OEM pressure sensors from Chinese manufacturer. Silicone filled. Protected by stainless steel diaphragm. Suitable for a variety of fluid media.


OEM Pressure Sensor is an economical product for users. SI-302 pressure sensor for OEM applications. The core of this series pressure sensor adopts strain gauge technology. And the elastic element is 17-4PH stainless steel. Specially designed for customer OEM processing. Mass production. Low cost, impact resistance, fatigue resistance. It is mainly used in many situations that require economical stress testing. Professional economic products for OEM users. For pressure measurement of weakly corrosive liquids, gases and vapors.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of OEM pressure senors for industrial pressure measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Industrial OEM Pressure Transducer Features

Industrial OEM Pressure Transducer
  • Measuring range: 0-0.6,1,2,5,10,20,30,40,50,60 ~ 150MPa
  • Available in gage, absolute and sealed gage styles
  • Constant current / constant voltage power supply
  • Isolated structure, suitable for a variety of fluid media
  • Standard OEM pressure sensitive element
  • All 316L stainless steel
  • Tantalum diaphragm optional, titanium structure optional
  • Standard male thread pressure connection available
  • Flexible customer customization

Specifications of SI-302 OEM Pressure Sensor

  • Measuring range: 0-0.6,1,2,5,10,20,30,40,50,60 ~ 150MPa
  • Comprehensive accuracy: 0.1% FS, 0.25% FS, 0.5% FS
  • Output signal: 1.0mV / V, 1.5mV / V, 2.0mV / V
  • Power supply voltage: 10VDC (3 ~ 15VDC)
  • Output impedance: 350/1000/1650 / 2000Ω
  • Medium temperature: -20 ~ 85 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
  • Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 85 ℃
  • Insulation resistance: greater than 2000MΩ / 100VDC
  • Response time: <1-5ms
  • Sealing grade: IP65
  • Long-term stable performance: 0.15% FS / year
  • Vibration effect: within the mechanical vibration frequency of 20Hz ~ 1000Hz, the output change is less than 0.1% FS
  • Electrical connection: red-positive power, black (yellow)-negative power, blue-positive signal, white-negative signal
  • Mechanical connection: M20 × 1.5, other threads can be customized according to customer requirements

5 Types of Pressure Sensors

Piezoelectric pressure sensor:

Piezoelectric effect is the main working principle of piezoelectric sensors. Piezoelectric sensors cannot be used for static measurement. Because the charge after external force is applied, it can only be saved when the loop has infinite input impedance. This is not the case, so this determines that piezoelectric sensors can only measure dynamic stress.

Ceramic pressure sensor:

Ceramic pressure sensors are based on the piezoresistive effect. Pressure directly acts on the front surface of the ceramic diaphragm, causing the membrane to deform slightly. Thick film resistors are printed on the back of the ceramic diaphragm and connected into a Wheatstone bridge. Because of the varistor The piezoresistive effect makes the bridge generate a voltage signal that is highly linear and proportional to the pressure and proportional to the excitation voltage. The standard signal is calibrated to 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.3mv / v according to different pressure ranges. Strain sensors are compatible.

Diffused silicon pressure sensor:

The working principle of a diffused silicon pressure sensor is also based on the piezoresistive effect. Using the piezoresistive effect principle, the pressure of the measured medium directly acts on the diaphragm of the sensor (stainless steel or ceramic). The diaphragm produces a micro-displacement proportional to the pressure of the medium. Change the resistance value of the sensor. Use electronic circuits to detect this change, and convert and output a standard measurement signal corresponding to this pressure.

Sapphire pressure sensor:

Utilizing strain-resistance working principle. Using silicon-sapphire as the semiconductor sensitive element has unparalleled metrological characteristics. Therefore, silicon-sapphire semiconductor sensitive components are used. They are not sensitive to temperature changes and have good working characteristics even under high temperature conditions. Sapphire has extremely strong radiation resistance. In addition, silicon-sapphire semiconductor sensitive components, pn drift.

Piezoresistive force sensor:

Resistance strain gage is one of the main components of a piezoresistive strain sensor. The working principle of a metal resistance strain gage is that the resistance of the strain resistance absorbed by the base material changes with the mechanical deformation.

Individual designs of OEM pressure transmitters

A wide range of designs in the area of process connections,

and mechanical connections to the case is already available.

On request,

further customizations can be developed to meet customer demands to the full extent.

Applications of OEM pressure sensor


Industrial process control: liquid level measurement, gas, liquid pressure measurement;

Pressure testing instruments: pressure calibration instruments, hydraulic systems and switches; refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems, aviation and marine testing.

oem pressure transmitter
oem pressure transmitter

OEM pressure transmitter manufacturer in China

Sino-Instrument is the Best Chinese independent manufacturer, of media-isolated, piezoresistive pressure sensors, producing in excess of 3 thousand units every year.

Sino-Instrument sensors are produced in three basic configurations:

gauge pressure sensors, absolute pressure sensors and sealed gauge pressure sensors.

Each of these types benefits from over 30 years of continuous development in our ISO9000:

2001-accredited headquarters.

Optimized mechanical packaging ensures effective media isolation without degrading performance.

A large percentage of OEM sensors produced by Sino-Instrument, are used in our own pressure transducers, and pressure transmitters, so Sino-Instrument understands the OEM viewpoint.

Sino-Instrument’s designs cover a broad spectrum of applications, from medical vascular intervention systems to downhole oil tools.

Whatever the need, Sino-Instrumenr can provide the solution!

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