Waterproof pressure switch is also called waterproof pressure switch. It can be weatherproof for external use.

Waterproof Pressure Switch PC-500

Waterproof micro pressure switch can meet the pressure control in harsh environment and the place with limited installation space. It is used for pressure alarm, parking or control system, etc. Stainless steel pressure diaphragm, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Sino-Inst offers a variety of Pressure Switches for pressure control. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of Waterproof Pressure Switch PC-500

  • All stainless steel structure, increased pressure range, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof.
  • The working pressure can be manufactured according to user requirements (-14.5~3600PSI).
  • Using laser welding process equipment, superior sealing performance.
  • The contacts are all silver-plated, and the special products are silver contacts (industrial grade). Work is stable and reliable.
  • The electrical contacts of the switch have a long working life (more than 100,000 times) and excellent shock resistance.
  • It is made of internationally advanced stainless steel pressure sensor (stainless steel bellows, stainless steel diaphragm).
  • It has excellent qualities such as small size, convenient installation, accurate pressure control, and stable performance.
  • 316SS shell protection.
  • Factory set or adjustable set point on site.

Specifications of Waterproof Pressure Switch PC-500

Output signal:Switch signal
Working pressure (high position) range:-14.5~3600PSI
Reset pressure (low position) range:-11~3400PSI
Working pressure deviation:± 3~30PSI
Ambient temperature:-40~85℃,
Medium temperature:-40~125℃
Electrical load:220VAC ,56/60Hz,3A
Working life:≥100,000 Cycles

PC500 series waterproof stainless steel pressure switch model list

Model Thread size and length
Electrical connections Switch Type
Normally closed (A)/normally open B
/C (normally open + normally closed)
Adjustment range
Action pressure
PC 501 M12x1.5/13 Φ26.5×60 Hessman connector Single Pole Single Throw A -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 502 M12x1.5-6g Φ26.5×70 Single Pole Double Throw C -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 503 G1/4 /13 Φ26.5×60 Single pole single throw A/B -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 504 G1/4 /19 Φ26.5×70 Single Pole Double Throw C -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 505 M14x1.5 /11 Φ26.5×58 Single pole single throw A/B -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 506 M14x1.5 /11 Φ26.5×68 Single Pole Double Throw C -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 507 G1/2 /15 Φ26.5×62 Single pole single throw A/B -3614.5 -11~3400
PC 508 G1/2 /15 Φ26.5×72 Single Pole Double Throw C -3614.5 -11~3400

What does a pressure switch do on a water pump?

The pressure switch installed in the inlet pipe is designed to prevent the pump from cavitation and evacuation. When the inlet pressure is lower than the set value, it will give a control signal and automatically take measures or give an alarm.

How to tell if well pump pressure switch is bad?

Check whether the pressure switch has the above functions → the pressure in the water pipe decreases to the set value → the switch turns on the pump; the pressure in the water pipe increases to the set value → the switch disconnects and stops the pump (the water pipe must be equipped with a check valve).

The so-called setting value is the required upper and lower pressure value.

If the switch cannot achieve the above functions, 1. Wiring error; 2. Switch failure.

In the use of pressure switches, differential pressure switches, flow switches or temperature switches, there will be a ‘Deadband’ term.

The so-called Deadband is the difference between the values ​​corresponding to the switch-off and switch-on values.

Taking the pressure switch as an example, the Deadband is 0.1MPa. The switch setting value is 1MPa, and the switch is closed when it rises. When the pressure is 0, the switch is off. When the pressure rises to 1MPa. The switch will close.

After closing, when will the switch open again?

Normally, when the switch is closed, the pressure will decrease. When the pressure drops to 1MPa-switch dead zone=1-0.1MPa=0.9MPa. The switch will open again.

If the switch action point is set at 0.7MPa, it will be 0.6MPa when the switch returns to action.

The so-called fixed Deadband means no matter how much pressure you set the action point of the pressure switch to. The value it returns will be smaller (or higher) than the set pressure value by a dead zone value.

The so-called adjustable Deadband is that you can set the size of the value when the switch returns. For example, the adjustable dead zone is 0.05-0.1MPa, and the set value is 1MPa. Then I can make the switch return to action at any value between 0.9MPa-0.95MPa.

Differential pressure switches are also called differential pressure controllers. It is to use the pressure difference between the two pressure guiding pipes to issue an electrical signal (switch contact signal). When the pressure difference between the two ends of the series pressure guiding liquid pipe increases (or decreases) and exceeds the set value of the differential pressure controller, the micro switch inside the differential pressure switch sends a signal to control the reversing valve reversing or monitor the lubrication system. The valve then opens up (or closes down). Therefore, the pressure difference between the two ends of the system liquid pipe is reduced. achieve the normal operation of the system.

Explosion Proof Pressure Switch YX18-F

Explosion Proof Pressure Switches are designed for pressure control within harsh applications. The wiring contacts are sealed in a solid space through a solid sealed shell to achieve explosion-proof effect.

The explosion-proof construction provides superior protection, while its compact design allows for easy integration into custom equipment or systems. This model is ideal for pressure alarm, shutdown or control within hazardous areas when limited size and process compatibility are needed.

Encapsulated and sealed fast micro switch, which can be divided into single pole double throw or double pole double throw output. In general dangerous occasions and corrosive environments, it is most practical to choose this series of switches. With an internal scale adjustment mechanism, it is convenient for customers to calibrate the set point on site. It has a compact structure and can be widely used in water supply and sewage treatment, papermaking, food and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Extended reading: Miniature Pressure Switch

More Featured Pressure Switches


Low-voltage switches are roughly classified into three categories: automotive low-voltage protection switches, pressure-controlled low-voltage switches, and low-voltage switches for power equipment. It is suitable for the automobile industry, water purifier industry, electric power industry and other fields.

In different fields, low-voltage switches have different meanings. Generally, there are low-voltage protection switches for automobiles, low-voltage switches for pressure control, and low-voltage switches for power equipment.

The low-voltage switch refers to when the voltage provided by the car to the on-board power supply is lower than how much the on-board power supply will automatically turn off. It is a commonly used electrical component. This function of the on-board power supply is a protection function, which protects the power supply equipment of the car from damage, and gives priority to ensuring the normal power consumption of the car itself, such as ensuring that the car can be ignited normally.

The pressure control low pressure switch is an electrical component that controls the entire circuit of the system to disconnect when the pressure of the water supply in the entire system is too low or there is no water to protect the service life of the pump and prevent the system pump from idling.

The pressure switch is when the pressure in the system is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure. The disc in the sensor moves instantaneously. Push the switch connector on or off by connecting the guide rod.

When the pressure drops or rises to the rated recovery value, the disc resets instantly and the switch resets automatically. Or simply put, when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value. The free end of the elastic element is displaced. Push the switching element directly or after a comparison. Change the on-off state of the switch element to achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure.

The working principle of the water pump pressure controller: the working medium (oil, gas, water) directly acts on the metal diaphragm. The pressure of the working medium is reflected by the deformation of the metal diaphragm, and a detection signal or a control signal is output at the same time.

The water pressure switch is automatically closed when the water pressure is too high or too low, which is the function of the protection device.

Sino-Inst offers over 10 Waterproof Pressure Switches for pressure measurement.

It is widely used in hydropower, tap water, petroleum, chemical, machinery, hydraulic and other industries to measure, display and control the pressure of fluid media on site.

A wide variety of Waterproof Pressure Switches options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples.

Sino-Inst is a globally recognized supplier and manufacturer of Pressure Switch instrumentation, located in China.

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Waterproof Pressure Switch |Stainless steel diaphragm

Waterproof pressure switch is also called waterproof pressure switch. It can be weatherproof for external use.

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