Stationary Torque Transducers are also called Static Torque Transducers, or Stationary Transducers.

Static torque transducers are compact, robust and maintenance-free, offering many advantages. Sino-Inst’s Stationary Torque Transducers are based on strain gauge technology and provide high-precision signal transmission. Designed to perform static torque measurements and dynamic rotation (limited angles) with high precision in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Stationary Torque Transducers

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  1. It is suitable for detecting the torque value of non-rotating body. The maximum deflection angle is ≯360 degrees.
  2. It can enter the working state after turning on the machine, no preheating process is required.
  3. High detection accuracy, good stability and strong anti-interference.
  4. It can continuously measure positive and negative torque without repeated zero adjustment.
  5. Small size, light weight, easy to install.
  6. The sensor can be used independently from the secondary instrument, as long as the +24V power supply is provided according to the pin number of the socket, the current, voltage or frequency signal whose impedance is proportional to the torque can be output.

Stationary Torque Transducer Working principle

The static torque sensor has round shafts at both ends. It is praised by users for its excellent stability, high measurement accuracy, high cost performance and simpler monitoring method.

The measuring elastic body of the sensor does not participate in relative motion. The testing elastic body is subject to relative reaction force. When installing, one end is fixed and the other end is stressed.

Measurement of torque:
Using strain gauge electrical measurement technology, a strain bridge is formed on the elastic shaft, and the electric signal of the elastic shaft torsion can be measured by supplying power to the strain bridge.
After the strain signal is amplified, it becomes a frequency signal proportional to the torsional strain through voltage/frequency conversion.
Or directly output standard 4-20mA current signal and 1-5V voltage signal.

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Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Stationary Torque Transducers. We offer more than 20 types of torque transducers, 60% are dynamic torque sensors, 40% are stationary torque sensors.

For example: electric motor, engine, internal combustion engine, etc. Can be used to make viscometers.

The application range of Stationary Torque Transducers is mainly used in test systems such as experimental machines and static torque detection.

Sino-Inst’s Stationary Torque Transducers, made in China, have good quality, with better prices. Our Torque Sensors are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, USA and other countries.

Sino-Inst’s entire team is well trained, so we can ensure that each customer’s needs are met. If you need any help with your product requirements, whether it is a Stationary Torque Transducers, level sensors, or other equipment, please give us a call.

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