LR series Integral flange Magnetostrictive level sensor

Magnetostrictive level sensor comes with a mounting flange. Directly mounted on the tank flange with 4 M8 screws. Continuous Level measurement of the diesel tank/fuel tank. Features of Magnetostrictive level sensor LR series integral flange type liquid level sensor. The Read More

ULT-200A Ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor

ULT-200A Ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor

Ultrasonic fuel tank level sensor, also called non-contact fuel meter, is an electronic level transmitter, measuring continuous liquid level, fluid level, or oil level. ULT-200A Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, taking the advantages of various many levels measuring instruments is a universal Read More

ULT-200 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor can realize non-contact liquid level measurement. Continuous online monitoring of water level and sludge interface position. Features of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor The distance accuracy can be calibrated online in different environments, the start and end Read More

ULT-100A Ultrasonic Level Transducer

ULT-100A Ultrasonic Level Transducer

Ultrasonic Level Transducer, also called Ultrasonic level sensor, or ultrasonic level transmitter. Ultrasonic level transmitter is water level transmitter, which can measure Fluid level depth, oil tank level, with 4-20mA. As Radar does it. The integrated ultrasonic level gauge uses Read More

LD series Rigid Probe Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

Magnetostrictive level transmitter also known as Magtech LTM Level Transmitter. The magnetostrictive level transmitter realizes continuous liquid level measurement of the tank. Features of LD series Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter LD series rigid rod-type liquid level sensor is sturdy and reliable. Read More

SI-PCM261 Submersible Pressure Transducer

Submersible pressure transducer with 4-20ma is a conventional liquid level measurement sensor. Such as water cans. Cable 0m ~ 300m, minimum range 0.5m. Features of SI-PCM261 Submersible Pressure Transducer Linear deviation is less than 0.02% Accuracy over temperature range exceeds Read More