Digital Mass Flow Meter is a micro-bend Coriolis mass flow meter, a general measurement principle for liquids and gases.

V-series Curved Digital Mass Flow Meter

Digital Mass Flow Meter can be divided into elbow type and straight pipe type according to different measuring tube shapes. Among them, U-shaped and slightly curved types are the most widely used. The elbow types are divided into U-shaped, slightly curved, △, Ω, water drop, fly swatter, etc., and U-shaped and slightly curved The most extensive. V-series Curved Digital Mass Flow Meter simultaneously measures mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity.

Features of V-series Curved Digital Mass Flow Meter

  • General measuring principle for liquids and gases
  • Multivariable measurement: simultaneous measurement of mass flow, density, temperature and viscosity
  • High measurement accuracy: typical value is ±0.2% o.r.; optional: ±0.1%
  • The measurement principle is completely unaffected by the physical properties of the fluid and the flow field
  • No front/rear straight pipe length requirements
  • Wide measuring range: 1:10, 1:20
  • The sensor has self-flow performance, easy to drain and easy to clean
  • Optimized overall structure reduces pressure loss
  • The installation space is reduced and is not affected by installation conditions and process engineering
  • High measurement accuracy and good stability
  • No elbow parts, low wear and long working life
  • High working frequency, adapt to harsh working conditions

Specifications of V-series Curved Digital Mass Flow Meter

Working temperature of measured medium -200℃~350℃,Standard form:-50~200℃Low temperature type:-200~200℃
  Measurement display unit mass flow:g/h,kg/h,t/h,g/m,kg/m,t/m
 Volume flow:cm³/h,d m³/h,m³/h,cm³/m,d m³/m,m³/m
Density:kg/m³ or g/cm³,temperature:℃,K,℉
 ambient temperature -40~60℃
 Texture of materialMeasuring tube:316L ,Shell:304 
 Accuracy of liquid flow measurement 0.1%,0.15%,0.2%
 Measurement range of liquid density 0.3~3.000g/cm³,measurement accuracy±0.002g/cm³
 Temperature measurement range -200~350℃ ,measurement accuracy:±1℃
 communication RS485,MODBUS  Agreement
 output signal 0~10000Hz Pulse signal, flow signal,collector open circuit signal,
4~20mADCCurrent, Flow and Density Output Signals
 Power supply 18~36VDC Power supply:7W(basic)85~265VACPower supply:10W(additional)

Pros and cons of Coriolis Digital Mass Flow Meter


  • The Coriolis mass flow meter directly measures the mass flow rate with high measurement accuracy.
  • It can measure a wide range of fluids, including high-viscosity liquids, slurries containing solids, liquids containing trace gases, and medium and high-pressure gases with sufficient density.
  • The measuring tube has a small vibration amplitude and can be regarded as a non-moving part, and there are no obstructions and moving parts in the measuring pipe.
  • It is not sensitive to the flow velocity distribution of the upflow, so there is no requirement for upstream and downstream straight pipes.
  • The measured value is not sensitive to the fluid viscosity, and the change of fluid density has little effect on the measured value.
  • Multi-parameter measurement can be done, such as measuring density at the same time, and deriving the concentration of solute in the measurement solution from this.

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  • Coriolis mass flow meters cannot be used to measure low-density media and low-pressure gases. The gas content in the liquid exceeds a certain limit (varies by model) will significantly affect the measured value.
  • Coriolis mass flowmeters are more sensitive to external vibration interference. In order to prevent the impact of pipeline vibration, most models of Coriolis mass flowmeters require high installation and fixation of flow sensors.
  • Cannot be used for larger pipe diameters, currently limited to less than 200mm.
  • The inner wall of the measuring tube is worn, corroded, or deposited and scaled, which will affect the measurement accuracy, especially for the Coriolis mass flowmeter of the thin-walled tube.
  • The pressure loss is relatively large, which is equivalent to that of volumetric meters. Some Coriolis mass flowmeters are even 100% larger than volumetric meters.
  • Most models of Coriolis mass flow meters are relatively large in weight and volume.
  • expensive. The foreign price is 5,000 to 10,000 US dollars for a set, which is about 2 to 5 times that of the electromagnetic flowmeter of the same caliber. The domestic price is about 2 to 8 times that of the electromagnetic flowmeter.

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Thermal mass flow meter

Thermal mass flow meters (TMF for short) are used to weigh thermal flow meters in China. It is to measure the mass flow of fluid by using the temperature field change generated when the fluid flows through the pipe heated by the external heat source. Or a flow meter that uses the relationship between the energy required to increase the temperature of the fluid to a certain value and the mass of the fluid when the fluid is heated to measure the mass flow of the fluid.
Generally used to measure the mass flow of gas. Has low pressure loss. The flow range is large. High precision, high repeatability and high reliability. There are no moving parts and it can be used for extremely low gas flow monitoring and control.

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