Waterproof Pressure Switch PC-500

Waterproof pressure switch is also called waterproof pressure switch. It can be weatherproof for external use. Features of Waterproof Pressure Switch PC-500 All stainless steel structure, increased pressure range, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. The working pressure can be manufactured according to Read More

Adjustable Pressure Switch PC-400

Adjustable Pressure Switch is a mechanical diaphragm pressure switch. Use stainless steel pressure diaphragm. Specifications of Adjustable Pressure Switch PC-400 Pressure regulation range: -1~145PSI Action pressure: -0.5~80PSI Working pressure deviation: ± 3~30PSI Ambient temperature: -40~85℃, Medium temperature: -40~125℃ Load power Read More

Stainless Steel Pressure Switch PC-300

Stainless steel pressure switch stainless steel material, compact structure. Can be widely used in water, oil, gas pressure measurement. Specifications of Stainless Steel Pressure Switch Output signal: Switch signal Working pressure (high position) range: -14.5~2200PSI Reset pressure (low position) range: Read More

Manual Reset Pressure Switch PC-200

Manual Reset Pressure Switch is suitable for semi-automatic operation. Control high pressure end and the low pressure end of the system at the same time. Features of Manual Reset Pressure Switch Manually push the reset switch to meet special working Read More

Miniature Pressure Switch PC-100

The miniature pressure switch is also called compact pressure switch, or micro pressure controller. Designed specifically for OEM applications. A variety of threads are available. Features of Miniature Pressure Switch PC-100 Use internationally advanced stainless steel pressure diaphragm (stainless steel Read More

Pressure Switches

Featured Pressure Switches Pressure switch types Pressure switches can be divided into coil spring tube pressure switches, diaphragm pressure switches, bellows pressure switches, and bellows pressure switches according to the sensing elements. Pressure switches can be divided into mechanical and Read More

Rroots Gas Meter

Rroots Gas Meter is a meter that accurately measures gas flow. Based on the principle of volumetric measurement. It is an ideal natural gas and gas flow meter. Features of Rroots Gas Meter High degree and good repeatability. The internal Read More

Liquid Roots Meter

Roots meter is also called Lumbar flow meter, which is a positive displacement flowmeter. Roots flowmeter for Liquid is called liquid Roots flowmeter. Gas Roots flowmeter is used for measuring gas. Features of Liquid Roots Meter It has the characteristics Read More

Helical Gear-PD Flow Meter

PD Flow Meter is referred to as positive displacement flowmeter. Helical Gear-PD Flow Meter is also called, spiral double rotor flowmeter, LLT, LZ double rotor flowmeter or UF-Ⅱ spiral rotor flowmeter. Features of Helical Gear-PD Flow Meter Read more about Everything Read More

Micro Flow Meter

Micro Flow Meter is a micro oval gear flow meter. It is a kind of positive displacement flow meter. Suitable for flow measurement of micro liquid flow rate. Micro Flow Meter for liquid low flow rate Extended reading:What is the Read More