1010 Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor

The 1010 Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor is made of high-quality alloy steel/stainless steel. The resistance strain is a sensitive element, and the integrated Rotary Torque Sensor is composed of an integrated circuit. Power supply and signal output are realized by brushes.

Features of 1010 Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor

  • The resistance strain is an integrated product composed of a sensitive element and an integrated circuit, and the power supply and signal output are realized through the brush.
  • Low to medium range torque measurement. 0-5-1000N.m optional;
  • It can measure the torque value in both forward and reverse directions.
  • Both ends are connected by shaft keys, which is easy to install and use.
  • Speed up to 1800 rpm
  • Suitable for dynamic torque detection

Technical Parameters

ParametersTechnical indicators
Measuring range5,10,20,50,100,200,300,500,1000Nm
Sensitivity1.5±10% mV/V
Zero output±1% F.S.
Nonlinear±0.1, 0.3% F.S.
Hysteresis≤±0.05% F.S.
Repeatability≤±0.05% F.S
Creep≤±0.03% F.S/30min
Temperature Sensitivity Drift0.03% F.S. / 10℃
Zero temperature drift0.03% F.S. / 10℃
Input resistance350,750±10Ω
Input resistance350,700±5Ω
Response frequency100μS
Insulation resistance≥5000MΩ/100VDC
Excitation voltage10VDC (9-15VDC)
Temperature Compensation Range-10 ~ 60℃
Range of working temperature-20 ~ 65℃
Safe Overload150% F.S.
Extreme overload200% F.S.
Cable sizeØ5.2×3m
Electrical connectionsRed/E+, Black/E-, Green/S+, White/S-
MaterialAluminium, stainless or alloy steel
Other requestcustomizable


1010 Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor  Dimensions
ModelRange NmVKABCDEFGHKΦLΦNYAxial force NRradial force N

Learn More About Rotary Torque Sensor

Like many other types of transducers, torque transducers use strain technology to measure. The sensor is usually a metal elastomer with a strain gauge (SG) mounted on it. The strain gauge is firmly attached to the elastomer.

If an external load acts on the sensor, the measuring body will be deformed. The resistance of the strain gauge will also change.
In this way, the magnitude of the load can be measured by the change in resistance. This applies not only to torque sensors, but also to load cells, force sensors and other types of sensors.

  1. Detection of output torque and power of rotating power equipment such as electric motors, engines, and internal combustion engines;
  2. Detection of torque and power of railway locomotives, automobiles, aircraft, ships and other machinery;
  3. Detection of torque required for compressors, water pumps, mixers, transmissions, etc.;
  4. Machine tool processing, rotational speed torque detection and torque control of drilling equipment;
  5. Can be used to make viscometers and torque wrenches;
  6. Various torque power testing equipment and laboratory use;

Torque sensors are also called torque sensors, torque sensors, torque sensors, and torque meters. They are divided into two categories: dynamic torque sensors and static and static torque sensors. Among them, dynamic torque sensors can also be called torque sensors, torque speed sensors, and non-contact torque sensors. sensor, rotational torque sensor, etc.

  1. Dynamic torque sensor/rotational torque sensor

Dynamic torque sensors/rotating torque sensors are used in applications where torque measurement must be performed on rotating shafts, engines or stationary electric machines. In this case, the transducer must rotate on a straight line connected to the shaft. Dynamic torque sensors are equipped with slip rings or wireless electronics that transmit torque signals while rotating (non-contact sensors).

  1. Static torque sensor

In some applications, a static torque sensor can be used to measure the torque measurement made by an in-line rotary sensor at the point where the torque is transmitted to the ground (static torque measurement).

For a given application, static torque sensors (aka torque sensors) are generally not as sophisticated as rotary sensors and are therefore less expensive than rotary sensors.
Static torque transducers are often used as torque calibration tools or torque wrench calibration tools.
Static torque sensors can also be used as miniature electric torque screwdrivers, allowing engineers to obtain torque feedback in real-time, or to study the torque applied during assembly.

Read more about: Static / Reaction Torque Vs. Rotary Torque

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Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor for Dynamic Torque Measurement 0-5-1000N.m. We offer more than 10 types of Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensors. Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensors can measure a variety of different mechanical power, rotational speed and torque measuring devices.

Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor is also called rotary torque transducer, torque transducer. Mainly used for torque measurement in dynamic situations. The Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor is equipped with a speed measuring device, which can measure the rotational speed while measuring the torque. At this time, the Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor can also be called a torque speed sensor.

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1010 Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor| 0-5-1000N.m

The 1010 Dynamic Rotary Torque Sensor is made of high-quality alloy steel/stainless steel. The resistance strain is a sensitive element, and the integrated Rotary Torque Sensor is composed of an integrated circuit. Power supply and signal output are realized by brushes.

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