Tri clamp-Stainless steel Sanitary Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Positive displacement flow meter working principle In principle, a positive displacement flow meter is a hydraulic engine that absorbs a small amount of energy from a fluid. This energy is used to overcome the frictional force of the rotation of Read More

Thermal insulation Oval Gear flow meter- Liquid Bitumen/Asphalt Flow Meter

How to choose an asphalt flow meter? Liquid asphalt flow measurement has always been a difficulty. Liquid asphalt and other media that are easy to solidify and crystallize need to be measured with an oval gear flowmeter with heat preservation Read More

Flow Nozzle

What is a flow nozzle? Flow nozzle is also called a standard nozzle flow meter, standard nozzle, ISA1932 nozzle. It is a differential pressure flow meter suitable for high temperature and high-pressure fluid measurement. Flow nozzle, like standard orifice plate, Read More

Large-diameter Oval Gear-Marine Fuel Flow Meter

Marine Fuel Flow Meter is a positive displacement flow meter specially used for measuring marine fuel oil (MFO). With the highest accuracy. Oval Gear-Marine Fuel Flow Meter features If the measured liquid contains solid particles and other impurities, you can Read More

High-Temperature Oval Gear Heating oil Flow Meter

The heating oil flow meter is also called a heating oil flow gauge. It is a high-temperature mechanical fuel meter. A high-temperature type oval gear flow meter can be used as a heating oil flow meter. Can reach 60℃~200℃. Specifications Read More