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Industrial flow meters, also called industrial flow sensors. Flow Measurement is the process of measuring fluid in your plant or industry. Sino-Instrument offers industrial flow meters, with local LCD reading, transmitter and optical set points.You can measure flow through a variety of different devices,such as Coriolis, differential pressure, vortex, magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine and positive displacement meters. Industries like: gas flow , air flow, waste water ( sewage ), pipe (like 4 inch), and etc.

What is a flow meter?

Fluid properties (both liquid and gas) vary widely from industry to industry.

The fluid to be measured could be highly abrasive or viscous. It could be corrosive or toxic.

It could be conductive, flammable or even explosive.

Or it could be a mixture of multiple fluids, particles, or gases.

Whether your application is for a gas flow meter,

where a thermal flow meter, vortex flow meter,

or differential pressure flow meter technology may be suitable,

or a liquid flow meter where choices would include ultrasonic flow meters,

magnetic flow meters, variable area flow meters,

positive displacement flow meters or turbine flow meters,

Sino-Instrument can help you navigate to an optimum solution for your specific application.

Select Your Industrial Flow Meters

How is flow measured?

So you want to measure flow?

The answer would seem to be to purchase a flowmeter.

With fluid flow defined as the amount of fluid that travels past a given location,

this would seem to be straightforward — any flowmeter would suffice.

Yet, consider the following equation describing the flow of a fluid in a pipe.

Q = A x v

Q is flow rate, A is the crosssectional area of the pipe, and v is the average fluid velocity in the pipe.

Putting this equation into action, the flow of a fluid traveling at an average velocity of a 1 meter per second through a pipe with a 1 square meter cross-sectional area is 1 cubic meter per second.

Note that Q is a volume per unit time, so Q is commonly denoted as the “volumetric” flow rate. Now consider the following equation:

W = rho x Q

Where W is flow rate (again – read on), and rho is the fluid density.

Putting this equation into action, the flow rate will be 1 kilogram per second when 1 cubic meter per second of a fluid with a density of 1 kilogram per cubic meter is flowing.

(The same can be done for the commonly-used “pounds”. Without getting into details — a pound is assumed to be a mass unit.)

Note that W is a mass per unit time, so W is commonly denoted as the “mass” flow rate.

Now — which flow do you want to measure? Not sure?

In some applications, measuring the volumetric flow is the thing to do.

Consider filling a tank.

Volumetric flow may be of interest to avoid overflowing a tank,

where liquids of differing densities can be added.

(Then again, a level transmitter and high level switch/shutoff may obviate the need for a flowmeter.)

Consider controlling fluid flow into a process that can only accept a limited volume per unit time.

Volumetric flow measurement would seem applicable.

In other processes, mass flow is important.

Consider chemical reactions where it is desirable to react substances A, B and C. Of interest is the number of molecules present (its mass), not its volume.

Similarly, when buying and selling products (custody transfer) the mass is important, not its volume.

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Flow meters for water insustries

A water flow meter measures the amount of water flowing through a pipe.

We have several kinds to choose from, depending on application, maintenance needs and budget.

There are four common water flow meter types: turbine (also called mechanic), vortex, ultrasonic, and magnetic.

Let’s find the right one depending on processes.

Water flow meter types

Liquid Turbine Flow Meters

Liquid Turbine Flow Meters,
Turbine Flow Meters for Liquid.

Turbine flow meters are cost-effective and offer reliable measurement,

with minimal flow meter maintenance required.

Orifice flow meter also called orifice plate flow meter,

or orifice plate is a kind of differential pressure flow meter.

Magnetic flow meters, also known as mag meters,

or electromagnetic flow meters,

are widely used in water industries.

Sanitary Flow Meter, also called sanitary turbine flow meter or Hygienic turbine flowmeter.

Gas flow meter types

Ultrasonic Flow Meter SI-3128

Clamp-on Ultrasonic gas flow meters, also called ultrasonic natural gas flow meters, measure liquids, and gas in industrial flow measurement applications.

Steam flow meter-Inline Vortex Flow Meters

Steam Vortex Flow Meters are designed for accurate,

cost-effective mass flow measurement of saturated steam.

The standard loop powered version of the vortex flow meter,

is equipped with the internal temperature compensation required for direct mass flow measurement.

Thermal meters: 
For direct mass measurement of industrial gases, compressed air, and aqueous fluids

Sino-Instrument industrial Vortex Flow Meter includes spectral signal processing (SSP),

to provide enhanced vibration immunity and optimum,

stable flow measurements.

Coriolis mass flowmeters enable direct measurement of mass flow,

high precision, multi-media, and multiple process parameters,

and are widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries.

Application of flow meter in industry

Selecting the right industrial flow meter for your application can be a challenging task. To make it easy, Sino-Inst recommends the best flow meter you should use for your particular gas, liquid, or steam flow application. First, choose your application:

  • Natural gas
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Gas mixing and blending applications
  • Burner control
  • Liquid measurement
  • Steam flow measurement

Based on your application specifications, such as flow rate, pipe size and gas measured, we help you select the perfect flow meter solution for your industry,to improve quality and save money on energy costs, installation, and maintenance.

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Sino-Instrument is a leading supplier of flow meters,

with experience in design and application of various flow technologies.

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