SI-WSS Tri Clamp Sanitary Thermometers

Tri Clamp Sanitary Thermometers

Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers also called the sanitary thermometer, or tri-clamp thermometer.

Sino-Inst’s Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers are specially designed for direct insertion into sanitary process applications when a standard thermowell is not specified, or the process environment is not exposed to pressure.
Sanitary thermometers are ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


Features of SI-WSS Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers


3-A Conformance Certificate Included

Made to ASME B40.3 Specifications

Accuracy ± 1% Full Scale. (ASME B40.3)

All-Stainless Construction

Hermetically Sealed (ASME B40.3)

Silicone Fillable for Vibration

Standard and Custom Stem Lengths

Standard External Reset

Tri-Clamp® Design for Fast Installation and Removal

OEM Logo Dials/Custom Dials

Specifications of SI-WSS Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers

  • Accuracy: ± 1% Full Scale (ASME B40.3 Grade A)
  • Dial Size: ( 3”, 4”, or 5” ) 63 up to 150 mm
  • Dial Material:
    • Anodized aluminum with black marks on satin matte finish background;
    • White or Hi-Vis™ background available.
  • Stem Length:  2.5 – 24″, other lengths available
  • Stem Diameter: 1/4” (std)
  • Head, Bezel, Mounting Bushing, Stems: 300 Series SS, 316SS (optional)
  • Operating Conditions: 
    • The head temperature should not exceed 200°F (150°F if silicone filled).
    • The stem should not be exposed to continuous temperatures exceeding 50% over-range or 800°F(550°F if silicone filled).
  • Temperature Ranges: See inside back cover of temperature catalog for the complete list of ranges.
  • Case Rating: IP67, NEMA 6 Rated (Hermetically sealed per ASME B40.3)
  • Lens: Glass (std), Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass
  • Immersion: Minimum 2” in liquid, and 4” in gas for most ranges. Certain ranges require up to 4” in liquids & 5” in gas
  • Mounting Connection: 1/2” NPT (std), 1/4” NPT, 3/4” NPT, Plain Hex Bushing, 1/2” BSPT, 1/2” NPT Union, Sanitary Tri-Clamp®
  • Temperature Sensing Area: Last 2” to 4” of the stem


Thermowells should be used whenever the stem or bulb would be exposed to pressure, corrosion, velocity, abrasion or shear forces.

Thermowells also make it possible to remove the thermometer, without losing pressure or the contents of the process.

Extended reading: Food grade flow meters for Food & Beverage industry

Care of Sanitary Surfaces

All Sino-Instrument 3-A marked sanitary instruments have carefully prepared Wetted Surfaces.

These surfaces contain no cracks or crevices, where germs could breed, and they are polished to a maximum roughness average (Ra) of 32.

The “wetted surfaces” of an instrument are the surfaces, that will come in contact with your process fluid.

Consult the diagrams below to see the wetted surface, for the instrument you have received.


All Sino-Instrument sanitary instruments are shipped with packaging that protects the wetted surfaces.

To preserve the sanitary compliance of the instrument, CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN to prevent any scratching, denting, or abrasion of the wetted surfaces prior to or during installation.

Drawings of SI-WSS Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers

The working principle of Tri Clamp Sanitary Thermometers:

Bimetal thermometers measure temperature through the inside of the system. The temperature sensing is realized by the coil spring bimetallic sheet made of bimetallic material.

Its bimetal material is composed of two inseparable metal sheets. Because the thermal expansion coefficients of the two metal sheets are different. Therefore, different degrees of stretching deformation will occur under the condition of temperature change. This stretching deformation is approximately proportional to temperature.

One end of the metal sheet is fixed and the other end is fixed integrally with the indicating shaft. Therefore, when the metal sheet is stretched and deformed, the indicator shaft is driven to rotate and the corresponding temperature value is indicated on the dial.

SI-WSS Serial code

ModelNominal diameter
D (mm)
Scale range
Graduation mark
Insertion length
L (mm)
Protecting pipe length
d (mm)
Installation screw thread

SI-WSS Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers Dimension

ModelDimension mm
6212 16×1.5

If you need the datasheet, price, or more information about SI-WSS Bottom Connect Bimetal Thermometer.

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Sino-Inst, Manufacuturer for Tri Clamp Sanitary Thermometers. Also known as clamp flange bimetal thermometer, chuck thermometer, sanitary chuck thermometer, pipeline thermometer, industrial thermometer. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food machinery industry and other fields.

Sino-Inst’s Tri Clamp Sanitary Thermometers, made in China, Having good Quality, With better price. Our Temperature measurement instruments are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, US, and other countries.

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