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SI-U02 Multi Level Float Switch

Multi level float switch is also called multi point level switch. Support 1-4 liquid level measurement switch point customization.

SI-U02 Multi Level Float Switch

Multi level float switch is a custom multi point float level sensor & switch. These versatile level switches are available in many materials. Like: Stainless Steel, Brass & Buna, PVC, Polypropylene or PTFE and can be ordered with an integrated temperature sensor. Use these multi-level float switches with a tank level alarm or liquid level control relay for a turnkey solution. Explosion-proof available.

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Features of SI-U02 Multi Level Float Switch

Specifications of SI-U02 Multi Level Float Switch

SI-U02 Multi Level Float Switch Types

In order to adapt to different measuring liquids, customers can choose different wetted materials.

TypesWetted materialOperating temperatureWorking pressure
Standard typeStainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 304SS, 316L-30 ~ 120 ℃≤2.5MPa
AnticorrosivePolypropylene PP-30 ~ 80 ℃ ≤0.4MPa
Corrosion-resistantTeflon PTFE/PVC-30 ~ 160 ℃ ≤1.0MPa

How does a float level switch work ?

The Multi-Point Liquid Level Float Switch operates magnetically, without mechanical connections. And it is simple and reliable.

When the floating ball switch measures the floating medium of the test medium, the float moves the main body. And at the same time, the magnet on the other end of the float will control the magnet on the switch operating lever.

Set one or more reed switches in a closed metal or plastic tube. And then pass the tube through one or more, hollow and floating ring with ring magnet inside. And use the fixed ring to control the floating ball and the magnetic spring.

The switch is in the relevant position, which makes the float float up and down within a certain range. The magnet in the float is used to attract the contacts of the reed switch, which generates the opening and closing action.

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Applications of Multi-Point Liquid Level Float Switch

The Multi-Point Liquid Level Float Switch is suitable for:Control the pump operation to maintain the liquid level. Control the automatic loading and unloading of the tank. Control the liquid level or supply signals. Such as oil tanks, automatic cleaning systems, hydraulic tanks, low-pressure boilers, sewage treatment systems.

SI-U02 Multi Level Float Switch Dimension

Installation Precautions

  1. Multi-core cables are recommended for wiring. The load of the controlled line must match the contact capacity of the float switch.
  2. The installation position should be far from the water inlet, otherwise the switch will cause malfunction due to the fluctuation of the water inlet.
  3. If the switch device is on the wall of the container, an L-shaped steel bracket can be added.
  4. When the float switch is used in a circuit with an inductive load such as a motor, relay, solenoid coil, etc., it is recommended to protect the circuit in parallel at both ends of the load such as: RC (buffer), rheostat, diode, etc.
  5. After the wiring is completed, please tighten the box cover and fix the connection port to ensure the junction box is waterproof.
  6. The identification numbers on the terminal block of the terminal board correspond to the contacts of the floating balls from top to bottom.

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