External Tank Level Indicator

External Mounted Tank Level Sensors

External Tank Level Indicator refers to an externally mounted level sensor. It is used to install on the outside of the liquid storage tank to measure the liquid level of the tank. When measuring with External Tank Level Indicator, install the ultrasonic probe just below the outer wall (bottom) of the container under test. No need to cut holes, easy to install. Does not affect on-site production. It can realize accurate measurement of various toxic substances and various pure liquids in high temperature and high pressure airtight containers.

External Tank Level Indicator

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Difficulties Existing in Liquid Level Measurement in Industrial Storage Tank Industry

Most liquid fuels used in industry, such as liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil and other refined oils, as well as liquid chemical gases. For example: liquid ammonia, liquid chlorine, are stored in a high-pressure airtight container. In the production process, in order to ensure the safety of production, it is necessary to regularly measure the liquid level of the remaining liquid in the closed container.

Because these liquids are flammable and explosive. Using the traditional liquid level measurement method will cause damage to the tightness of the container. Safety accidents such as liquid leakage are prone to occur. In particular, after the storage tank has been built and put into service. It is hoped that another principle that is different from the existing level gauge will be added, and a level gauge with a different principle will be used. It’s hard for businesses to choose.

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No holes – No damage the tank – External Tank Level Indicator

In response to the above problems, we designed and produced a new type of non-intrusive ultrasonic liquid level measurement system – externally attached liquid level gauge. This enables a truly non-invasive, non-contact measurement method.

Simply mount the measuring probe on the outer wall of the tank or container bottom. The reflection and transmission properties of ultrasonic waves are utilized. Realize the measurement of the liquid level inside the storage tank. The calculated liquid level value is displayed locally and a remote signal is output.

The meter can output measurement results to the control system via 4-20 mA analog signal, HART, RS-485 and other interfaces. At the same time, the data can also be sent to the Internet through wireless transmission via WIFI, GPRS and NBIOT.

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External Tank Level Indicator Applications

External Tank Level Indicator has a wide range of applications. Especially the liquid level measurement application of flammable, explosive, strong corrosive, toxic and harmful pressure vessel storage tanks is more prominent.

Liquid chlorine, liquefied gas, liquid ammonia, hydrofluoric acid, propylene, vinyl chloride, ethylene oil, butane, chlorosilane, butadiene, C5, C4, ethylene oxide, butylene oil, silicon tetrachloride, refrigerant , liquid Australia, xylene, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, lye, isopropanol, ethylene glycol, other media.

Industry :
Chlor-alkali, storage and transportation, petrochemical, refrigeration, coal chemical industry, oil refining, chlorination industry, fertilizer, pesticide, electric power, military, oil depot, liquid storage, and other industries.

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In a rubber project, it is necessary to measure the level of butadiene in a spherical tank. Butadiene is easy to self-polymerize to produce high molecular polymers. The selection of ordinary liquid level instruments is relatively limited.

According to the “Tank Farm Automation System Design Regulations”, “each pressure storage tank should be equipped with two sets of independent and different types of liquid level measuring instruments”. If this project chooses conventional contact liquid level gauge. Butadiene is very likely to self-polymerize at the dead corner of the detection port. Therefore, the non-contact type is given priority in the selection of the liquid level gauge.

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In the design of a liquid ammonia spherical tank, the externally attached ultrasonic level gauge also has a good application.

The liquid ammonia in the storage tank is a colorless, pungent odor toxic liquid, which is corrosive to a certain extent.

Because the density of liquid ammonia is greatly affected by temperature, the differential pressure liquid level gauge is not applicable in this project. Finally, the External Tank Level Indicator is selected for detection.

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In a high-pressure hydrogenation unit, the parameters of the original level gauge on the high-pressure storage tank were unstable. The owner wants to add a level gauge to compare it with.

However, the on-site installation space of the high-pressure container is small, and the re-opening conditions are not available. After negotiation, it was decided to use an externally attached ultrasonic level gauge.

Not only avoids the economic loss caused by the shutdown of the device and hot work. It also eliminates the potential safety hazard of new leak points of pressure vessels. Simple, precise and reliable installation.

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Externally mounted ultrasonic level gauges have lower dielectric constants in some. Such as liquefied gas (dielectric constant <1.9) or the liquid surface contains a large number of bubbles and other situations where the radar level gauge is not suitable for use. Can be a good replacement for radar level gauges.

In some highly corrosive acid-base storage tanks, such as liquid chlorine storage tanks, etc. Externally attached ultrasonic level gauges are also very useful.

Common available media for externally attached ultrasonic level gauges include liquid chlorine, liquefied gas, liquid ammonia, ethylene, butadiene, gasoline, diesel, benzene, liquid bromine, hydrochloric acid, lye, nitric acid, methanol, vinyl chloride, hydrofluoric acid , ethylene glycol, propane, naphtha, ethylene oxide, dimethyl ether.

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Externally Attached Ultrasonic Oil Level Sensor – Trucks

Ultrasonic oil level sensor is an external sensor used to measure the liquid level height in tanks and containers.
The sensor uses the ultrasonic detection principle to measure the oil level(liquid level), and then converts the measured height value into the oil volume value through intelligent processing, and then transmits the fuel volume data to the background supervision system through GPS to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring of vehicle fuel consumption.

At present, the products are mainly used in the field of the Internet of Vehicles to monitor the changes in the internal oil level of the tank in real time, so as to realize the detection of fuel volume. It can be used to prevent oil theft, optimize operating costs, optimize driver driving behavior, assist statistical decision-making, etc. At the same time, this product can also be used in fields such as chemical industry, water conservancy, storage tanks and other fields with liquid level detection needs.

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Everyone knows that there are only two ways to detect the water level of the water tank: manually check the water level detection function realized by the guard sensor and so on.

Manual review will have the disadvantages of inaccurate positioning, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, many water tank water level control is usually solved by sensors.

The water level sensor is a kind of sensor commonly used to detect the liquid level to realize the liquid level control function. It can realize the functions of water shortage protection, no water alarm, anti-overflow function, automatic water addition and so on.

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There are many types of liquid level sensors that can measure water. From our personal experience, hydrostatic submersible level sensors are the easiest to use and relatively low cost.

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Measuring the level of water with ultrasonic sensors is a very common application. Remote water level monitoring is required in many places. Such as factory reservoirs, reservoirs for farmland irrigation, water towers for water supply, river water levels, etc. It is important to do a good job of remote monitoring of water levels in these areas.

Ultrasonic liquid level sensor, non-contact measurement of water level. easy installation. Easy to use.

Ultrasonic technology is not only used to measure level, but also can be used to measure depth.

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Sino-Inst offers over 10 External Tank Level Indicators and transmitters for level measurement. About 50% of these are ultrasonic liquid level meters, 40% is the level switches.

A wide variety of External Tank Level Indicators and transmitters options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of External Tank Level Indicators and transmitters instrumentation, located in China.

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