T-series Coriolis Mass Flowmeter for High Viscosity Liquids

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is suitable for measuring various non-Newtonian fluids, slurries, suspensions, high viscosity fluids and other media. Features of T-series Triangle Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Triangular internal measuring tube design. It can directly measure the mass flow of fluids. This Read More

Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow of the medium passing through the flow meter. It can also measure the density, temperature and viscosity of the medium Featured Mass Flow Meters Featured Mass Flow Controllers Mass Flow Meter Types Read More

V-Cone Flow Meter

V-cone flow meter is also known as cone-type flow meter; inner cone flow meter; integrated V-cone flow meter. The principle of V-cone flow meter is the same as other DP flow meters, and it is also a throttling DP flowmeter.; Read More

Welding Orifice Plate|High pressure and High temperature flow meter

The high temperature flow meter is a welded orifice flow meter. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure steam flow and high pressure flow water measurement. Features of High pressure and High temperature flow meter The experimental research and data Read More

Integral DP Flow Meter

DP Flow Meter includes throttling parts (eg. orifice plates), differential pressure transmitters, three-way valves. Used for flow measurement of various liquids, gases and steam. Features of Integral DP Flow Meter a. Measurement accuracy: Because the integrated differential pressure flowmeter does Read More

Throttling Device

Throttling device is also called a throttling flowmeter. A typical differential pressure flow meter. Commonly used to measure the flow of gas, liquid and steam in industrial production. Features of Throttling Device The throttling device has the advantages of simple Read More

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Differential Pressure Flow Meter is also called DP flow meter. Differential pressure flow meters use the principle of differential pressure to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam. Featured Differential Pressure Flow Meters Differential Pressure Flow Meters Applications DP Read More