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Liquid Level Gauge also called Liquid level indicator. Liquid Level Gauge has contact and non-contact type. Here mainly discusses the non-contact Liquid Level Gauge, which is used for CO2 cylinder level measurement.

Portable co2 bottle liquid level gauge uses ultrasonic non-contact measurement technology. Detect and display the presence or absence of the Co2 cylinder liquid level. The Digital portable liquid level gauges are designed to offer a simple, accurate, rapid and reliable method. Determining the liquid level of high or low pressure CO2, Halon, FM200, Propane, Novec 1230 and any liquefied gas under pressure. No need to move or weigh the cylinders.

Portable Liquid Level Gauge Features

  • No contact with medium
  • Suitable for toxic, corrosive, or invasive medium
  • No need for drilling or welding on the container wall
  • Advanced ultrasonic sensor technology
  • Reliable measurement results
  • Easy and convenient to operate and maintain
  • Ultrasonic adaptive detection algorithm
  • High-contrast OLED color display, suitable for outdoor use under strong light
  • The added ultrasonic-waveform-display function facilitates parameter testing, waveform comparing and application of other functions to ensure measurement accuracy in complicated situations
  • Gooduser interface design
  • Comprehensive software displaysmeasurement resulting a simple manner

PLI range of Liquid Level Gauges

British CLASS PLI range of liquid level gauges testing equipment:

The portable liquid level meter is used in the detection of gas in the liquid state in the fire extinguishing system. It mainly detects: CO2\FM200\Halon (halogen fire extinguishing agent and other substitutes).

The instrument can indicate the position of many gases in the cylinder when they are in the liquid state, including propane or other gases. It can also be used to indicate the oil level and water level in the container, etc. The working principle of the instrument is a different response of an ultrasonic pulse to liquid with and without the state.

The portable liquid level meter uses ultrasonic signals to penetrate the wall of the steel cylinder and then enter the liquid gas.

The instrument reflects how much echo it receives through the pointer of the instrument itself.

The deviation value reflected by the instrument allows us to clearly identify the position of the gas and liquid interface. In this way, a reliable liquid level position can be obtained.

💡 Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators for Industrial Tank Level Measurement

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PLI Plus Technical Specifications

  • Accuracy:  ±1.5mm
  • Features:  Power boost facility for cylinders in poor condition ~ Cylinder wall thickness selector for thick (>4mm) or thin (<4mm) walled cylinders.
  • Unit Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 40mm
  • Unit Weight: 570g (including batteries and leather case)
  • Sensor: 1.5m cable and magnetic clamp for hands-free use
  • Sensor Dimensions:  95 x 60 x 60mm
  • Temperature Range:  -10ºC to +50ºC*
  • 94cm-long extension arm
  • Power Supply: 2 x 9vPP3 batteries
  • Battery Life:  20 hours nominal with 2 PP3 alkaline batteries
  • Carry Case Dimensions: 450 x 370 x 100mm
  • Operational Weight:  680g
  • Shipping Weight:  2.5Kg

PLI Digital Technical Specifications

  • Accuracy:  ±1.5mm
  • Features:  Large graphic display ~ Automatic rapid set up ~ Temperature gauge in C & F to enable fast weight calculations ~ Smart plug-in to enable signal strength to be monitored as an audible signal from the internal speaker ~ Power boost facility for cylinders in poor condition ~ Cylinder wall thickness selector for thick (>4mm) or thin (<4mm) walled cylinders.
  • Unit Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 55mm
  • Unit Weight: 540g (including batteries and leather case)
  • Sensor: 1.5m cable and magnetic clamp for hands-free use
  • Sensor Dimensions:  95 x 60 x 60mm
  • Temperature Range:  -10ºC to +50ºC*
  • 94cm-long extension arm
  • Power Supply: 4 x AA batteries
  • Battery Life:  20 hours nominal with 4 x AA batteries
  • Carry Case Dimensions: 450 x 370 x 100mm
  • Operational Weight:  650g
  • Shipping Weight:  2.5Kg

ML Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Gauge

Portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator is best choice for tanks or pipes level measurement. It is designed to measure the presence or absence of liquid at a certain height position in a tank or in pipelines. Non-contact ultrasonic detection technology.

SI-ML works perfect for detection of dangerous toxic or corrosive liquids. Under ordinary conditions, the maximum wall thickness of measurable containers is 30mm. The product is suitable for the detection of various types of liquids. Liquids are non-crystalline or other particulate matter. For example CO2 Tank. Thanks to non-contact detection technology, this level indicator is ideal for detecting hazardous toxic or corrosive liquids.

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ML Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Gauge Specifications

Measurement accuracy<2mm
Tank wall thickness3-30mm
Measurable tank materialSteel, stainless steel, glass, unformed plastics
Measurable mediumPure liquid, milky liquid, suspension liquid
Ambient temperature-20℃~60℃ (-4℉~+140℉)
Ambient humidity15%-85%RH
Power supply Two 18650 lithium batteries
Current150mAh (on average)

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PLI PLUS vs ML Portable Liquid Level Gauges

Compare the two:

  1. Different accuracy:
    PLI PLUS Accuracy: ±1.5mm
    ML Accuracy: <2mm
  2. Different prices
    ML Portable Liquid Level Gauge. Made in China. Sino-Inst can provide users with the best prices. Save costs.

Please contact Sino-Inst sales engineer to apply for sales discount.

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Portable ultrasonic liquid level gauge for co2

Co2 cylinder specifications (external diameter division):

The CO2 cylinders measured by this meter are divided into the following 4 specifications: 215mm-225mm diameter cylinders. 270mm-280mm diameter cylinders. 345mm-355mm diameter cylinders. 395mm-405mm diameter cylinders. There are no excessive requirements for the height of the medium and the tank.

Co2 cylinder measurement operation:

  1. Select “co2 cylinder”-“Choose a suitable cylinder diameter” through the menu and enter the measurement interface.
  2. Hold the probe vertically and tightly on the tank, and press the <Measure> button to measure.
  3. Measurement results are based on measurement parameters and level indicator lights (red is “no liquid”, green is “with liquid”)
  4. Generally, the measurement is started from the bottom of the storage tank (measurement with liquid position). If the measurement parameter is> = 2, the current level is considered to be a liquid-free position. And <2 is considered to be a liquid level. if it is floating around 2, It is considered that the liquid level of the horizontal plane is approaching the liquid surface (usually about 5 cm).
  5. Take multiple points on the same horizontal plane for measurement. And take the result with the highest probability as the final result (avoid the interference of welds and unknown factors).
  6. Find the liquid level position step by step through the approximation measurement.

Co2 cylinder measurement Note:

Due to the irregular shape of the air outlet and the many welding kits on the top of the carbon dioxide cylinder, the bottom and top measurement results are invalid. (If the fuel tank is full, the top is usually empty).

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More Featured Non-Contact Liquid Level Gauges

Sino-Inst offers over 20 Liquid Level Gauges and transmitters for level measurement. About 50% of these are ultrasonic liquid level meters, 40% is the level switches.

A wide variety of Liquid Level Gauges and transmitters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of Liquid Level Gauges and transmitters instrumentation, located in China.

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