Liquid Roots Meter

Roots meter is also called Lumbar flow meter, which is a positive displacement flowmeter. Roots flowmeter for Liquid is called liquid Roots flowmeter. Gas Roots flowmeter is used for measuring gas.

Liquid Roots Meter

Roots flowmeter is mainly used for high-precision measurement of continuous or intermittent measurement of liquid flow in pipelines. Waist wheel flowmeter can indicate cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, single volume, etc. It can also output pulse signal, 4-20mA or 1-5V analog signal, 232,485 communication, 4-20mA+HART, MODBUS protocol, etc.

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Features of Liquid Roots Meter

  • It has the characteristics of light weight, high precision up to 0.1-0.5 grade, and easy installation and use. It is one of the typical products of positive displacement flowmeter
  • This Liquid Roots Meter is manufactured by introducing advanced technology from BOPP&ReuthER from Germany and Oval from Japan.
  • Liquid Roots Meter can measure the flow of gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other oil products, and can transmit the flow to the secondary meter remotely through the transmitter.
  • Liquid Roots Meter consists of two parts: a housing and a counter. Customers can choose their own waist wheel flowmeter products according to the specific measuring medium.
  • Liquid Roots Meter can be equipped with pointer counter and electronic digital display counter, which can be displayed on site or remotely controlled.

Specifications of Liquid Roots Meter

The header shows:Pointer accumulation, zero return, pulse output, 4-20mA output, LCD display, communication output
Instrument model:LL-11 display, 12 display plus signal, 13 signal output, H zero return, T high temperature, Y liquid crystal display
Measuring medium:Liquid, various oils
Caliber specifications:15—150
Flow measurement range:0.25—250m3/h
measurement accuracy:0.5 level 0.2 level
Temperature of the measured medium:-20℃-100℃, maximum +200℃
Work pressure:1.6MPa 2.5MPa 6.4MPa
output signal:Pulse, 4–20mA
Communication type:RS485
power supply:DC12V—DC24V
Installation method:Flange connection
Explosion-proof grade:ExiaIIBT4
Protection level:IP65

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Flow Range(m³/h)

Liquid viscosity (mPa.s)
Liquid viscosity (mPa.s)
Liquid viscosity(mPa.s)
Liquid viscosity(mPa.s)
Liquid viscosity(mPa.s)
Liquid viscosity(mPa.s)
25 0.6~6 1.2~6 1.2~6 1.5~6 1.5~6 2~6
40 1.6~16 3.2~16 3.2~16 4~16 4~16 5~16
50 2.5~25 5~25 5~25 6~25 6~25 8~25
80 6~60 12~60 12~60 15~60 15~60 20~60
100 10~100 20~100 20~100 25~100 25~100 33~100
150 25~250 50~250 50~250 60~250 60~250 80~250
Accuracy class 0.5 level 0.3 level 0.2 level

The main materials and nominal pressure are as follows:

Model Shell, front cover, back cover Cover Rotor axis Shaft sleeve Nominal pressure(MPa)
LL-AL cast iron cast iron Aluminum alloy stainless steel Ball bearing 0.6、1.0、1.6
LL-EL Cast steel cast iron Aluminum alloy stainless steel Ball bearing 2.5、4.0
LL-LL Aluminum alloy Cast iron/stainless steel Aluminum alloy stainless steel Ball bearing 0.6、1.0、1.6
Remarks Special contract can be specially designed

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LL-AL cast iron waist wheel flowmeter is widely used in the measurement of various oil products and liquid media that does not corrode cast iron materials.
LL-EL cast steel waist wheel flowmeter is used for the measurement of high pressure and low corrosive media.
The LL-LL cast aluminum light waist wheel flowmeter is suitable for the measurement of low viscosity, low pressure, and low corrosion (such as water, etc.) media.

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How does a Roots meter work?

Roots meter is also called waist flow meter. The working principle is the same as that of the oval gear flowmeter, and the structure is also very similar, except that the shape of the rotor is slightly different.

The rotor of the Roots meter is a pair of waist-shaped wheels without teeth. During the rotation, the two waist wheels do not directly contact and maintain a small gap. The driving is completed by the meshing gear that is sleeved outside the shell and coaxial with the waist wheel. This has obvious advantages compared with oval gear flow meters.

Oval gears have large meshing contact wear and are greatly affected by the cleanliness of the measured fluid. Easy to damage and reduce accuracy.

The Roots meter is linked by an additional drive gear, so there is no contact between the measuring elements during operation. Therefore, the wear during operation is very small, and high measurement accuracy can be achieved. It can keep the long-term stable parts of the flowmeter.

The structure of the waist wheel flowmeter can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the working state:

The structure of the waist wheel includes a pair of waist wheels and a combined waist wheel composed of two pairs of waist wheels at an angle of 450 to each other.

The combined waist wheel flowmeter runs smoothly, which can greatly reduce the pressure fluctuation in the pipeline.

Generally, large-diameter flowmeters use vertical or horizontal combined waist wheels to reduce or eliminate pipeline vibration caused during flow measurement.

The rotor line of the waist wheel flowmeter is more reasonable, allowing the measurement of fluids containing tiny particles. Can be used for gas and liquid measurement. It is a positive displacement flowmeter that has been rapidly developed and widely used in recent years.

In addition to being used for industrial measurement, Roots meter is also used as a standard flow meter to calibrate other types of flow meters. The accuracy can reach ±0.1%.

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Types of positive displacement flow meter

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Liquid Roots Meter|Typical positive displacement flowmeter

Roots meter is also called Lumbar flow meter, which is a positive displacement flowmeter. Roots flowmeter for Liquid is called liquid Roots flowmeter. Gas Roots flowmeter is used for measuring gas.

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