Digital Temperature Recorder-Paper Less Recorder R7600

Temperature Recorder can realize the signal acquisition and paperless recording of industrial temperature sensors. Also called Temperature data logger. Suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring, heat treatment process, current and voltage measurement, etc. Features of Temperature Recorder R7600 Sepecification of Read More

Flow Totalizer F3000X

Flow Totalizer is also called flow rate totalizer. Used with various flow meters to perform data measurement and display, cumulative calculation, alarm control, transmission output, data acquisition, and communication. Totalizer vs Flow Meter A pure totalizer is not a flow Read More

Universal Input-Paperless Recorder R7100

Paperless Recorder is an intelligent Digital chart recorder. Data can be remotely recorded, analyzed, stored, and signal output. LCD color screen, maximum 16 channels. Features of Paperless Recorder R7100 Can support touch function (additional function). Can support dual communication functions Read More

Digital chart recorders

What is a digital chart recorder? Industrial digital chart recorders refers to an electronic instrument that remotely displays and counts signals such as pressure, temperature, flow, and liquid level in the industry. Digital chart recorders record the collected data/calculated data Read More

High Temperature Pressure Switch

High temperature pressure switch meets the needs of industrial use in special environments with high temperature and high pressure. The current maximum temperature can withstand 300℃. Specifications of High Temperature Pressure Switch Pressure range: Conventional (-0.1~0…0.1 0.25 0.4 0.6 1.0 Read More

High Pressure Switch Y-505

High pressure switch is a multifunctional high pressure switch suitable for a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic applications. The setting value is adjustable, and its adjustment range is 0.3-40MPa. Features High Pressure Switch Mechanical switch, no power supply, easy to Read More

Vacuum Pressure Switch YL-802

Vacuum Pressure Switch features a variety of diaphragm materials and adjustable pressure switch and connection options. The existing vacuum is measured via a sensor and issues an analog or digital switching signal. Vacuum Pressure Switch features: It can realize the Read More

Low Pressure Switch Y-500

Low pressure switch adopts diaphragm sensor. The setting value of the controller is adjustable, and the adjustment range is -16KPa—2.5Mpa. Features of low pressure switch Mechanical switch, no need for power supply, easy to use There are normally open and Read More

Explosion Proof Pressure Switch YX18-F

Explosion Proof Pressure Switches are designed for pressure control within harsh applications. The wiring contacts are sealed in a solid space through a solid sealed shell to achieve explosion-proof effect. Features of Explosion Proof Pressure Switch The operating point is Read More

Electronic Pressure Switch YX-18

Advantages of Electronic Pressure Switch Display accuracyIntelligent pressure switch: 0.3%FS, 0.5%FS, 1%FS, 1.5%FSMechanical pressure switch: panel display Repeatability errorIntelligent pressure switch: less than or equal to 0.5%FSMechanical pressure switch: less than or equal to 1%FS, less than or equal to Read More