Target Flow Meter

The target flow meter is also known as the drag force flow meter. Insert a target (drag element) into the flow field. Measure the drag force on the inserted target and convert it to the flow velocity. Target Flow Meter Read More

Venturi Flow Meter

Venturi flow meter is also called classical venturi, and is used to call venturi meter, standard venturi. It is used to measure the flow of single-phase stable fluid in closed pipelines. Features of Venturi flow meter Less head loss than Read More

VERIS Verabar Flow Meter

The VERIS Verabar Flow Meter, also called the Verabar Averaging Pitot Tubes, is a kind of differential pressure flow meter. Features of VERIS Verabar Flow Meter The measure parts design base on-air dynamic principle The static pressure hole on the Read More

SI 3051ANB Annubar Flow Meter

Annubar flow meter also known as flute-shaped constant velocity tube flow meter and Toba tube flow meter. Annubar flow meter is a differential pressure flow meter. The Use and Characteristics of the Annubar flowmeter The Annubar flowmeter is an ideal Read More

Insertion Vortex Flow Meter

Insertion Vortex Flow Meter is mainly used for flow measurement of gas, liquid, and steam fluid in large-diameter pipelines. Features of Insertion Vortex Flow Meter It is suitable for the measurement of large-diameter pipelines (DN150~DN2000), and is used in occasions Read More

Vortex Shedding Flow Meter

Vortex shedding flow meter, also called Vortex flow meter. Vortex shedding flow meter is suitable for measuring steam flow rate as well as liquids and gases. Vortex Shedding Flow Meter Working Principle Vortex flowmeter is a speed-type flowmeter produced according Read More

SI-LG Orifice Plate Flow Meter

Orifice plate flow meter also called orifice flow meter or orifice plate. Orifice plate flow meter is a kind of differential pressure flow meter. Features of Orifice Plate Flow Meter The structure of the throttling device is easy to copy, Read More