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Shield boring machine Pressure Sensor The measuring end adopts a specially treated strong thick metal diaphragm. Adopting the principle of mechanical transmission, the hard sand and small rock particles in the measured medium sense the pressure through the isolation diaphragm without damaging the internal sensitive components. The pressure sensor has a compact structure, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, hard sand impact resistance, and wide range temperature compensation. Suitable for pressure measurement of mud, wet soil and other media.

Shield boring machine Pressure Sensor

Features of Shield boring machine Pressure Sensor

  • Using diaphragm isolation technology;
  • Integrated chip, wide voltage power supply;
  • High protection, compact structure and easy installation;
  • Cut-off frequency design, strong anti-interference ability, and lightning protection;
  • Current limiting, voltage limiting, reverse connection protection (current limiting output);
  • Resistant to vibration, frequent high-pressure impact, solid sand impact, and wear resistance;

Technical Parameters

Measuring medium:Mud, wet soil, etc. (compatible with contact materials)
Pressure range:0~0.6MPa (10, 16, 25, 40, 60, 100bar can be customized)
Pressure method:Gauge
Accuracy level:0.5%FS
Medium temperature:-40~85℃
Connection time:20ms
Stable performance:±0.1% FS/year
Temperature compensation: -10~70℃
Temperature drift:±0.01%FS/℃ (within temperature compensation range) ±0.05%FS/℃ (outside temperature compensation range)
Protection level:IP65
Durable performance:1X10⁶ times (number of cycles from the lower limit of the measuring range to the upper limit of the measuring range)
Overall weight:≈850g
Resolution:Analog output 0.01%FS, digital output 0.05%FS
output signal:4-20mA (two-wire system), 0-5/1-5/0-10VDC (three-wire system)
Supply voltage:24VDC(10-30VDC)

Professional Applications

Specialized Pressure Transmitter for Heavy-Duty Machinery

When you’re dealing with machinery that faces rugged environments and intense pressure conditions, such as injection machines, tunnel boring machines (TBM), brick-making machines, and earth pressure machines, you need equipment that won’t buckle under the pressure – both literally and metaphorically. Enter our specialized pressure transmitter.

Injection Machines (Grouting Machines):

In the world of grouting machines or injection machines, consistency and precision are paramount. Given the intensity of the operations, the special thick metal diaphragm of our pressure transmitter stands out as an exemplary component. Not only does it efficiently sense the pressure of hard sand particles and small rock granules in the grout, but its unique mechanical transmission principle ensures that the sensitive internal elements remain undamaged. This guarantees precision and reduces maintenance downtimes.

Tunnel Boring Machines (Shield Machines or TBMs):

Tunnel construction is a challenging feat. With TBMs, where the machinery encounters diverse geological structures and varying pressure conditions, our pressure sensor plays a pivotal role. Its ability to withstand vibrations, corrosive environments, and the aggressive impact of hard sand granules ensures continuous, real-time pressure data. This translates to safer operations and optimal machine performance in various earth compositions.

Brick-making Machines:

Consistency is the hallmark of quality in brick-making. The compact structure and wide-ranging temperature compensation of our pressure transmitter ensure that it consistently delivers accurate pressure measurements. This aids in producing bricks of uniform quality and strength, regardless of the raw materials or environmental conditions.

Earth Pressure Machines:

Earth pressure machines handle varying types of soils, each with its own set of challenges. Our sensor’s robust design, capable of enduring the corrosive nature of some soils and the abrasive nature of others, proves invaluable. The quick and accurate pressure readings it provides enable operators to adjust machine parameters for optimal performance, ensuring efficient operations and reducing wear and tear on machinery.

More Featured Pressure Sensors and Solutions

The shield machine is the core equipment in tunnel construction, and the control of its working pressure is crucial to the safety and quality of the tunnel. By controlling the working pressure of the shield machine, construction personnel can effectively control the pressure balance during tunnel construction to prevent safety accidents caused by pressure fluctuations and ensure the smooth progress of construction.

Sino-Inst supplies special pressure sensors for grouting machines, shield machines, brick making machines, soil compactors and other machinery. Can measure the pressure of mud, liquid, soil, etc. If you need to purchase, please feel free to contact our sales engineers for consultation.

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