Miniature Pressure Switch PC-100

The miniature pressure switch is also called compact pressure switch, or micro pressure controller. Designed specifically for OEM applications. A variety of threads are available.

Miniature Pressure Switch PC-100

Miniature pressure switch PC-100 has a long working life (more than 100,000 times) and excellent shock resistance. It can be used to monitor liquid or gas pressure.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Pressure Switches for pressure control. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of Miniature Pressure Switch PC-100

  • Use internationally advanced stainless steel pressure diaphragm (stainless steel bellows). Laser welding process equipment. Exquisite workmanship and high precision.
  • Small size, easy installation and use, high and low pressure integrated design. It can simultaneously control the pressure of the high pressure end and low pressure end of the system.
  • The electrical contacts of the switch have a long working life (more than 100,000 times). Excellent shock resistance.
  • Small and exquisite appearance, easy to install and use.
  • The working pressure can be manufactured according to user requirements (-14.5-800PSI).
  • Using laser welding process equipment, excellent sealing performance.
  • The contacts are all silver-plated, and the special products are silver contacts (industrial grade), which are stable and reliable.

Specifications of Miniature Pressure Switch

Output signal: switch signal
Working pressure (high position) range: -14.5~800PSI
Reset pressure (low position) range: -12~780PSI
Working pressure deviation: ± 3~30PSI
Ambient temperature: -40~85℃
Medium temperature: -40~125℃
Load power supply: 220VAC, 56/60Hz, 6A
Working life: ≥100,000 Cycles

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If users have special requirements, they can be customized according to the provided samples, drawings, technical parameters, etc.

PC100 series miniature pressure switch model table according to our company’s respective parameter standards when ordering.

ModelThread size/length
Electrical connectionsSwitch type
Normally closed (A)/normally open B
/C (normally open + normally closed)
Action pressure
Reset pressure
PC 101Inner 7/16-20UNFΦ22×39TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 102Inner 7/16-20UNFΦ22×45Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 103Φ6 trachea/72Φ22×94TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 104Φ6 trachea/72Φ22×100Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 105Φ6 trachea/72Φ22×94TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 106Φ12 trachea/21Φ22×43TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~80-12~75
PC 107G1/4-19BSP/13Φ22×45TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 108G1/4-19BSP/13Φ22×51Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1091/4-18NPT/13Φ22×45TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1101/4-18NPT/13Φ22×51Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 111G1/8-28BSP/10Φ22×51TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 112G1/8-28BSP/10Φ22×51Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1131/8-27NPT/10Φ22×45TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1141/8-27NPT/10Φ22×51Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1153/8-24UNF/7Φ22×34TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~300-12~180
PC 1163/8-24UNF/7Φ22×48Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~300-12~180
PC 117M10x1/11Φ22×46TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~300-12~180
PC 118M10x1.5/11Φ22×46TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 119M8x1/8Φ22×42TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~300-12~180
PC 120G1/4 /13Φ24×46TerminalSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1211/4-18NPT/13Φ22×46TerminalSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780
PC 122M12x1.25 cone/13Φ22×45TerminalSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 123G1/4/13Φ24×61Direct outSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780
PC 124G1/2/14Φ24×55TerminalSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780
PC 125G1/2/14Φ24×51TerminalSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780
PC 126Φ8 or Φ6 gas pipe jointΦ24×68TerminalSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~80-12~75
PC 127G1/2/12Φ24×55Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1281/8-27NPTΦ23×45TerminalSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780
PC 129Inner M11x1/6.5Φ24×55Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~300-12~180
PC 130G1/8-28/10Φ22.5×51Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 1311/8-27NPT/10.5Φ28.5×64ConnectorSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~300-12~180
PC 132Inner M14x1/8Φ25×61Direct outSingle Pole Double Throw C-1000~200-500~150
PC 133M12x1.25 cone/13Φ24×51Direct outSingle pole single throw A/B-14.5~800-12~780
PC 134M12x1.25 cone/13Φ24×61Direct outSingle Pole Double Throw C-14.5~800-12~780

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Miniature Pressure Switch Applications

Mainly used for high and low-pressure protection control of the household, commercial, and automobile refrigeration systems. Steam conditions and power stations. Accumulators, receivers, flash tanks, separators, scrubbers, oil refining devices. It is also suitable for high and low-pressure protection control of various equipment and tools.  

The miniature pressure switch is mainly used on the air compressor to adjust the start and stop status of the air compressor. By adjusting the pressure in the air tank, the air compressor can be stopped and rested, which has a maintenance effect on the machine.
When the air compressor is debugged in the factory, adjust to the specified pressure according to the customer’s needs. Then set a pressure difference.

For example, the compressor starts to start and pumps air into the air storage tank. When the pressure reaches 10kg, the air compressor stops or unloads. When the pressure reaches 7kg, the air compressor starts to start again. There is a pressure difference, and this process can make The compressor takes a break. It protects the air compressor. The compressor is directly driven by the electric motor, which causes the crankshaft to rotate, and drives the connecting rod to cause the piston to reciprocate, causing the cylinder volume to change.

Due to the change of the pressure in the cylinder, the air enters the cylinder through the air filter (muffler) through the intake valve. In the compression stroke, due to the reduction of the cylinder volume, the compressed air passes through the exhaust valve. The mass flow meter is exhausted The pipe and the one-way valve (check valve) enter the gas storage tank, and when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa, it is controlled by the miniature pressure switch and automatically stops.

When the pressure of the gas storage tank drops to 0.5-0.6 MPa, the pressure switch is automatically connected and activated.

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Miniature Adjustable Pressure Switch

PC400 adjustable stainless steel pressure switch.

This series of pressure switches are used to monitor the pressure of automatic control, lifting systems, refrigeration, grease and lubrication devices, and hydraulic, pneumatic, and water circuits.

Its design uses a hexagonal body, nitrile rubber (NBR), oil-resistant diaphragm, and normally open, normally closed and SPDT single pole double throws gold contacts.

When the pressure needs to be adjusted. After removing the protective cap fastening screw. Use a small screwdriver to rotate the V adjustment screw embedded in the color switch cover. The pressure switches operating point can be set to the required value. Be careful not to affect the spring action.

The micro pressure sensor with a nominal size of 3mm in outer diameter is specially designed for the measurement of dynamic pressure distribution in aerodynamic research and test, which requires small installation size, does not disturb the flow field, and has excellent dynamic response.

It is used in the measurement of aerodynamic performance such as engine intake port pressure distortion, surge, etc. The natural frequency of the sensitive element is >200kHz.

The pressure sensitive element of the miniature pressure sensor adopts the most advanced MEMS (Miro Electronic Mechanical Systems) technology to design and manufacture.

The three-dimensional integrated, double-sided processed silicon piezoresistive pressure sensitive element has excellent linearity accuracy, and the high uniformity of the Wheatstone strain bridge fabricated by ion implantation and fine lithography makes it have a small temperature drift. The force-sensitive structure of silicon thin film formed by bulk micromachining and precise anisotropic etching enables it to have high pressure sensitivity and radial dimensions as small as 1.5mm.

The advanced miniaturized pressure-sensitive chip adopts stress-free packaging technology, hermetically packaged in a special micro-mounting base and stainless steel capillary.

The reference pressure chamber of the absolute pressure sensor is a vacuum chamber sealed on the back of the chip. The reference pressure chamber of the gauge pressure sensor is led out from the back through a thinner stainless steel capillary to communicate with the atmosphere. In order to facilitate the user to obtain a stable pressure reference, a thin nylon tube is used to lead it to the air pressure stable place.

Flat pressure sensor may actually refer to a flat diaphragm pressure sensor, or a flat weighing load cell.

Low cost pressure sensor. At present, ceramic pressure sensors are the ones that can effectively reduce the cost of industrial pressure sensors.

Ceramic pressure sensor is a pressure sensor refined from a thick ceramic base using a refined ceramic base.

SI-338 Ceramic pressure sensor uses ceramic or diffused silicon core. All stainless steel package, small and beautiful appearance. Suitable for occasions with limited installation space. Wide range temperature compensation, high accuracy, small size, no adjustment, wide range coverage. Support OEM processing. Ceramic pressure transmitter is used in compressor, air conditioning and other pressure measurement.

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How to adjust the miniature pressure switch?

Adjust the pressure switch adjustment screw clockwise, and then slowly adjust the pressure switch counterclockwise.
The adjustment of the pressure switch is not mysterious. The switch must be positioned in the original position and tighten the positioning screw until the pressure switch contact is released and stops.

Select a pressure switch/ controller with a set value range of 0.1~1.0Mpa

Turn the pressure adjustment screw on the top right side to make the pointer point at 0.8Mpa (8kg or 8bar) on the scale, this value is the upper limit switching value.

Turn the pressure adjustment screw on the left side of the top to make the pointer indicate 0.3Mpa on the scale.
Lower limit switching value = upper limit switching value-switch pressure difference=0.8-0.3=0.5, this value is the lower limit switching value. To

Connect the wiring terminal of the controller to the controlled electrical circuit.
Please note: ①It is public wiring. ③It is normally open terminal output. ⑤It is normally closed output. High voltage protection, please connect ① ⑤, during normal boosting, ①-⑤ connected (①-③ not connected). When the pressure rises to the set upper limit, that is, at 0.8Mpa, ①-⑤ no connection (①-③ connected).
When the pressure drops, ①-③ are connected at this time, and the pressure drops to the lower limit setpoint, which is 0.3Mpa. Then switch to ①-⑤ connected (①-③ not connected). When the pressure stops and the pressure rises, it will automatically cycle.

Turn on the power and let the pressure of the controlled medium (water, gas) rise.
Please pay attention to the adjustment and make the setting value of the pressure switch consistent with the indication of the pressure gauge.
If the pressure rises to the upper limit setting, the switch has not acted yet, that is, turn the pressure adjusting screw to fine-tune to the switching action, and repeat the verification again and perform the lower limit verification, the process is the same as above.
(Verify several times) Fix the pressure adjusting screw and the differential pressure adjusting screw on the top of the iron case of the pressure switch with red paint.

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Sino-Inst offers over 50 Miniature Pressure Switches for pressure measurement. About 50% of these are liquid pressure switches, 40% are gas pressure switches.

A wide variety of Miniature Pressure Switches options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of Miniature Pressure Switch instrumentation, located in China.

Miniature pressure switches for Sale|For OEM - Sino-Inst

The miniature pressure switch is also called compact pressure switch, or micro pressure controller. Designed specifically for OEM applications. A variety of threads are available.

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