SI-WSS Adjustable Angle Bi-Metal Thermometer

Bi-Metal Thermometer

What Is a Bi-Metal Thermometer?

The bi-metal thermometer is a simple, durable, and inexpensive temperature measuring device. The bimetal thermometer combines two different metals with linear expansion coefficients. Different metals expand at different rates when heated. The bimetallic strip particles deflect to indicate the temperature. Therefore, bi-metal thermometers are also called dial thermometers.

WSS series bi-metal thermometer is an on-site detection instrument for measuring low and medium temperatures. Directly measure the temperature of fluid, steam, and gas in the range of -80℃~500℃. The structure of the bimetal thermometer is divided into radial, axial and universal.

Features of SI-WSS Adjustable Angle Bi-metal Thermometer

  1. WSS bimetal thermometer is waterproof and dustproof to IP65.
  2. It is anti-corrosion and anti-vibration. The whole instrument is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for corrosive occasions.
  3. The dial of the oil-filled bimetallic thermometer is filled with oil, which increases the damping of the pointer and plays a seismic effect.
  4. When the hot-jacket bimetal thermometer needs to be replaced when the equipment is overhauled or the bimetal thermometer is damaged, there is no need to cool down, reduce pressure, or stop the machine. You only need to remove the watch core. The enterprise can avoid unnecessary economic losses. Continuous production can be achieved.
  5. The electrical contact bimetal thermometer has a mechanical electrical contact device. When the temperature of the measured medium changes. The thin shaft on the free end drives the pointer and the movable contact to rotate. The temperature change value is indicated on the dial. When it is with The instant when the fixed contact is contacted or disconnected. The relay and contactor in the external circuit system are activated to achieve the purpose of automatic control and alarm.
  6. This instrument has reliable structure, novel appearance, light weight and beautiful appearance.

Adjustable Bimetal Thermometer Specifications:

  • Accuracy: ± 1.5% Full Scale (ASME B40.3 Grade A)
  • Dial Size:  63 up to 150 mm
  • Dial Material:
    • Anodized aluminum with black marks on satin matte finish background;
    • White or Hi-Vis™ background available.
  • Stem Length:  2.5 – 24″, other lengths available
  • Stem Diameter: 1/4” (std)
  • Head, Bezel, Mounting Bushing, Stems: 300 Series SS, 316SS (optional)
  • Operating Conditions: 
    • The head temperature should not exceed 200°F (150°F if silicone filled).
    • The stem should not be exposed to continuous temperatures exceeding 50% over-range or 800°F(550°F if silicone filled).
  • Temperature Ranges: See inside back cover of temperature catalog for the complete list of ranges.
  • Case Rating: IP67, NEMA 6 Rated (Hermetically sealed per ASME B40.3)
  • Lens: Glass (std), Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass
  • Immersion: Minimum 2” in liquid, and 4” in gas for most ranges. Certain ranges require up to 4” in liquids & 5” in gas
  • Mounting Connection: 1/2” NPT (std), 1/4” NPT, 3/4” NPT, Plain Hex Bushing, 1/2” BSPT, 1/2” NPT Union, Sanitary Tri-Clamp®
  • Temperature Sensing Area: Last 2” to 4” of the stem


Thermowells should be used whenever the stem or bulb would be exposed to pressure, corrosion, velocity, abrasion or shear forces.

Thermowells also make it possible to remove the thermometer, without losing pressure or the contents of the process.

Measuring range °C Scope of application
Industrial, commercial Laboratory, small

Drawings of Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer

Form A B C E L d
Axial type 65 23 73 75
105 23 73
155 23 73
Radial type 65 50 110 34
105 50 110 34
105 50 110 34
135°direction 105 23 85
155 23 85
Universal type 105 23 178 120
155 23 178 120

Adjustable Angle Bi-metal Thermometer Applications

The bimetal thermometer is an on-site detection instrument for measuring low and medium temperatures.

The bimetal thermometer can directly measure the temperature of the liquid, steam, and gaseous media in the range of -80℃~+500℃ in various production processes.

The bimetallic thermometer features an on-site temperature display, which is intuitive and convenient. Safe and reliable. long-lasting. It has a variety of structural forms. Can meet different requirements.

Bimetal thermometers are available in axial type, radial type, universal type, and other meter head models. The length of the bimetal thermometer probe can be customized according to customer needs.

The on-site temperature display is intuitive, convenient, safe, and reliable, and has a long service life. The core-pulling thermometer can maintain or replace the movement in a short time without stopping the machine. Axial type, radial type, 135 type, universal type, and other varieties are complete. Adapt to various on-site installation needs.

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Bi-metal Thermometer Order Guide

Model WSS Bimetallic thermometer
Nominal diameter of dial   3 Φ60
  4 Φ100
  5 Φ150
Dial form 0 Axial (straight)
1 Radial (angle type)
2 135° direction (obtuse angle type)
8 Universal (adjustable angle type)
Installation fixed form 0 No fixtures
1 Movable external thread
2 Movable internal thread
3 Fixed thread
4 Fixed flange
5 Ferrule thread
6 Ferrule flange
Form of protection normal type
W Protection type
F Anticorrosive
Model Temperature range Accuracy class Protection tube material Standard Installation fixed form
WSS-480 -80~+40
1.5 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Hastelloy C-276
PTFE anti-corrosion
Φ100 75
No fixtures
WSS-580 Φ150
WSS-481 Φ100 Movable external thread
WSS-581 Φ150
WSS-482 Φ100 Movable internal thread
WSS-582 Φ150
WSS-483 Φ100 Fixed thread
WSS-583 Φ150
WSS-484 Φ100 Fixed flange
WSS-584 Φ150
WSS-485 Φ100 Ferrule thread
WSS-585 Φ150
WSS-486 Φ100 Ferrule flange
WSS-586 Φ150

Selection instructions:

Please provide the model, dial diameter, accuracy grade, installation and fixing form, temperature measurement range, protective tube material, protective tube diameter, length, or insertion depth.

Selection examples:

Universal bimetal thermometer, dial diameter Φ100, temperature measurement range 0~400℃, level 1.5, movable external thread M27×2, length 450mm WSS-481, 0~400℃, L=450, M27×2, level 1.5

Installation and Use Procedure, All Angle Thermometer


This thermometer is designed to allow the face to be positioned, so that it can be easily read.

Sino-Instrument recommends that the thermometer be positioned only one time, to assure proper performance during its lifetime.

A. Carefully remove the thermometer from the shipping box.

Inspect for any shipping damage. If damaged report it to your freight carrier.

B. Loosen, but do not remove, the bracket set screws (see sketch) so that the bracket can rotate around the stem.

(Do not turn the calibration screw unless calibration is desired).

C. Rotate the bracket by hand so the stem may be flexed in the desired direction. Tighten the “A” bracket set screws.

D. Grasp the head and stem approximately were shown and adjust the head to the desired angle.

E. Tighten the “B” bracket set screws.

F. Install the thermometer into the process fitting or thermowell.

Tighten the hex screw, using an open-end wrench of the appropriate size.

Continue to tighten the hex screw until the head is facing the desired position.

Maintenance of SI-WSS Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer

1) Cleaning:

a) Keep the dial lens clean for proper viewing.

Clean using commercial window cleaner.

b) Periodic cleaning of residue from the stem may be required to ensure thermometer sensitivity if installed without a thermowell.

2) Calibration:

Periodic calibration should be as determined by the user.

a) Immerse the thermometer stem into a temperature-calibrated medium. Immerse entire stem or 4” (100mm) minimum.

b) Use a small open-end wrench or flat tipped screwdriver to turn the calibration screw.

Turn the calibration screw to adjust the thermometer pointer, to the correct temperature if necessary.

SI-WSS Adjustable Angle Bimetal Thermometer


The accuracy grade of the bimetal thermometer is divided by its allowable error as a percentage of the dial scale value.

The greater the number of accuracy levels, the greater the allowable error to account for the limit value of the dial scale. The larger the range, the greater the allowable error of the absolute value of the measured temperature value for the same accuracy level.

Class 1.5 and Class 1.0 respectively indicate that the allowable error of the thermometer is ±1.5 and ±1.0% of the range under normal use.

The current 1.5-level accuracy has been able to meet the measurement needs of most customers.

The bimetallic thermometer uses a hot bimetallic piece wound into a threaded shape as a temperature-sensing device. And install it in the protective sleeve. One end is fixed, called the fixed end. The other end is connected to a thin shaft, called the free end.

A pointer is provided on the free end spool.

When the temperature changes, the free end of the temperature sensing device rotates accordingly. Drive the pointer on the thin shaft to produce angle changes. Indicate the corresponding temperature on the dial.

The temperature measurement range is -80~600C, which is suitable for temperature measurement when the precision is not high in the industry. As a kind of temperature sensing element, the bimetal can also be used for automatic temperature control.

The bimetal thermometer reads quickly. Real-time measurement is achieved. Therefore, bimetal thermometers have been widely used in industrial production and manufacturing.

At the same time, because it uses metal materials to measure temperature, because of the high melting point performance of the metal itself. Can withstand very high temperatures. Therefore, the measurement effect of this temperature under high-temperature conditions is particularly excellent.

Much high-temperature liquid, gas, and other medium temperature tests. Will use this WSS series bimetal thermometer to measure temperature.

Most bimetal thermometers are pointer type. The temperature is displayed in time.
Of course, with the development of products, bimetal thermometers with digital display have appeared. It is more convenient for users to read.

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SI-WSS Adjustable Angle Bi-metal Thermometer | Sino-Inst

The bi-metal thermometer is a simple, durable, and inexpensive temperature measuring device. The bimetal thermometer combines two different metals with linear expansion coefficients. Different metals expand at different rates when heated. The bimetallic strip particles deflect to indicate the temperature. Therefore, bi-metal thermometers are also called dial thermometers.

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