Torque Sensors

Torque Sensors

Torque sensors are used to detect torsional torque sensing on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. And Torque sensors convert physical changes in torque into precise electrical signals.

This technology is used in a variety of industries for many different applications, making it a versatile tool. Some of these industries include manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace.

Sino-Inst’s torque sensors are known for their high precision and fast frequency response. They also have good reliability and long life, making them a wise investment for your business.

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What Is a Torque Sensor?

Torque is the force that makes an object turn. The torque of the engine refers to the torque output by the engine from the crankshaft end. It is inversely proportional to the engine speed under the condition of fixed power. The faster the speed, the less torque, and vice versa. It reflects the load capacity of the car within a certain range.

A torque sensor is a device used to measure torque and torque.

The torque sensor is a product composed of a sensitive element and an integrated circuit chip according to the strain of the varistor. The torque sensor processes, shapes and amplifies the torque signal by means of measurement. And transmit the output electrical signal. This is a torque sensor or torque transmitter.

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Torque sensor working principle

Torque is usually referred to as external torque. For example, the rotation of the main shaft of the lathe is an adverse effect of the benefit of the external torque supplied by the power unit.

Whereas torque is internal torque. When the spindle bearing is working, the secondary benefit of the cutting speed of the CNC blade to the spindle of the machine tool causes it to cause rotational elastic deformation. It can be used to estimate the torque size. Torque is the torque that produces a flipping effect or rotational deformation of an object. Equivalent to the multiplication of the force and the force arm.

Torque is a parameter that is very frequently involved in rotating dynamic systems.

The relatively perfect detection technology of torque test is strain force measurement technology. It has the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response, good stability and long service life.

The special torsional strain gauge is pasted on the elastic shaft to be measured with strain glue to form a strain bridge. The electrical signal of the elastic shaft being twisted can be measured by supplying power to the strain bridge.

After the strain signal is amplified, it is converted into a frequency signal proportional to the torsional strain after pressure/frequency conversion.

The energy input and signal output of this system are undertaken by two sets of special toroidal transformers with gaps. Therefore, the contactless energy and signal transmission functions are realized.

Torque sensor Types

  1. Dynamic torque sensor: mainly used to measure torque and speed in rotating occasions.
    Dynamic torque sensors can be divided into large-range torque sensors, micro-range torque sensors, and disc torque sensors according to their shape and range.
  2. Static torque sensor: mainly used to measure torque in non-rotating situations.

Torque Sensor Applications

A torque sensor is a precision measuring instrument that measures various torques, rotational speeds and mechanical power. Wide range of applications. Mainly used for:

  1. Detection of output torque and power of rotating power equipment such as electric motors, engines, and internal combustion engines;
  2. Detection of torque and power of fans, water pumps, gearboxes, and torque wrenches;
  3. Detection of torque and power in railway locomotives, automobiles, tractors, airplanes, ships, and mining machinery;
  4. It can be used for the detection of torque and power in the sewage treatment system;
  5. Can be used to manufacture viscometers;
  6. Can be used in process industry and process industry;
  7. Can be used in laboratories, testing departments, as well as production monitoring and quality control;

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Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Torque Sensors for Torque Torque Detection. We offer more than 20 types of Torque Sensors, 60% are dynamic torque sensors, 40% are static torque sensors.

Torque sensor is also called rotary torque transducer, torque transducer. Mainly used for torque measurement in dynamic or static situations. The dynamic torque sensor is equipped with a speed measuring device, which can measure the rotational speed while measuring the torque. At this time, the torque sensor can also be called a torque speed sensor.

The application range of dynamic torque sensors is very common, and can be used to measure torque in tractors, automobiles, airplanes, various ships, and mining machinery. It can be used for torque measurement and power measurement in sewage treatment systems. It is also widely used in industrial and process industries. It is also used to detect the output torque and power of various rotating force equipment.

For example: electric motor, engine, internal combustion engine, etc. Can be used to make viscometers.

The application range of static torque sensor is mainly used in test systems such as experimental machines and static torque detection.

Sino-Inst’s Torque Sensors, made in China, have good quality, with better prices. Our Torque Sensors are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, USA and other countries.

Sino-Inst’s entire team is well trained, so we can ensure that each customer’s needs are met. If you need any help with your product requirements, whether it is a Torque Sensors, level sensors, or other equipment, please give us a call.

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Torque Sensors | Sino-Inst, Manufacturer Supply

Torque sensors are used to detect torsional torque sensing on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. And Torque sensors convert physical changes in torque into precise electrical signals.

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