Precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flowmeter. It can be used for the measurement of natural gas, propane, air, nitrogen and other gases.

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter, like vortex flowmeter, is a velocity flowmeter. The cost performance of the intelligent precession vortex flowmeter is higher than vortex flowmeter. The intelligent precession vortex flowmeter can only measure gas. Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter can be made into an integrated temperature and pressure compensation. And can measure various gases. Such as compressed air, oxygen, biogas, natural gas, coal gas, etc.

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter reference price: DN50, USD 600.00/pc.

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Features of Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter

  • No mechanical moving parts, not easy to corrosion, stable and reliable, long life, long-term operation without special maintenance;
  • 16 bit computer chip, high integration, small size, good performance, strong function;
  • The intelligent flowmeter integrates flow probe, microprocessor, pressure and temperature sensor into one, and adopts built-in combination to make the structure more compact, which can directly measure the flow, pressure and temperature of the fluid, and automatically real-time tracking compensation and compression factor correction;
  • Double probe detection technology, new sensor processing technology and reasonable installation method are adopted to greatly improve the signal strength, so that the sensor can accurately detect the signal and suppress the interference caused by pipeline vibration.
  • Adopt the domestic leading intelligent anti-seismic technology, effectively restrain the disturbance signal caused by vibration and pressure fluctuation;
  • The Chinese character dot matrix display screen is adopted, which can display the volume flow under working state, volume flow under standard state, total volume, medium pressure, temperature and other parameters directly.
  • The converter can output frequency pulse, 4 ~ 20mA analog signal, and has RS485 interface, can be directly connected to the computer network, transmission distance up to 1.2km;
  • With signal transfer output of several physical parameters, users can choose any of them.
  • Pressure and temperature signals are the input mode of the sensor with strong interchangeability.
  • The power consumption of the whole machine is low, which can be supplied by built-in battery or external power supply.
Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter

Specifications of Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter

Inside nominal
DN (mm)
Range of
Nominal pressure
Class of
Repetitive Shell material
15 0.6~12 1.6
△P=ρ/1.205×PN 1.0
Less than the base error limit is definitely  worth 1/3 Aluminum alloy 304
stainless  Steel
20 1~15
25 2~40
32 3~70
40 4~80
50 6~130
65 8~400
80 15~500
100 40~1000
125 50~1200
150 100~2000
200 360~3600

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Vortex Flowmeter VS. Precession Vortex Flowmeter

The common point of precession vortex flowmeter and vortex flowmeter

  • Both flow meters are velocity flow meters;
  • Both flow meters can be made into a temperature and pressure compensation system, and can measure various gases, such as compressed air, oxygen, biogas, natural gas, coal gas, etc.;
  • Both flowmeters have no mechanical moving parts, are not easy to be corroded, are stable and reliable, have a long life, and do not require special maintenance for long-term operation;
  • The highest accuracy of both flowmeters can reach 1.0%.

Biogas Flow Meters Selection Guide

The difference between precession vortex flowmeter and vortex flowmeter

  • The working principles of the two flow meters are different;
  • The intelligent precession vortex flowmeter can only measure gas, while the intelligent vortex flowmeter can also measure liquid and steam;
  • The maximum caliber of the intelligent precession vortex flowmeter can only achieve 200 caliber, while the maximum caliber of the intelligent vortex flowmeter can achieve 1000 caliber, of which 300-1000 is a plug-in type;
  • The cost performance of the intelligent precession vortex flowmeter is higher than that of the intelligent vortex flowmeter;

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Structure

Flow meter is composed by below parts:

  1. Swirl generation body
    Made by aluminium alloy, with certain angle screw blades, it is fixed in front of the housing contraction, then press the fluid and generate strong swirl flow.
  2. Housing
    It has flange itself, and with certain shape fluid channel, according to different working pressure, the housing could adopt cast aluminium alloy or stainless steel.
  3. Intelligent flow totalizer
    It is combined of temperature, pressure testing analogue channel, flow testing no. Channel and micro processing unit, LCD drive circuit and other assistant circuit, with the extermal output interfernce.
  4. Temperature sensor
    Use the PT100 platinium resistance as the temperature sensitive element, under certain temperaure range, the resistance and temperature is correspond with each other.
  5. Pressure sensor
    Use the diffused silicon piezoresistive type bidge road as the sensitive element, the bridge arm
    resistance will happen some expected change under pressure effect, under certain excitation current, the two output terminal potential difference in proportion to the outer pressure.
  6. Piezocrystal flow sensor
    It is installed at the throat near the housing contraction section, it could test the frequency of swirl.
  7. Clear swirl part
    It is fixed at the housing exit section, the function is clear the swirl and decrease the influence to the downstream instruments performance.
Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Structure

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Working Principle

The flow profile of the Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter is similar to the profile of a Venturi tube.

A set of spiral guide vanes are placed on the inlet side. When the fluid enters the flow sensor, the guide vane forces the fluid to produce a violent vortex. When the fluid enters the diffusion section, the vortex flow is affected by the backflow and starts to rotate twice. A gyroscopic vortex precession phenomenon is formed.

The precession frequency is proportional to the flow rate and is not affected by the physical properties and density of the fluid. The second rotation precession frequency of the fluid measured by the detecting element can obtain good linearity in a wide flow range.

The signal is amplified, filtered and shaped by a preamplifier and converted into a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate. Then, together with the detection signals of temperature and pressure, they are sent to the microprocessor for integration processing. Finally, the measurement result is displayed on the LCD screen. Including instantaneous flow, cumulative flow and temperature and pressure data.

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Working Principle

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Flow Totalizer Working Principle:

Flow totalizer is combined with temperature,pressure testing analogue channel, flow sensor channel and micro processing unit, and with the external output signal interface, with many output signals, the micro processor in the flow meter will carry out the temperature and pressure compensation according to gas state equation, and carry out the compress factor amendment. The gas state equation as below:

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Flow Totalizer Working Principle

In the formula:
QN ——flow volume under standard condition. (m3/h);
QV ——flow volume under working condition. (m3/h);
Pa ——local atmospheric pressure(KPa);
P ——flow meter tapping hole measured meter pressure(KPa);
PN ——atmospheric pressure under standard condition.(101.325 KPa);

TN ——absolute temperature under standard conditions.(293.15K);
T ——the absolute temperature of measured fluid.(K);
ZN ——the gas compression factor under standard condition. ;
Z ——the gas compression factor under working conditions;
Note: when use the bell jar or negative pressure calibrate, use ZN/Z=1, for natural gas (ZN/Z)1/2=FZ is super compression factor, calculated according to the China National Petroleum Corporation standard SY/T6143-1996 formula.

Gas Flow Meter Types

The gas flow meter is a precision instrument used to measure the cumulative flow of gas in the pipeline. There are three main methods for flow measurement:

  • Positive displacement flow meters, such as diaphragm gas meters, Roots flow meters, etc., accurately measure and settle the gas by rotating the volumetric volume.
  • A velocity gas flow meter that measures the volume of fuel gas by the gas flow rate.
  • The way of gas measurement by pressure difference.
  1. Velocity flow meter
    Velocity flow meters are a type of flow meters based on the principle of directly measuring the flow velocity of a full pipe in a closed pipeline.
    Turbine flowmeter
    Vortex flowmeter
    ③ Precession vortex flowmeter
    ④ Time difference ultrasonic flowmeter
  2. Positive displacement flow meter
    Roots flowmeter (gas lumbar flowmeter)
  3. Differential pressure flowmeter
    Orifice flowmeter
    Venturi flowmeter

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Gas flow meter calibration

When using a gas flow meter, due to the influence of the error factors caused by the working conditions and environmental changes. After the uncertainty analysis and the verification of the field experiment data, to meet the requirements of the field use, it is necessary to perform the gas flow meter calibration.

How to calibrate the gas flow meter?

Work status check:
According to the requirements of the gas flowmeter instruction manual. First, check to determine whether the gas flowmeter is working properly.

According to the gas flowmeter calibration certificate or factory calibration sheet, check whether the input of the key parameters affecting the measurement accuracy in the converter is correct.

For pipelines with stopped flow conditions, check the zero flow of the flowmeter.

Remote calibration requires that the gas flow meter must be removed and sent to the secondary or primary flow standard for calibration, and then these new calibration factors are input to the existing data acquisition system.

Although remote calibration may provide higher accuracy. However, from a systematic point of view, this method may not be accurate and true, and it is expensive and laborious to operate.

What are the requirements for gas flow meter calibration?

If the flow conditions can be estimated, then the gas flowmeter can be calibrated under conditions different from the operating conditions. The parameter used to estimate the flow conditions is usually a number with respect to the inlet diameter of the gas flowmeter.

First, convert the operating condition range to a number range.

Secondly, the selected calibration equipment must meet the specified number range.

Then, calibrate under different pressure conditions or using different gases.

Within a certain accuracy level, the characteristics of standard differential pressure gas flow meters are well known. Likewise, the characteristics of certain types of turbine gas flow meters are also known.

In some cases, it is necessary to perform several tests before the final calibration to verify whether the gas flowmeter is operating in compliance with the calibration coefficient.

In the future, some work needs to be done to identify the performance of the vortex baffle gas flowmeter, and to determine the performance of the ultrasonic gas flowmeter and the complementary gas flowmeter in the case of high-pressure gas.

Gas flow turbine meter

Gas turbine flow meter is a velocity flow meter that measures gas flow. For natural gas, nitrogen, and gas trade measurement.

The gas turbine flowmeter integrates temperature, pressure, flow sensors and intelligent flow totalizers. The gas turbine flowmeter has high accuracy and good repeatability, so it is suitable for trade measurement and industrial process detection. It is widely used in many kinds of gas in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, scientific research and other sectors and industrial fields. Such as natural gas, city gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen and other gases measurement.

Gas Turbine Flow Meter reference price: USD900-2500/pc

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Natural gas flow meter

Natural Gas Flow Meter Selection Guide

Natural gas flow meter is mainly used for inline measurement of natural gas flow. Natural gas flow meter is mainly used for industrial production and trade settlement.

At present, the flowmeter products used for natural gas flow measurement roughly include: gas waist wheel flowmeter, gas turbine flowmeter, precession vortex flowmeter, thermal mass flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and orifice flowmeter Wait. Let’s make a simple comparison on the use of these flow meters.

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LPG gas flow meter

LPG flow meters

LPG flow meter is used for flow measurement of liquefied petroleum gas. The flow measurement of LPG is very important in industrial production, transportation and trade settlement.

LPG gas (Liquefied petroleum gas) is a kind of hydrocarbon with propane and butane as its main components. LPG is used for heating, motor fuel, industrial applications and in agriculture. LPG can be in a gas or liquefied state. Different type industrial LPG flow meters with accurate and reliable performance. Such as thermal dispersion flow meter, Coriolis flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, vortex flow meters.

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