Digital Torque Transducer

  • Measuring range: 50-10KNm;
  • Minimum installation length;
  • Integrated double flexible disk coupling coupling;
  • No bearings, eliminating the impact of bearing friction;
  • Contactless;
  • High speed 30K RPM;
  • The installation angle is small;
  • With display.

Technical Parameters

Measuring range: 0-5000Nm
Accuracy: ±0.1, ±0.2%FS
Repeatability: ±0.02%
Zero point temperature effect: ±0.02%FS
Full scale temperature effect: ±0.02%FS
Compensation temperature range: -10~60ºC
Operating temperature range:-20~75ºC
Output: 10±5kHz, 4-20mA, ±5VDC, ±10VDC, RS485, RS232, CAN,
Supply voltage: 12-24VDC
Supply current: less than 100mA
Electrical connection: 8-Pin
Overload protection: 200%FS
Material: Sensor 17-4PH stainless steel, shell aluminum
Speed measurement: Maximum speed: 30KRPM, 60 pulses, 4-20mA, 5V/ TTL, ±5VDC,
±10VDC, RS485, RS232, CAN
Installation: axial difference ±0.2mm, angle error 0.4°

T40B Digital Torque Transducer Dimensions:

T40B Digital Torque Transducer Dimensions
Note: Tolerance of φA is ±1, φD, tolerance (left +0~+0.019, right -0.01~-0.023)

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