Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is suitable for measuring various non-Newtonian fluids, slurries, suspensions, high viscosity fluids and other media.

T-series Triangle Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

The T-series Triangle Coriolis Mass Flowmeter can directly measure the mass flow rate of the fluid in the closed pipe and the density of the medium. The T series Coriolis mass flowmeter has a triangular sensor structure. The smallest diameter can be DN3. This structure flowmeter is easy to measure when the instantaneous flow is small. The compact triangular shell structure saves installation space. The installation is simple and superior Downstream straight pipe requirements

Sino-Inst offers a variety of  Mass flow meters for High Viscosity Liquids flow measurement. If you have any questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Features of T-series Triangle Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

  • Triangular internal measuring tube design.
  • It can directly measure the mass flow of fluids. This is of great significance for the measurement and control of production processes such as energy metering and chemical reactions.
  • High measurement accuracy. The measurement accuracy can be guaranteed between 0.1% and 0.5%.
  • The measurable ratio is relatively large. Generally, the measurable ratio to ensure the basic accuracy is 10:1 or 20:1.
  • Wide application range. In addition to normal fluid measurement, it can also measure industrial media that are difficult to measure with general fluid measuring instruments, such as high-viscosity fluids, various slurries, suspensions, etc.
  • .Completely provide mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature measurement and calculation parameters. Reliable results can be obtained without tedious conversion, and volume tables can be directly replaced.
  • Compact triangular shell structure. Save installation space and simple installation. No upstream and downstream straight pipe section requirements
  • Simultaneously measure the instantaneous flow rate, cumulative flow rate, temperature, density
  • Direct measurement of fluid quality. The measurement accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, without any compensation conversion
  • No need to re-calibrate when measuring fluid changes

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Specifications of T-series Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

Sensor technical parameters:

(1) Sensor specification, range, zero stability:

Diameter (DN)Flow RangeZero stability

Note: The flow range gives two parameters, the middle parameter is the standard flow range, and the general factory inspection is carried out according to this range. At the same time, it is also recommended that the user choose the instrument within this range. The latter parameter is the upper limit flow to ensure the stable operation of the sensor scope.

(2) Flow (liquid) measurement accuracy

Flowmeter AccuracyMeasurement errorrepeatability
0.10%±0.1% ±(zero point stability/measured value)%1/2 measurement error%
0.15%±0.15% ±(zero point stability/measured value)%1/2 measurement error%
0.20%±0.2% ±(zero point stability/measurement value)%1/2 measurement error%

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(3) Density (liquid) measurement range and accuracy
Measuring range: 0.3~3.000g/cm3 Measuring accuracy: ±0.002g/cm3

(4) Temperature measurement range and accuracy
Measuring range: -200~350°C Measuring accuracy: ±1°C

(5) Working temperature of the measured medium: -200℃~350℃
Standard type: -50~200℃
Low temperature type: -200~200℃

(6) Applicable ambient temperature: -40℃~60℃

(7) Material: measuring tube 316L shell 304

(8) Working pressure: 0~4.0MPa
Note: The actual withstand voltage of the sensor varies from specification to specification, here is only the standard withstand voltage.

(9) Explosion-proof mark: Exd[ia]ⅡCT6Gb

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Converter parameters

(1) Measurement parameters: mass flow, volume flow, medium working density, medium working temperature
Display: double-row LED display, three-row LCD display
Window size: 62×32mm (W×H) (Φ80mm)
Measurement display accuracy: 0.05%
Measurement display unit: mass flow g/h, kg/h, t/h, g/m, kg/m, t/m
Volume flow cm3/h, dm3/h, m3/h, cm3/m, dm3/m, m3/m
Density kg/m3 or g/cm3
Temperature °C, K, °F

(2) Converter output signal

Converter output signal: 0~10000Hz pulse signal
Flow signal Collector open circuit signal 4~20mADC current signal
Flow, density output signal choose one of the current output load capacity: not less than 750 ohms (24VDC power supply)

Note: Two current signals can be provided as required

Output signal accuracy: pulse signal 0.05%
Current signal 0.2%
Communication signal: RS485 MODBUS protocol

(3) Operating ambient temperature -40~60℃
Power supply 18~36VDC Power supply: 7W (basic power supply)
85~265VAC power supply: 10W (additional power supply)

(5) Instrument protection and explosion-proof protection level: IP67
Explosion-proof grade: Exd[ia]ⅡCT6Gb\Exd [ib]ⅡCT6Gb

(6) Structural size and weight Φ125×180mm, 2.7kg

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Working Principle

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Working Principle

The principle of Coriolis mass flowmeter mass measurement is Newton’s second law F=Ma. When the fluid flows in the vibrating tube, it will produce Coriolis force proportional to the mass flow.

When there is no fluid flowing, the vibrating tube will not be twisted, and the signals detected by the electromagnetic signal detectors on both sides of the vibrating tube are in phase.

When fluid passes by, the vibrating tube will be twisted under the action of torque, and there will be a phase difference between the two detectors.

The transmitter measures the lag time between the left and right detection signals. This time difference is multiplied by the flow calibration coefficient to determine the mass flow.

The density measurement principle of Coriolis mass flowmeter is that the vibration frequency is inversely proportional to the square root of the fluid density. The fluid density is determined by measuring the vibration frequency.

Therefore, the mass flow meter can realize the measurement of fluid mass flow and the measurement of fluid density.

How does a T-series Triangle Coriolis Mass Flowmeter measure mass flow and density?

Coriolis mass flow measurement is the MOST ACCURATE FORM for a flow measurement for a wide range of industrial processes. Each Coriolis flowmeter has one or more measuring tubes.

As soon as the fluid starts to flow in the measuring tube, additional twisting is imposed on this oscillation due to the fluid’s inertia. Two sensors detect this change of the tube oscillation in time and space as the “phase difference.”
Phase difference= mass flow
Oscillation frequency= density

The so-called high-viscosity liquid means that the liquid is viscous and thick, which is not only different from ordinary liquids, but also different from non-Newtonian fluids (mud, paper pulp). The activity is slow and it is very difficult to filter by simple methods. What’s more, in addition to some dust, the liquid also contains colloidal particles that are not completely dissolved.

For example: solutions such as rubber, paraffin, cellulose acetate, viscose, polyacrylonitrile, paint and animal glue.

High Viscosity Flow Measurement is a Tough Job.

The property that generates the above-mentioned internal friction force when the fluid flows is called viscosity, and the physical quantity that represents the magnitude of viscosity (the magnitude of frictional resistance generated when the molecules inside the liquid move relative to each other) is called viscosity.

The greater the viscosity of the fluid, the worse the fluidity of the fluid.

For example, the viscosity of oil is greater than that of water, and the fluidity of oil is worse than that of water. The honey has a high degree of staining and is difficult to flow. For honey, screw pump products can be used. The viscosity of fluid is of great significance to the study of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer processes.

The physical meaning of viscosity is the size of the internal friction force generated by the fluid viscosity on the single value area when the fluid is caused to produce a unit velocity gradient (l/s). Therefore, the viscosity of the fluid is only displayed when it is in motion.

The greater the viscosity of the fluid, the greater the internal friction when flowing at the same speed. In other words, the greater the viscosity of the fluid under the same flow, the greater the resistance of the fluid and the greater the head loss of the fluid. . Therefore, in order to reduce the head loss, a lower flow rate should be used for fluids with human viscosity.

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Oval gear flow meters and Coriolis mass flow meters can be used for high viscosity liquids.

The oval gear flowmeter is a positive displacement flowmeter. It has high accuracy for the measurement of malignant liquids, such as the flow of viscous fructose syrup.

Coriolis flowmeters have excellent performance in various types of media measurement, and now our customers often request them.

Sino-Inst is a supplier of high-viscosity fluid flow meters from a Chinese manufacturer. Welcome to contact us to get the low prices of these flow meters.

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It is the most convenient choice to measure high viscosity liquid with ultrasonic flowmeter.

1. The ultrasonic flowmeter sensor converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and emits it into the fluid to be measured. The receiver receives the ultrasonic signal, which is amplified by the electronic circuit and converted into an electrical signal representing the flow rate to the meter for display.

2. The main thing is that it can be installed outside the pipeline. Do not touch the measured fluid. It is not affected by fluid temperature, pressure, viscosity, density, etc., so it fully meets your above requirements.

3. Because it is ultrasonic, the accuracy is not very high, generally 1%. Compared with some flowmeters on the market, it has fewer failures and easier maintenance.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter is suitable for measuring various non-Newtonian fluids, slurries, suspensions, high viscosity fluids and other media.

The advantages of mass flow meters are:

  1. The time difference has a linear relationship with the measurement effect;
  2. Direct measurement of mass flow;
  3. The measuring instrument can additionally detect fluid density ρ and medium temperature T;
  4. The measurement results have high accuracy (typical accuracy: mass flow is ±0.1% (relative error of indication) + ±0.005% of the end value; density ρ is ±0.5kg/m³; △T is ±0.05% ( Relative error of indication) +5℃;
  5. The measurement result has nothing to do with pressure and temperature;
  6. The measurement result has nothing to do with the performance of the fluid (density, viscosity, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity);
  7. The measurement result has nothing to do with the flow velocity distribution, that is, no special inlet guide pipe is required. The flowmeter can measure the true average mass flow rate. There is no need to apply back pressure at the outlet end, and no outlet guide pipe is needed;
  8. The installation location can be selected arbitrarily;
  9. Two-way measurement can be performed;
  10. All pressurized media can be measured, such as liquid and gaseous media. Especially polluted and corrosive media;
  11. Because there are no moving parts. Therefore, the flowmeter does not require maintenance and has high working reliability;
  12. The usable temperature range of the flowmeter is wide (-240℃~+426℃), and the pressure can reach 39.3 MPa.

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In addition to the above-mentioned numerous advantages, there are also shortcomings;

  1. The flowmeter is expensive;
  2. The measuring pipeline with complex geometry increases the pressure loss;
  3. In addition to single straight pipes, some flow meters have many elbows, which are difficult to clean and have poor self-emptying ability;
  4. Pay attention to their compatibility between the material of the measuring pipe and the measured medium;
  5. The maximum flow rate that can be measured is 680T/h;
  6. Strong vibration and shock will affect the mechanical device of the flow meter, and will produce larger measurement errors in severe cases;
  7. The installation of some flow meters is restricted by installation regulations;
  8. A flow meter with a flow distributor will produce larger measurement errors when measuring uneven media;
  9. The measurement of high viscosity media requires additional excitation energy and special calibration.

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The oval gear flowmeter has high measurement accuracy and is suitable for measuring the flow of high-viscosity media. But it is not suitable for fluids containing solid particles. If the measured liquid medium contains gas, it will also cause measurement errors.

Usually, the accuracy of the oval gear flowmeter can reach 0.5 level, which is a relatively accurate flow meter. However, if the flow rate of the measured medium is too small during use, the leakage error of the oval gear flow meter will be prominent. Sufficient measurement accuracy can no longer be guaranteed.

Technical features and advantages of oval gear flow meters:

Oval gear flowmeter is also called fixed displacement flowmeter, or PD flowmeter for short. It is a kind of high precision in the flow meter, especially suitable for the measurement of high viscosity medium flow. Oval gear flow meters use mechanical measuring elements to continuously divide the fluid into a single known volume. The total volume of fluid is measured according to the number of times that the metering chamber is filled and discharged with this volume of fluid successively and repeatedly.

The flow measurement has nothing to do with the flow state of the fluid. This is because the oval gear flowmeter relies on the pressure head of the measured medium to push the oval gear to rotate for measurement.

The greater the viscosity of the medium, the smaller the leakage from the gear and the metering gap. Therefore, the larger the sticky skin of the nuclear test medium, the smaller the leakage error, which is more beneficial to the measurement.

The oval gear flowmeter has high measurement accuracy and is suitable for measuring the flow of high-viscosity media. But it is not suitable for fluids containing solid particles (solid particles will jam the gear, so that the flow cannot be measured). If the measured liquid medium contains gas, it will also cause measurement errors.

Limitation of Gear Flowmeter

  • Poor choice for medium for water, because the carbon steel wet material can rusty, also an increase in fluid slippage.
  • The flow meter is really bully and heavy, increase a lot shipping charges when delivery
  • Relatively high price cost for large gear flow meter sizes for stainless steel material.
  • Not good for the multi-phase fluids flow measurement such as used as Refrigerant flow meter.
  • More moving parts needs maintenance compared ,it can be destroyed by flow surges and gas slugs

To measure high-viscosity fluids, you can use differential pressure flowmeters or ultrasonic flowmeters to measure. Such as V-cone flowmeters, balanced flowmeters, orifice flowmeters can all be solved, no matter how high the viscosity is, it will not affect .

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