5 Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators

Propane tank level indicator is also called propane tank gauge level indicator, or propane tank level gauge. What kind of level gauge is used for Industrial propane level measurement?

Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators for Industrial Tank Level Measurement

Propane is a gas that can be liquefied. Chemical formula CHURCH, colorless, liquefiable gas. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether.
Common Industrial Propane Tank Level Indicators for Industrial Tank Level Measurement include radar level sensor; magnetostrictive level sensor; float level gauge; magnetic flap level gauge; ultrasonic level gauge.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of  Level Transmitters for level measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Featured Propane Tank Level Indicators

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How to Measure Propane Tank Level

Radar level transmitters use radar technology to perform a non-contact continuous level measurement. The radar level indicator converts the level into an electrical signal. The level signal output can then be utilized by other instrumentation to monitor or control. Liquids and solids are commonly measured with this measuring technique. Like: Fly ash silo. Radar level sensors are divided into Pulsed radar technology and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar level sensors.

Sino-Inst produces 120GHz FMCW radar level sensor, 26GHz radar level meter, 6GHz level meter.

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⑴ The working principle of the magnetic level gauge is based on Archimedes’ law.
Using the principle that the weight of the float is equal to the weight of the volume of the liquid discharged by the float, the float-equipped with magnetic steel changes with the change of the liquid level.
The position of the magnetic line of force in the float (that is, the actual liquid level position) drives the turning column and the turning plate through magnetic action. When the liquid level rises, the liquid phase turns red.
When the liquid level drops, the gas phase turns white or black. So as to clearly indicate the change of the liquid level in the container.

⑵ A ruler is installed on the display panel so that the liquid level can be read directly. A valve is installed at the lower end of the body for sampling and draining.

The most significant feature of the Magnetic propane tank level indicator is that the liquid medium is completely isolated from the indicator. So it is very safe and durable under any circumstances. Moreover, various types of liquid level gauges are equipped with liquid level alarm and control switches, which can realize the upper and lower limit offside alarm control or interlocking of the liquid level or boundary level.

Equipped with a dry reed chipset liquid level transmitter, it can convert liquid level and boundary signals into two-wire 4-20mADC standard signals. It is transmitted to the computer, regulator, and liquid level indicator to realize remote indication, detection, recording, and control.

Magnetic level gauges are widely used for liquid level measurement and control in various production processes such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, and electric power.

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Float level sensors are continuous level sensors. Float level gauges use magnetic floats as measuring elements. magnetic float that rises and falls as liquid levels change. The movement of the float will generate a magnetic field. The sensor’s internal resistance changes linearly, and the intelligent converter converts the resistance change into a 4~20mA standard current signal. It can display the liquid level percentage, 4~20mA current, and liquid level value on the spot. It can also output the switching value signal to conduct liquid Bit switch control. Float level sensors are low-cost liquid level measurement and control instruments.

You can choose single-point or multi-point measurement and control. Can bring huge profit difference for OEM. float level sensors can be used for liquid layer measurement. Such as oil/water tanks, liquid material inventory, and measurement in high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive environments.

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Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters are used for continuous measurement of liquid level and interface. Magnetostrictive level measurement is currently the best liquid level measurement and control technology.Sino-Inst’s Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters can provide two independent outputs: interface; overall level. It can be applied when the difference in specific gravity drops to 0.02.

Magnetostrictive Level Sensors Commonly used for the measurement of the oil-water interface. And others include acid tanks, propane containers, desalter and sewage tanks.

Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters are composed of three parts: probe rod, circuit unit and magnetic float. The flexible cable type and the outer buoy type are derived from the basic model. And has a variety of communication modes 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, HART, RS-485 and so on.

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The external measurement type level gauge is also called the externally attached ultrasonic level gauge. Its working principle is ultrasonic echo ranging, that is, ultrasonic waves are transmitted through the tank wall and then conducted in the liquid medium, and the liquid surface returns to the bottom to be received by the sensor. The height of the liquid level is calculated by the time difference. On-site OLED display, while realizing remote transmission of monitoring liquid level, realizing automatic control.

Field of application of external level gauge:

  • The level gauge has a wide range of applications. In particular, the application of liquid level measurement for flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, toxic and harmful pressure vessel storage tanks is more prominent;
  • Oil refinery: liquefied gas, propylene, propane, ethane spherical tank / horizontal tank level gauge
  • Chlor-alkali industry: liquid chlorine storage tank level gauge
  • Synthetic ammonia device: liquid ammonia spherical tank/horizontal tank level gauge
  • Silicone industry: spherical tank/horizontal tank level gauges such as silicon trichloride, silicon tetrachloride, trichlorosilane, etc.
  • Refrigeration industry: liquid ammonia, dichloroethane, hydrogen fluoride and other storage tank level gauges
  • Level gauge applications in other chemical fields.

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Maybe you also need to measure the propane tank flow. Then you can refer to: Industrial LPG/Propane flow meter.

Large Propane Tank Level Indicator

The External Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor adopts the sonar echo ranging principle. It overcomes the influence of the tank wall on the transmission of ultrasonic signals. It adopts advanced digital signal processing technology. It can truly realize the non-contact, high-precision measurement of the liquid level in the tank.

The External Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor can output 4-20mA standard signals or output the measurement results to the upper computer (or secondary meter) through the RS-485 interface. It can meet the automatic control of the system.

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Wide measuring range

Range specifications are optional: 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m

Non-contact level measurement function

The ultrasonic sensor (probe) is installed externally, and there is no need to open a hole in the container to be tested.

Testable container:

Wall thickness: 2~70mm;
Tank type: horizontal tank, spherical tank, tank, vertical tank, etc.


Our level gauge supports local display when measuring propane tank. It also supports remote signal output such as 4-20mA. Can be used for liquid level monitoring of the control system.

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When the ultrasonic liquid level sensor is working, the high-frequency pulse sound wave is emitted by the transducer (probe). It is reflected on the surface of the measured object (water surface). The reflected echo is received by the same transducer (probe) and converted into an electrical signal. The time between sending and receiving the pulse (the movement time of the sound wave) is proportional to the distance from the transducer to the surface of the object.

The relationship between the distance s of sound wave transmission and the speed of sound c and the transmission time t can be expressed by the formula: s=cⅹt/2
The acoustic wave is a kind of media that transmits information. It is closely related to mechanical vibration. The mechanical vibration produced by the impact and movement of objects spreads outward in the form of waves. According to the frequency of the wave generated by the vibration, it is divided into audible sound waves, infrasound waves, and ultrasonic waves. The sound waves higher than 20khz are called ultrasonic waves.
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A magnetic Level Gauge is also called a magnetic level indicator. Magnetic Level Gauge is developed based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic effect. The magnetic float in the measuring cylinder drives the two-color turning column on the external display of the measuring cylinder to flip with the increase (decrease) of the liquid level to be measured. As the position of the float changes, the indicator moves up and down the same amount. Supports top-mounted and side-mounted. It can be used for liquid level detection in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, highly toxic and dangerous environments.

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Sino-Inst offers over 10 Propane Tank Level Indicators for level measurement. About 50% of these are Radar level meters, 40% is the magnetic level sensor.

A wide variety of Propane Tank Level Indicators for level measurement options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of Propane Tank Level measurement instrumentation, located in China.

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