Capacitive Level Sensors

A capacitive Level Sensor is also called an RF capacitance level meter. Capacitive Level Sensor is a liquid level (level) transmitter for liquid, oil, solid, and interface measurement.

Capacitive Level Sensors

Capacitive Level Sensors can be used for point level detection and continuous level measurement, particularly in liquids. The measuring principle is based on the change of the capacitance in a capacitor. The electrically conductive tank wall and a probe inside of the tank form a capacitor, The capacity changes of which are used to determine the level. This animation shows the measuring principle in conductive liquids and non-conductive liquids. The Capacitive Level Sensor can convert the changes of various levels and the height of the liquid level into standard current signals. Level Sensors can also support wireless transmission, RS485 digital communication transmission, etc.

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Capacitive level sensor working principle

The capacitive level sensor is based on the change of capacitance to perform liquid/level measurement. The level gauge electrode and the container form two electrodes of a capacitor. The capacitance value varies with the container.

The level of the material medium changes and changes, and is converted to the corresponding level output signal.

A basic requirement for measuring liquid/level with a capacitance level meter is the relative medium of the measured medium.

The electrical constant (the ratio of the dielectric constant of the measured medium to the air) should not change during the measurement.

Endress+Hauser has a good explanation video about Measuring Principle Capacitance. Let’s look together.

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Sino-Inst offers over 10 Capacitive Level Sensors for level measurement. About 50% of these are RF level meters, 40% is the tank level sensor.

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