Diesel fuel tank level gauges for industrial oil storage tanks are very important, for level monitoring. Can be divided into mechanical and electronic.

Diesel fuel tank level gauges & Indicators

Diesel tank gauges are installed onto industrial diesel tanks. It is used to directly or indirectly measure the liquid level of oil and other media. for the purpose of monitoring fuel consumption or reserve. They are often combined with a diesel tank alarm. This can effectively detect and control diesel fuel consumption.

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Mechanical diesel fuel tank level gauge

Mechanical diesel fuel tank level gauge

Mechanical level gauges are currently used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, textile, national defense, and other industries. They are used to directly or indirectly measure the liquid level position of atmospheric oil and other media.

Float level gauges, magnetic flap level gauges, etc. are all based on this measuring principle.

  1. Simple structure, intuitive reading and convenient installation.
  2. The float is made of stainless steel with good anti-corrosion performance.
  3. The float has a large cross-section and a certain cylinder height, so it is highly sensitive and has a wide application range for liquid specific gravity.
  4. The guide wheel box is made of cast aluminum, and the friction coefficient of the inner guide wheel is small, which improves the measurement accuracy.

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Electronic Fuel Tank Level Gauge

Generally speaking, the power supply is basically electronic. Float, capacitive, radar, ultrasonic, remote magnetic flap including liquid level transmitter and so on.

It is simple to distinguish them. No matter it is the internal power supply or an external power supply. Whether it is 24V or 220V. In short, the electronic type must be powered to work.

Different from the mechanical type, the working principle of the electronic level gauge is varied.

For example, the radar level gauge uses microwaves, the magnetostrictive level gauge uses current pulses, the static pressure type uses the pressure generated at the bottom of the measured medium, and the ultrasonic level gauge uses ultrasound to measure the liquid level.

High precision, easy to install, adapt to a variety of installation environments. These are the characteristics of electronic liquid level display instruments. Compared with the mechanical type, their technical level is higher. But at the same time, the price is much higher than that of the mechanical type.

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Fuel tank level monitor

Ultrasonic Oil Level Sensor Working principle

Ultrasonic externally attached oil level sensor uses the principle of ultrasonic echo ranging. The sensor is installed outside the bottom of the fuel tank and sends out an ultrasonic signal from the bottom, which is reflected by the oil surface, and then calculates the height of the liquid level according to time and speed.

At the same time, combined with digital signal processing technology, it overcomes the influence of the container wall and realizes high-precision non-contact measurement of the liquid level in the container, which can meet the requirements of industrial applications in terms of application.

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External fuel tank level sensor

Ultrasonic Oil Level Sensor

The oil level sensor is very important for monitoring the level of the oil tank/fuel tank. Ultrasonic Oil Level Sensor is mainly used for monitoring the level of truck oil tank. Oil level displays and transmit.

Ultrasonic oil level sensor uses the principle of ultrasonic detection to detect the fuel level of the fuel tank. The fuel volume data is transmitted to the background monitoring system to achieve real-time monitoring of vehicle fuel consumption. Ultrasonic oil level sensor is mainly used in the field of Internet of Vehicles to monitor the change of fuel level in the fuel tank in real-time to achieve fuel level detection. It can be used to prevent fuel stealing, optimize operating costs, optimize driver driving behavior, and assist statistical decision-making. At the same time, this product can also be used in chemical, water conservancy, storage tanks, and other fields that require level detection.

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Diesel fuel tank level monitoring system

There are actually two types of Diesel fuel tank level monitoring systems. One type is large industrial diesel storage tanks; the other type is small diesel tanks, such as truck fleets.

Oil tank liquid level monitoring/oil storage tank liquid level online monitoring system

Oil tank liquid level monitoring/oil storage tank liquid level online monitoring system

Oil storage tanks are important equipment for oil extraction and refining companies to store oil. Accurate measurement of oil tank level and temperature is of great significance to the company’s inventory and safety management.

Oil tank level monitoring (on-line monitoring system for oil tank level and temperature) has changed the traditional methods of manual inspection and analysis. Realize the real-time dynamic monitoring of oil. Provide accurate data basis for production operation and management decision-making. Greatly avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

If you need to measure high temperature and high pressure (-0.1MPa-32MPa) oil storage tanks, then learn about New Choice for Heating Oil Tank Level Sensor.

The oil tank level monitoring system uses a collection and communication integrated machine that integrates data collection and wireless transmission functions as the core equipment of the monitoring site. Automatically collect 4-20mA or RS485, RS232 output signals of level gauges and temperature transmitters and transmit them to the monitoring center in real-time via GPRS/CDMA/4G network.

The monitoring center receives monitoring data sent back from each site through monitoring software. And the liquid level and temperature information of each oil storage tank can be checked at any time on the software interface. And once the liquid level and temperature data of a certain oil tank exceed the upper or lower limit. The system will automatically alarm.

This system has played an important role in ensuring the safety of oil storage tanks and oil.

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Automobile fuel monitoring system

Automobile fuel monitoring system

Using the fuel monitoring system, you can know:

  • Where, when, how much gas was added, and how much did it cost to refuel?
  • Where, when, how much oil was stolen, and how much oil was stolen?
  • Where do you drive, how many kilometers, and how much gas did you use?
  • Where is idling, how long is idling, and how much fuel is consumed?

The way to realize the oil quantity monitoring system:

  1. Real-time oil level consumption and abnormal oil level change alarm
  2. Refueling or abnormal consumption query
  3. Oil level curve analysis report

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Frequently asked questions

In the petrochemical industry, large oil tanks require a large range of high-precision liquid level sensors to monitor oil level. At present, there are many methods for measuring oil tank liquid levels:

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A fuel tank gauge is an instrument used to indicate the amount of fuel in a fuel tank.

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Fuel tank capacity (L): Its volume measures the capacity of a car to hold the fuel capacity.   

The size of the fuel tank is directly related to the fuel consumption of the car. Generally, a tank of fuel can travel more than 500 kilometers. For example, a car with 10 liters per 100 kilometers has a fuel tank volume of about 60 liters.   

The fuel tank volume of each model is different. The fuel tank volume of different brands of similar models is also different. Because there is no national standard.

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