Ultrasonic flow measurement

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement, Industrial Inline Flow Measurement.

Ultrasonic flow meters, using the ultrasonic principle, measure the velocity of flow.

We can use a different type of ultrasonic flow meters, like: Portable ultrasonic flow meter, Handheld ultrasonic flow meter, Clamp-on Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter.

For airflow, natural gas, water, velocity measurement. There are two types of ultrasonic flow meter technologies: Doppler shift and transit-time. Transit-time measures the time differential between signals sent upstream and downstream.

The differential is directly proportional to the velocity of the water.

Transit-time meters are best used for measuring the flow of clean liquids and, as a result, are the most popular type of ultrasonic meter. 

Doppler shift measures the difference in frequency of the sound wave, reflected off gas bubbles or particles in the flow stream, and is suitable for aerated or dirty liquids.

Products for Ultrasonic Flow Meters solutions

Specifications of Ultrasonic Flowmeters


Principle and parameters



Transit-time,4 byte floating-point operation in accordance with IEEE754


Inline type:flow meter:±0.5%; heat meter:±1.0%

Clamp on type:flow meter:±1.0%; heat meter:±2.0%

Insertion type:flow meter:±1.0%; heat meter:±2.0%



4-key manipulation with magnetic bar touch or figer touch;

simulation keyboard software


One way 4-20mA analog output

One way OCT pulse signal output

One way Relay output


3 way 4-20mA analog input,accuracy:0.1%;

Acquisition signal of temperature,press and liquid level

Achieve heat measurement by connecting 3-wired PT100

Temperature sensor

Data interface

RS485 serial interface,upgraded by computer,support MODBUS communication protocol

Special cable

Twisted-pair shielded cable and cable length should be no more than 50 m.Transmission distance can achieve 1 km if select the RS 485 interface


Pipe material

Steel,stainless,copper,cement,PVC,aluminum,glass steel, cast iron

Pipe diameter


Straight pipeline

Transducers installation points should be:10 diameters’ straight pipeline from upstream transducer ,5 diameters’ 

straight pipeline from the downstream transducer ;30 diameters’ straight pipeline from the pump




Liquid type

Single liquid that can conduct sound wave,such as water,

Seawater, sewage,plant effluent,chemicals,alcohol,beer,oil


Fluid temperature



10000ppm,with little bubble

Fluid velocity







Both of the converter and transducers can work under water,depth underwater ≤2m(After completely sealing)

Power supply


Power consumption


ultrasonic flow meter pDF

The Working Principle of Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Video source: https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bx2RnrfLkQg?start=16

Ultrasonic flowmeters use sound waves to determine the velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe.

At no flow conditions, the frequencies of an ultrasonic wave transmitted into a pipe, and its reflections from the fluid are the same.

Under flowing conditions, the frequency of the reflected wave is different, due to the Doppler effect.

When the fluid moves faster, the frequency shift increases linearly.

The transmitter processes signals from the transmitted wave, and its reflections to determine the flow rate.

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Ultrasonic flow meter advantages and disadvantages

Generally, an ultrasonic flow meter is the device, that uses ultrasound to measure the velocity of liquid flow, that helps in determining the volume of liquid flow also.

The ultrasonic flow meters are made using the ultrasonic transducers, which are clamped to the external surface of a pipe, to generate the ultrasonic pulses through the pipe.

When the liquid flows inside the pipe, it creates the time difference in the pulses, and these are examined to calculate the accurate flow velocity of the liquid.

There are many advantages of using the ULTRASONIC flow meters which include:

  • The electronics in the ultrasonic flow meter includes ultrasonic flowmeter detector which compensates and adapts to the changes in the profile of the flow, type of the liquid and material of the pipe.
  • A portable ultrasonic flow meter converter can be used as a direct method to determine the flow rates effectively when compared to the other flow systems.
  • Ultrasonic flow meter converter is inexpensive to use and maintain when compared to the other mechanical flow meters as they are no moving parts in these flow meters.
  • Their design is highly sophisticated and they do not obstruct the liquid flow, so they can be used for sanitary, corrosive and abrasive liquids.

These are the advantages of the ultrasonic flow meters and there are many disadvantages of the Ultrasonic flow meter which include:

  • The main disadvantage of the ultrasonic flow meter is the cost. The cost of the flow meter is very high when compared to the other types of mechanical flow meters.
  • The ultrasonic flow meters are sophisticated when compared to the mechanical flow meters, so it needs experts to repair and maintain the flow meters.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the ultrasonic flow meters.

Ultrasonic flow meter Types

  1. According to the measurement principle

(1) Time difference method ultrasonic flowmeter;
(2) Frequency difference method ultrasonic flowmeter;
(3) Phase difference method ultrasonic flowmeter;
(4) Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter;
(5) Ultrasonic flowmeters for partially full pipes and river channels that combine liquid level measurement and average velocity measurement.

  1. According to usage

(1) Portable ultrasonic flowmeter;
(2) Fixed (standard pipe section) ultrasonic flowmeter.

  1. According to the installation method of the transducer

(1) Standard pipe section ultrasonic flowmeter;
(2) Clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter;
(3) On-site plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter with hole opening.

  1. According to whether the transducer is in contact with the fluid

(1) Immersion (contact) ultrasonic flowmeter;
(2) Non-invasive (non-contact) ultrasonic flowmeter.

  1. According to the nature of the measured fluid

(1) Liquid ultrasonic flowmeter;
(2) Gas ultrasonic flowmeter.

  1. According to the number of transducer channels

(1) Mono ultrasonic flowmeter;
(2) Two-channel ultrasonic flowmeter;
(3) Multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter.

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Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meter is composed of an integrated host and external clamp on sensors. Clamp on Flow Sensors are available at room temperature and high temperature.

Ultrasonic Clamp on Flow Meter

Clamp on flow meter (Model: 2000) is composed of an integrated host and ultrasonic clamp on sensor. Clamp on flow meter is widely used in online flow measurement of various liquids. Just stick the external clamp sensor on the pipe surface. Compared with the traditional flowmeter, it does not need to cut off the pipe and flow. The installation is convenient and quick, and the non-destructive installation is truly realized.

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Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a handheld ultrasonic flow meter. The clamp-on sensor is used to measure liquid flow in industrial pipelines.

Handheld ultrasonic flow meter realizes the non-contact measurement of liquid flow. Also often referred to as Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Liquids.

Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter ( Model:2000H) has been successfully applied to measurement work in various industries. The measuring range is 20-6000mm (0.5-20 inches). A non-contact measurement method is adopted. Flexible operation and easy to carry. Conductive or non-conductive, corrosive or non-corrosive liquids can be measured. Various fluids: water, pure water, sewage, sea water, chemical fluids, river water, fuel Oil etc. can be measured.

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Ultrasonic flow meter price

Sino-Inst offers Ultrasonic flow meters with the best quality and best price.

The reference price is between USD 150-700.

The price of ultrasonic flow meter is affected by:

  • Types of sensors
  • Materials
  • Cable length

All of our Flow Meters can work with the NEW AMS TREX !

Ultrasonic flow meter manufacturer

Sino-Inst offers 20 Ultrasonic flow meter products, with Best Price.

Sino-Inst is the manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic flow meters.

About 13% of these are Petroleum& Chemical flow meters, 4% are water treatment flow indicators. The best Reference price is USD 2000-7000.

A wide variety of ultrasonic flow meter options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter suppliers, located in China.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter products are most popular in North America, Mid East, and Eastern Europe.

The United States, and India, which export 99%, 1%, and 1% of ultrasonic level transmitter respectively.

You can ensure product safety by selecting from a certified supplier,

with ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

In addition to measuring flow rate, ultrasonic technology can also be used to measure liquid level.
The ultrasonic liquid level sensor is also an excellent product for measuring the liquid level of the tank.

Procurement Guide: Ultrasonic liquid level sensors

CO2 Cylinder | Portable Liquid Level Gauge


Fuel flow meters, also known as turbine flow meters, are the main types of speed flow meters. A freely rotatable impeller is installed in the fluid flowing pipe. When the fluid passes, its motion can make the impeller rotate. The larger the fluid flow rate, the larger the kinetic energy and the higher the impeller speed.

The fluid flow can be determined by measuring the number of revolutions or the number of revolutions of the impeller.

Ultrasonic flow detector is also an ultrasonic sensor. Or called an ultrasonic flowmeter.
Ultrasonic flow detector is composed of sensor and host. The host has wall-mounted, handheld, portable, etc. Sensors are classified into the following models according to the measuring pipe diameter and measuring temperature. It can help users measure pipeline flow under various working conditions.

Optional Transducer

Handheld ultrasonic flow meter Optional Transducer.jpg

Ultrasonic flowmeter refers to a flowmeter developed based on the principle that the propagation velocity of ultrasonic waves in a flowing medium is equal to the vector sum of the average velocity of the measured medium and the velocity of sound waves in a stationary medium.

It is mainly composed of transducer and converter, and there are different types such as Doppler method, velocity difference method, beam shifting method, noise method and correlation method.

Clamp-on or tube-segment ultrasonic flow meter is based on the principle of “velocity difference method”. It is an instrument for measuring the liquid flow in a circular tube.

Ultrasonic flow meters for measuring liquid flow. Measurement linearity is better than 0.5%. Repeatability accuracy is better than 0.2%. The time difference measurement resolution of up to 40 picoseconds enables the measurement accuracy to reach ±1%.

When choosing an ultrasonic flowmeter, the following points are mainly considered:

1.Measuring medium. 2. Pipe material. 3. Velocity range. 4. Diameter range. 5. Applicable temperature. 6. Medium turbidity. 7. Pipe lining. 8. Acceptable form of installation.

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Sino-Inst, Manufacturer for Ultrasonic Flow Meters. It can measure a single sound-conducting liquid medium of DN 25—150mm. It can measure even liquids such as water, sea water, oil, and slurry.

Sino-Inst’s Ultrasonic Flow Meter, made in China, Having good Quality, With better price. Our flow measurement instruments are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, US, and other countries.

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