Flow Measurement of Nitrogen

Nitrogen Flow Meter, is the flow meter that can measure the flow rate of nitrogen gas. Sino-Instrument is the nitrogen flow meter supplier in China. Vortex flow meter, is the common choice for gas flow rate inline measurement instrument. Like the air, nitrogen gas, steam, oxygen…..

Flow Measurement of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is required in many processes of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry;

predominantly as protective gas, to prevent the occurrence of explosive atmospheres,

such as when handling dusty products or solvents.

If your work requires you to use nitrogen,

having a flow meter installed on your tank is a great way to save some money.

These indicators let you know whether gas is moving through the line, often via the use of a levitating ball, a pressure gauge, or other visual cue.

These options are simple to use and reliable, making them must-haves for welders, HVAC technicians, and more.

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Nitrogen flow meter

Nitrogen flowmeter is manufactured by Karman vortex principle.

It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, wide measuring range,

low power consumption, convenient installation, simple operation and small pressure loss.

It can measure the volume flow or standard volume flow

(integrated intelligent temperature, Pressure compensation),

according to user needs, can be pulsed or 4 ~ 20mADC current output function.

It is an ideal nitrogen meter.

Advantages of Nitrogen flow meters

  • High accuracy:
  • +/- 0.75% of reading (liquid)
  • +/- 1% of reading (gas and steam)
  • Remote electronics housing
  • Advanced self-diagnostics
  • Replaceable shedder bar
  • High safety
  • Reduced maintenance and TCO

Nitrogen flow meter— air / gas flow meter

Sino-inst supplies a wide range of Flow meters recommended for use with nitrogen.

Here you can find a nitrogen flow meter to measure nitrogen flow for your application.

If you require any further help or information then please contact us.

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Sino-Instrument is a well-known Exporter, Supplier,

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Our presented products are used in commercial places for various purposes.

These products are extremely admired in the market due to their reliable performance,

compact design, sturdy nature, easy to fit, longer operational life,

low maintenance, and low prices.

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