Wet Gas Flow Meters

Wet Gas Flow Meter is an instrument used to measure industrial wet gas flow. Such as wet air, wet gas and wet chlorine, etc.

Wet Gas Flow Meters

Common gas flow meters include vortex flow meters, V cone flow meters, orifice flow meters, gas turbine flow meters, and so on. The Wet Gas Flow Meter Solutions introduced in this article are mainly used to measure the volume flow or mass flow of Wet Gas Flow.

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LMF wet gas flow meter

LMF anticorrosive wet gas flowmeter is one of the commonly used instruments in laboratories.

When measuring the total volume of gas, its accuracy is high, especially when the flow rate is small, its error is small. It can be used directly to measure gas flow, and can also be used as a standard instrument to calibrate other flowmeters.

The effective volume of each gas chamber of the wet gas flowmeter is controlled by the water surface injected into the flowmeter in advance. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the water surface reaches the predetermined position during use, and the instrument must be kept level during installation.

Measured medium:
LMF series wet gas flow meters are mainly divided into two models:
LML type is a common type, using brass material, generally used in the range of non-corrosive gas.
LMF type is anti-corrosion type, made of stainless steel, can measure corrosive gas-acid, alkali gas, etc.

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Vortex flowmeter for the volume of wet gas

When using a vortex flowmeter to measure gas flow, many wet gases are often encountered, such as wet air, wet gas, and wet chlorine.

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Physically, the commonly used mixture of water vapor and gas is called a mixed gas with certain humidity, that is, wet gas.

In wet gas, the density of water vapor constitutes a part of the density of the wet gas. However, in many cases, what needs to be measured and calculated is the volume or mass of dry gas. For example, this is the case when determining the heating value.

There are also wet air, wet chlorine, etc., as industrial raw gas. What companies need is a dry gas, so the “moisture” of these wet gases should be squeezed out when measuring, in order to better control the quality of products. Calculate the cost of the product.

The density of the wet gas is composed of the dry part of the wet gas and the water vapor contained in the wet gas. When the vortex flowmeter is used to measure the flow of the wet gas, because the vortex flowmeter only reflects the wet gas in the working state The volume flow rate cannot distinguish between the dry part of the wet gas and the amount of water vapor. Therefore, the volume flow measured by the vortex flowmeter is the volume flow of all wet gas. If only the volume flow rate of the dry part of the wet gas needs to be measured, the volume flow rate of the water vapor part should also be subtracted.

When using a vortex flowmeter to measure the flow of wet gas, because the vortex flowmeter only reflects the volume flow of the wet gas under working conditions, it cannot distinguish the dry part of the wet gas and the amount of water vapor.

Therefore, the volume flow measured by the vortex flowmeter is the volume flow of all wet gas. If only the volume flow rate of the dry part of the wet gas needs to be measured, the volume flow rate of the water vapor part should also be subtracted.

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Precautions for measuring wet gas with vortex flowmeter

(1) Instrument selection

For the wet gas in the industrial gas, when the water vapor reaches the saturated state, water in the free state will appear in the pipeline. This state has a certain impact on the normal operation of the thermal and ultrasonic vortex flowmeters.

If the water in the free state adheres to the surface of the thermal detection element, it will affect the thermal conductivity of the thermistor element. It will affect the detection sensitivity and the lower limit of the range of the instrument.

If the water in the free state adheres to the surface of the ultrasonic transducer, it will also affect the transmission and reception of ultrasound. It will not only affect the transmission efficiency of ultrasound, but also the effect and sensitivity of ultrasound reception.

If this free water stays in the acoustic isolation annulus between the ultrasonic transducer and the tube wall, it will cause an acoustic “short circuit” phenomenon. Ultrasonic waves will diffract along the measuring tube wall and reach the opposite receiving transducer. The normal operation of the instrument was severely damaged.

If the water in the free state passes through the sound beam in the form of water droplets or mist, it will scatter and modulate the sound beam. It will become a serious random interference and affect the stability of the measurement.

Due to the above influences, when measuring wet gas flow, vortex flowmeters with force-sensitive detection should be used. For example, stress vortex flowmeters and capacitive vortex flowmeters. Because of the moisture in the wet gas and the free water, It has little influence on force detection and transmission.

(2) Prevent the corrosive effect of wet gas

Some gases such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and so on. There is a certain degree of corrosiveness in the dry state, but the corrosiveness is not very strong. Once it becomes wet gas, its corrosive effect increases sharply. When selecting the meter, the vortex flowmeter that can withstand the corrosive effect of the medium should be selected in a targeted manner to prevent the invasion of wet gas.

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(3) Installation method

When measuring wet gas with a vortex flowmeter.

If installed horizontally, the measuring section should be increased appropriately. Prevent saturated water from staying in the measuring tube of the instrument.
If installed vertically, the vortex flowmeter should be at a certain height from the horizontal pipe section.

(4) Operation and maintenance of the instrument

To prevent free water from accumulating in the pipe, a drain valve or drain valve should be installed at the lowest point of the pipe. Evacuate the sewage and dirt accumulated in the pipe regularly.

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