1050A Series Dynamic Torque Transducer

Dynamic Torque Transducer is an integrated product composed of a resistance strain as a sensitive element and an integrated circuit. It is small in size and is all miniature or small. It is easy to use and install, and the speed can reach 1800 rpm. 1050A Series Dynamic Torque Transducer/Sensor-1000Nm can be used for torque monitoring of sewage treatment system, etc.

Features of 1050A Series Dynamic Torque Transducer

  • The resistance strain is an integrated product composed of sensitive components and integrated circuits, with high precision and stable and reliable performance.
  • No wear parts such as collector rings;
  • Can run at high speed for a long time;
  • Output forward and reverse torque signal;
  • Both ends are keyed connections;
  • The speed can reach 1800 rpm.

Technical Parameters

ParametersTechnical index
Sensitivity1.5±10% mV / V
Zero output±2% F.S.
Nonlinear±0.1,0.3% F.S.
Hysteresis≤±0.05% F.S.
Repeatability≤±0.05% F.S
Creep≤±0.03% F.S/30min
Temperature Sensitivity Drift0.03% F.S. / 10℃
Zero temperature drift0.03% F.S. / 10℃
Input resistance750±10Ω
Input resistance700±5Ω
Insulation resistance≥5000MΩ/ 100VDC
Excitation voltage10-15VDC
Temperature Compensation Range-10 ~ 60ºC
Operating temperature range-20 ~ 80ºC
Safe overload150% F.S.
limit overload200% F.S.
Cable sizeØ5.2×3m
Electrical connectionsRed/E+, Black/E-, Green/S+, White/S-
MaterialStainless or Alloy Steel


1050A Series Dynamic Torque Transducer Dimensions

Torque is usually referred to as external torque. For example, the rotation of the main shaft of the lathe is an adverse effect of the benefit of the external torque supplied by the power unit.
Whereas torque is internal torque. When the spindle bearing is working, the secondary benefit of the cutting speed of the CNC blade to the spindle of the machine tool causes it to cause rotational elastic deformation. It can be used to estimate the torque size.

Torque is the torque that produces a flipping effect or rotational deformation of an object, which is equivalent to the multiplication of the force and the moment arm.

Torque is a parameter that is very frequently involved in rotating dynamic systems. In order to detect the rotational torque, the rotation angle phase angle sensor is used more.

The relatively perfect detection technology of torque test is strain force measurement technology. It has the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response, good stability and long service life.

The special torsion resistance strain gauge is hung on the elastic shaft to be measured with strain force viscose, and a strain force bridge is formed. If the power supply is switched on and off during the supply work to the strain force bridge, the light bulb number that the elastic shaft is twisted can be detected. This is the most basic torque sensor approach.

  1. Dynamic torque transducer: mainly used to measure torque and speed in rotating occasions.
    Dynamic torque transducers can be divided into large-range torque sensors, micro-range torque sensors, and disc torque sensors according to their shape and range.
  2. Static torque sensor: mainly used to measure torque in non-rotating situations.

How To Choose A Torque Transducer For Your Application?


The measurement principle of the torque transducer: using the strain gauge electrical measurement technology, a strain bridge is formed on the elastic shaft, and the electrical signal of the elastic shaft being twisted can be measured by supplying power to the strain bridge. After the strain signal is amplified, it is converted into a frequency signal proportional to the torsional strain after pressure/frequency conversion.

Commonly used dynamic torque sensors mainly have the following forms:

  1. Inductive torque sensor: This type of sensor mainly adopts a non-contact measurement method. This kind of torque sensor has a long life, high reliability, and is not easy to be worn.
  2. Potentiometer type torque sensor: This type of sensor can be divided into gear type, torsion bar type, and arm type according to the type. Among them, the torsion bar measurement has a simple structure and relatively high reliability. It was widely used in the early days. Sensors of this type are contacting and suffer from wear that reduces their performance.
  3. Metal resistance strain gauge type: This type of torque sensor is mainly composed of a measuring bridge by pasting strain gauges on the elastic shaft. When the elastic shaft is subjected to torque, it will produce a small deformation and cause the bridge resistance to change. .And the change in the resistance of the strain bridge is converted into a change in the voltage signal to achieve the torque measurement we want.

Torque can be divided into dynamic torque and static torque, which have a great impact on the final assembly of the product. Therefore, in the actual processing process, it is very important to distinguish between the two. Today we are going to tell you the difference between dynamic torque and static torque.

Dynamic torque: It is the peak value displayed in real time during the assembly process when the fastener is tightened. That is, the dynamic torque that the power tool applies to the bolt, overcoming the friction. The axial preload force for the bolts generated by the dynamic torque meets the engineering requirements for the preload force. Generally, the torque value preset by the tool or equipment is the dynamic torque value.

Static torque: refers to the torque required to overcome static friction after a fastener has been fastened and we continue to rotate in the direction of tightening. Generally, the peak torque we measure with an analog hand wrench is the static torque.

Torque sensors are the detection of torsional torque sensing on various rotating or non-rotating mechanical components. Torque sensors convert physical changes in torque into precise electrical signals. Torque sensors can be used in the manufacture of torque wrenches.

Sino-Inst is a manufacturer of Dynamic Torque Transducers. We offer more than 10 types of Dynamic Torque Transducers. Dynamic Torque Transducers can measure a variety of different mechanical power, rotational speed and torque measuring devices.

Dynamic Torque Transducers are widely used in the following areas:
Application in process industry and process industry;
In sewage treatment systems, measure the relevant power and torque;
Measure the power and torque of machinery such as aircraft, ships, railway locomotives and mines;
Can be used to make viscometers;
Measuring the output power and torque of related devices such as internal combustion engines and rotational forces;
Measure power and torque of torque wrenches, water pumps, etc.

Dynamic Torque Transducers is also called rotary torque transducer, torque transducer. Mainly used for torque measurement in dynamic situations. The dynamic torque sensor is equipped with a speed measuring device, which can measure the rotational speed while measuring the torque. At this time, the torque sensor can also be called a torque speed sensor.

Sino-Inst’s Dynamic Torque Transducers, made in China, have good quality, with better prices. Our Dynamic Torque Transducers are widely used in China, India, Pakistan, USA and other countries.

Sino-Inst’s entire team is well trained, so we can ensure that each customer’s needs are met. If you need any help with your product requirements, whether it is a Dynamic Torque Transducers, level sensors, or other equipment, please give us a call .

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1050A Series Dynamic Torque Transducer/Sensor-1000Nm

Dynamic Torque Transducer is an integrated product composed of a resistance strain as a sensitive element and an integrated circuit. It is small in size and is all miniature or small. It is easy to use and install, and the speed can reach 1800 rpm. 1050A Series Dynamic Torque Transducer/Sensor-1000Nm can be used for torque monitoring of sewage treatment system, etc.

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