Flowmeters for Industrial Flow Measurement

The industrial flow meter is one of the most important instruments in industrial measurement. In industrial sites, instruments that measure fluid flow are collectively referred to as flow meters or flow meters. There are very many kinds of flow meters. Based on years of experience, Sino-Inst has compiled the following information. Hope it can help you choose the right industrial flow meter.

Industrial flow meters

Flow Measurement is the process of measuring fluid in your plant or industry. Sino-Inst offers industrial flow meters, with local LCD reading, transmitter, and optical set points. You can measure flow through a variety of different devices, such as Coriolis, differential pressure, vortex, magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine, and positive displacement meters. Industries like: gas flow, airflow, wastewater ( sewage ), pipe (like 4 inches), and etc.

If you need to know the flow rate in you pipe, or river, that when you need a flow meter. So, flow meter is the instrument that can finish the flow measurement.

Flowmeters consist of a primary device, transducer and transmitter.

The transducer senses the fluid that passes through the primary device.

The transmitter produces a usable flow signal from the raw transducer signal.

These components are often combined, so the actual flowmeter may be one or more physical devices.

Different types of flow meters are available for different applications, and depending upon the requirement, a careful selection of flow meters is made.

For e.g., we prefer vortex flow meters to flow steam flow measurement. And we like the ultrasonic flow meters for non-contact pipe flow measurement.

Industrial flow meters Types

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meter is also called electromagnetic flow meter, mag flow meter or magmeter. Suitable for the measurement of conductive liquids.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters are velocity flow meters, also called impeller flow meters. Used to measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of liquids and gases.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flow meter, also called Vortex shedding flow meter. Vortex Flow Meter is suitable for flow measurement of steam and various liquids and gases.

Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter

Precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flowmeter. It can be used for the measurement of natural gas, propane, air, nitrogen and other gases.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The ultrasonic flow meter measures the liquid flow rate quickly and effectively. There are two types of ultrasonic flowmeter technology: Doppler frequency shift and transit time.

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter uses the principle of measuring the transit time of ultrasonic waves in the pipeline. Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter is an ideal choice for various gas measurements.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Flow Meter is also called DP flow meter. Differential pressure flow meters use the principle of differential pressure to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam.

Volumetric Flow Meters

Volumetric Flow Meter, as a mechanical flow meter, is also called Positive displacement flowmeter. It can measure the volume flow of high viscosity and corrosive fluids.

Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density, temperature and viscosity of the medium.


Sewage flow meter, also known as waste water flow meter. The sewage flow meter measures the flow of various sewages in pipes and open channels. Common sewage flow meters are magnetic flow meters, non-contact ultrasonic flow meters, etc.

Industries like the waste water, river water, industrial gas.

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The air conditioning system is a control system that includes temperature, humidity, air clarity and air circulation, and is called HVAC (: Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling).

The principle is similar to that of an air conditioner supplying cool air, heating air or dehumidification. The use of refrigerant under the action of the compressor. Produces evaporation or condensation. Then trigger the evaporation or condensation of the surrounding air, in order to change the purpose of temperature and humidity.

Air mass flow meter & Controller is commonly used in HVAC industry.

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Digital air flow meters

A chilled water flow meter refers to a flow meter that can be used to measure low-temperature water. Common chilled water flow meters include electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, and ultrasonic flow meters. Used in the condensing system, chiller, or HVAC.

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Clean Water can be measured using a variety of flow meters. Commonly used are electromagnetic flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters, etc.

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The irrigation flow meter is a flow meter designed for agricultural irrigation water counting. Agriculture, horticulture, etc. require water for irrigation. And water is becoming more and more expensive. The installation of flow measurement devices allows for effective monitoring and management of agriculture water systems.
The old mechanical water meters and today’s ultrasonic flow meters and electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used.

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Industrial oil flow meters measure the volume or mass of oil. Can realize the mutual conversion of volume and mass.

The main industrial oils are hydraulic oil. Gear Oil. Turbine oil. Compressor oil. Refrigeration oil. Transformer oil. Cylinder oil, heat treatment oil, heat transfer oil, etc. Of course, edible oil can also be produced in the industry. In addition, there are greases with lubricating oil as base oil and thickening agent.

Therefore, whether it is a company that uses, trades, or produces oil, it needs to accurately measure the oil flow.

There are many common oil flow meters, such as turbine flow meters, positive displacement flow meters, gear flow meters, mass flow meters, etc.

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Diesel Fuel Flow Meters

Chemical flowmeters are used to measure flow rate that flow through them. You may often hear about ultrasonic flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, volumetric flow or mass flow. Chemical flow meters are common in industries like petrochemical plants and refineries. And play a vital role in the manufacturing process since they help to enhance manufacture efficiency.

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Common sanitary flow meters are sanitary magnetic flow meter and sanitary turbine flow meter. Composed of 304/316 stainless steel. Sanitary flowmeter with Tri-Clamp fittings is easier to install and disassemble. Suitable for food hygiene industry.

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Marine fuels mainly include light diesel, heavy diesel, fuel oil, and residual fuel oil.

To put it simply, if the tested marine fuel is a low-viscosity, clean fuel. Then you can choose a turbine flowmeter. The price is reasonable and the measurement is stable.

If the marine fuel being tested is heavy oil, high-viscosity fuel. Then it is recommended to choose an oval gear flowmeter.

If the measured marine fuel is a small flow rate. Then it is recommended to use a circular gear flowmeter for measurement.

If the tested marine fuel has impurities. It is recommended to install a filter before the flowmeter.

If you still do not know how to choose the right marine fuel flow meter. You can contact our sales engineer. We will provide you with a suitable marine fuel flow measurement program.

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The hydraulic flow meter is mainly for inline hydraulic system instantaneous flow test and high-pressure test. Industrial Hydraulic oil flow meter, also called hydraulic flow gauge.

Sino-Inst offers Turbine, Mass flow, Oval gear, V-cone, Target, and Orifice flow meters for inline hydraulic oil flow. Features like: bidirectional, high pressure, analog, can be customized as customer need

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Commonly used Cryogenic Flow Meters include cryogenic turbine flow meters, orifice flow meters, mass flow meters, target flow meters, etc. Representative cryogenic fluids include LNG (liquefied natural gas), LN2 (liquid nitrogen), LO2 (liquid oxygen), liquefied ethylene, liquid hydrogen, liquid chlorine and these cryogenic gases. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is not included in the cryogenic Fluid.

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Application of flow meter in industry

Selecting the right industrial flow meter for your application can be a challenging task. To make it easy, Sino-Inst recommends the best flow meter you should use for your particular gas, liquid, or steam flow application. First, choose your application:

  • Natural gas
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Gas mixing and blending applications
  • Burner control
  • Liquid measurement
  • Steam flow measurement

Based on your application specifications, such as flow rate, pipe size and gas measured, we help you select the perfect flow meter solution for your industry,to improve quality and save money on energy costs, installation, and maintenance.

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Sino-Instrument is a leading supplier of industrial flow meters, with experience in the design and application of various flow technologies.

To request a quote for industrial flow meters for your application, contact us for more information.

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