Gas mass flow meter, are the thermal mass flow meter, which is best choice for gas flow rate measurement. Based on the principle of thermal diffusion, Gas mass flow meter measure the flow rate of gas. Like: air flow, nitrogen, natural gas flow rate. Differential pressure flow transmitter also work for gas flow measurement. With temperature and pressure compem compensation. Gas mass meters calculate mass flow do not require temperature or pressure correction. Thermal mass flow meter can be pipe and insertion type.

Thermal mass flowmeters

SI-RSL Thermal mass flowmeters

For direct mass measurement of industrial gases, compressed air, and aqueous fluids.

Gas mass flow meter working principle

The thermal flowmeter is a flowmeter designed based on the principle of thermal diffusion.

That is, when the fluid flows through the heat generating object,

the heat loss of the heat generating object is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid.

The sensors of the series flowmeter have two standards RTD,

one for the heat source, and one for measuring the temperature of the fluid.

When the fluid flows, the temperature difference between the two is linear with the flow rate,

and then the relationship is controlled by microelectronic control technology.

Converted to a linear output that measures the flow signal.

Features of Thermal Mass Flow Meter

  • Patented platinum RTD sensor;
  • Medium temperature self-compensation;
  • High linearity, high repeatability, high precision;
  • The range ratio is 1000:1;
  • Resolution 0.01m/s;
  • Straight pipe requirements are not high 1-2D;
  • The maximum temperature can reach +450 °C;
  • Online dynamic correction of current/voltage output;
  • Pressure:0-16MPa

Gas flow meter types

Gas Turbine Flow Meters

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