high temperature transmitter

Sino-Instrument supplies High-temperature pressure transmitters with a 4-20mA output.

which has a temperature capability of over 700 °C and is not pyroelectric.

Tolerant to high-temperature applications such as steam, food processing & engine monitoring.

The core of the sensor is the single crystal PiezoStar measuring element,

The sensor is designed for the largest longevity. (One kind of Silicon pressure sensor.)

To reach highest resolution in harsh environment,
the sensor is case isolated featuring two-wire technology with differential signal output.
The integrated, mineral insulated hardline cable is available with different terminations.
Ex-protection (ATEX/IECEx certification) allows for operation in explosive environments.

For gas turbine and thermoacoustic applications such as:

lava, melt, thermal power, metallurgical building materials

Features of SI2088 high-temperature transmitter

Differential, acceleration compensated, piezoelectric pressure sensor for operation temperatures up to 700 °C.

  • Operating temperature –55 … 700 °C
  • Internally case isolated
  • Differential charge output
  • Highest reliability
  • Not pyroelectric
  • Acceleration compensated
  • ATEX/IECEx certificated
  • CE IECEx and EAC conform

High temperature differential output pressure sensor for measuring lowest pressure fluctuations in a harsh environment up to 700°C. For applications in hazardous areas, the sensor is available with intrinsically safe Ex-ia and non-incendive Ex-nA certifications. for Gas Turbine- and Thermoacoustics Applications

high-temperature transmitter

Application of high-temperature transmitter

Main applications are the protection of equipment and condition monitoring of gas turbines.

In addition, the sensor is used for the development of combustion chambers of gas turbines.

General purpose and thermoacoustics applications, which require:

• Temperature capability up to 700 °C

• Measurements of smallest pressure fluctuations

• Ex approvals for use in a potentially explosive environment

• EMI resistant measuring chains

Application of high-temperature transmitter

Sino-Instrument supplies High-temperature pressure transmitters with a 4-20mA output.
Tolerant to high-temperature applications such as steam, food processing & engine monitoring.

High-temperature pressure transmitters are used in applications,
where the media temperature exceeds the temperature limits of standard pressure transmitters,
or where it is not possible to fit a standoff pipe,
pigtail or other cooling devices to reduce media temperature.

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