Industrial Oxygen Flow Meters

Oxygen Flow Meters are digital flow meters that can measure industrial oxygen. It is very important to choose a suitable flow meter to measure and monitor the oxygen flow.

Industrial Oxygen Flow Meters

Oxygen and hydrogen are special gases, so you must choose a suitable flow meter. Several commonly used flow meters that can measure oxygen are precession vortex flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, DP flowmeters and thermal gas mass flowmeters. The selection of oxygen flow meter must provide specific parameters, such as pipe diameter, working pressure, temperature, flow range, functional requirements and so on.

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Applications of industrial oxygen

Industrial oxygen generally only requires oxygen purity, and has no special requirements for other sanitary conditions. At the same time, it also contains excessive carbon monoxide, methane and other harmful gases, and the content of moisture, bacteria and dust is also high. Industrial oxygen is mainly used for welding and gas welding. , Gas cutting, etc.

Application of industrial gas oxygen

  • Chemical industry: In the production of synthetic ammonia, oxygen is mainly used for the oxidation of raw gas to strengthen the process and increase the output of chemical fertilizers. Another example is the high-temperature cracking of heavy oil and the gasification of pulverized coal.
  • National defense industry: Liquid oxygen is a good combustion-supporting agent for modern rockets. Liquid oxygen is also needed as an oxidant in supersonic aircraft. After being impregnated with liquid oxygen, combustible substances are highly explosive and can be used to make liquid oxygen explosives.
  • Medical care: supply breathing: used in hypoxic, hypoxic, or anaerobic environment. For example diving operations, mountaineering, high-altitude flight, space navigation, medical rescue, etc.
  • Other aspects: It is used as a combustion aid in combination with acetylene, propane, and other combustible gases to achieve the role of welding and cutting metals. It is widely used in various industries, especially in machinery enterprises. It is also very convenient for cutting and is the first choice A cutting method.

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Oxygen flow meters types

Several commonly used flow meters that can measure oxygen are vortex flow meters, target flow meters, differential pressure flow meters, metal tube float flow meters and thermal gas mass flow meters. Let’s pay attention to the analysis.

Vortex flowmeter measures oxygen:

It is not anti-vibration, has a high starting flow rate, and can measure large flow media. Oxygen is a small molecule gas. It cannot measure its offline flow during measurement. The flow range of the vortex street DN300 caliber is 4500~45000m3/h. (Read more about: Flow Unit Conversion Table) At the time of selection, this flowmeter cannot measure a flow rate of less than 4500 cubic meters per hour.

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Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter measures oxygen:

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter, like vortex flowmeter, is a velocity flowmeter. The cost performance of the intelligent precession vortex flowmeter is higher than vortex flowmeter. The intelligent precession vortex flowmeter can only measure gas.

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter can be made into an integrated temperature and pressure compensation. And can measure various gases. Such as compressed air, oxygen, biogas, natural gas, coal gas, etc.

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Target flow meter measures oxygen:

The main measurement medium of this flowmeter is high viscosity, many impurities, easy to block, high temperature, low temperature, and strong corrosion. Oxygen is a pure gas, a small molecule gas, and its flow rate is slow. The target flowmeter does not meet its measurement characteristics.

Differential pressure flow meters (Bar-type series flow meters, orifice plates, wedge types, nozzles, V cones, etc.) measure oxygen:

All of them belong to a kind of throttling device. When measuring, the pressure is taken through the pressure taking port, and then converted into a flow signal output by the transmitter. In the process of converting the flow signal, the transmitter is prone to zero drift, and the stability of the flow is difficult to guarantee.

The pressure loss is larger than other flow meters, and it is difficult to accurately measure under low pressure and low flow rate conditions. Easy to get dirty and easy to block, large maintenance, can be used for general process control.

When there is no interference on site, the accuracy is greater than 2.5%, and the installation of large pipe diameter is time-consuming and laborious.

Metal tube float flowmeter measures oxygen:

This flowmeter is a mechanical flowmeter designed to measure small flow gases, with a measurement accuracy of 2.5%. There is no advantage in measuring large pipe diameters, hydrogen, and oxygen.

The flow range of DN300: 600~6000m3/h. The upper limit of flow can only reach 6000 cubic meters per hour, which cannot meet the on-site flow. Large pipe diameters are expensive and troublesome to install.

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Thermal gas mass flow meter measures oxygen:

The oil-free degreasing treatment has been done before leaving the factory to ensure the reliable usability of the flowmeter under working conditions.

Its range can be 400-10000m3/h, which can fully reach the required flow range. It comes with temperature and pressure compensation and high measurement accuracy. Good stability, simple installation, no special maintenance. It is a high-precision, maintenance-free gas flow meter.

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