Digital Flow Meter for Argon Gas

What is Digital Flow Meter for Argon Gas?

Digital flow meter for argon gas refers to a flow meter that can be used for detection, display, transmission, and signal output. Digital argon flowmeter and argon regulator are different. Argon regulator has the function of displaying and reducing pressure. Digital flow meter for argon gas cannot be decompressed and regulated. However, instantaneous, cumulative volume/mass flow can be displayed. And output the corresponding digital signal for flow monitoring system monitoring statistics.

Digital Flow Meter for Argon Gas

Argon Gas

Argon is a rare gas widely used in industry. It is very inert in nature and neither burns nor supports combustion. In aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, atomic energy industry and machinery industry. When welding special metals, such as aluminum, magnesium, copper and its alloys and stainless steel, argon is often used as a welding shielding gas to prevent welding parts from being oxidized or nitrided by air.

  1. Aluminum industry. Used to replace air or nitrogen to create an inert atmosphere during aluminum manufacturing. Helps remove unwanted soluble gases during degassing. As well as removing dissolved hydrogen and other particles from molten aluminum.
  2. Steelmaking. Used to displace gases or vapors and prevent oxidation in processes. For stirring molten steel to maintain constant temperature and the same composition. Helps remove unwanted soluble gases during degassing. As a carrier gas, argon can be used to chromatographically determine the composition of a sample. Argon can also be used in the Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) process used in stainless steel refining. The purpose is to remove carbon monoxide and reduce chromium losses.
  3. Metal processing. Argon is used as an inert shielding gas in welding. Provides oxygen- and nitrogen-free protection in the annealing and rolling of metals and alloys. As well as for flushing molten metal to eliminate porosity in castings.
  4. Welding shielding gas. Argon is used as a shielding gas during welding. Burnout of alloying elements and other welding defects resulting therefrom can be avoided. This makes the metallurgical reaction in the welding process simple and easy to control. to ensure high quality welding. The results show that under argon protection, the pores in the remelting zone are precipitation pores. Under open conditions, the pores in the remelting zone are precipitation pores and reactive pores.
  1. Other uses. Electronics, lighting, argon knife, etc.

Argon Flowmeters Types

There are actually many kinds of flow meters that can measure argon. Such as vortex flowmeter, thermal flowmeter, mass flowmeter, differential pressure flowmeter, etc.

Vortex flow meter also called Vortex shedding flow meter. Vortex Flow Meter is suitable for flow measurement of steam and various liquids and gases.

The vortex flowmeter is a volume flow meter that measures the volume flow of gas, steam, or liquid, the volume flow of standard conditions, or the mass flow of gas, steam, or liquid-based on the Karman vortex principle. When the fluid flows through the dust collector rod of the vortex flowmeter, a vortex is formed. The frequency of vortex shedding is proportional to the fluid velocity. Temperature and pressure compensation can be configured.

Differential Pressure Flow Meter is also called DP flow meter. Differential pressure flow meters use the principle of differential pressure to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam.

The differential pressure flow meter is measured by the working principle that there is a certain relationship between the pressure difference and the flow rate when the medium fluid flows through the throttling device. Differential pressure (DP) flow meters are the most widely used form of flow measurement products today. Including: integrated orifice flowmeter, average velocity tube flowmeter, venturi tube, wedge flowmeter, underwater flowmeter, orifice plate, orifice carrier assembly, nozzle flowmeter.

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Precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flowmeter. It can be used for the measurement of natural gas, propane, air, nitrogen and other gases.

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter, like vortex flowmeter, is a velocity flowmeter. The cost performance of the intelligent precession vortex flowmeter is higher than vortex flowmeter. The intelligent precession vortex flowmeter can only measure gas. Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter can be made into an integrated temperature and pressure compensation. And can measure various gases. Such as compressed air, oxygen, biogas, natural gas, coal gas, etc.

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Mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density, temperature and viscosity of the medium

Mass flow meter is a flow measuring instrument that measures the mass flow in the pipeline. The volume of a fluid is a function of fluid temperature and pressure and is a dependent variable. The quality of a fluid is a quantity that does not change with time, space temperature, and pressure.

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Argon Flowmeter Regulator

Argon flowmeter pressure reducing valve, stable output pressure, good sealing performance and easy to use. The mother body is made of brass, and the outlet thread is M12X1RH(M).

It is suitable for gas flow monitoring in piping systems, laboratories, MIG/TIG gas shielded welding and other occasions. The input pressure of the flowmeter is set to 0.35mpa. The accuracy level is 4. The square protective cover makes the scales on all sides more clear and easy to read. The flow tube And the protective cover is made of impact-resistant composite material, which is safe and durable.

It can be used for gas pipelines in various high-purity gases, medical experiments, instrumentation and analysis, gas phase analysis, power plant equipment, petrochemical industry, gas control boxes, purging systems, heat treatment equipment, gas busbars, toxic gases, semiconductors and other industries system.

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Argon Gas Flow Meter for Sale


The flow meter is a tool for measuring flow. The pressure reducing valve is mainly used to stabilize the pressure and keep the pressure within a certain range.

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There are many types of argon flow meters. First, we need to choose a suitable flowmeter according to the actual argon pipeline parameters. Then install the flowmeter in the pipeline. Using an argon flow meter is simple. A typical argon gas flow meter has a local digital display. It also supports signal output, which can be used for remote monitoring.

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The purchase of Argon regulator needs to consider the actual use parameters.

For example:
input pressure;
Export adjustment range;
nominal flow;
Installation connection size;
Outer diameter of output interface;
Configure pressure specifications: input and output, etc.

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Most of our gas flow meters have a local digital display. Can display the instantaneous flow of gas, cumulative flow, etc.

Of course, there is also a pointer display. Then you need to read the flow value according to the dial scale.

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