The B series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter adopts the principle of ultrasonic time difference.

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter – B series

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter uses the superposition relationship between the propagation velocity of the ultrasonic signal in the fluid and the fluid velocity for measurement. Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter-B series is mainly for gases with a single composition such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, etc. There are also gases such as flare gas and natural gas. The price/performance ratio is very high.

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Features of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter – B series

  • Wide measuring range, 1:150
  • 1% higher measurement accuracy
  • Two-way metering
  • No pressure loss
  • No start flow
  • Maintenance-free, less maintenance
  • Intelligent integration

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter – B series Model

1D: Short connection
F: Torch gas plug-in installation
Application scenarios and installation methods
2S:Single ChannelNumber of channels
3DN50 DN80 DN100 DN150…..DN5000caliber
4A: Helium, nitrogen, neon, argon, air and other non-corrosive gases; 
B: Coalbed methane, natural gas, oil and gas, ethanol boil-off gas, methane, ethane, propane, other alkanes and olefin gases. 
C: Gases such as flue gas, flare gas, exhaust gas, tail gas, exhaust gas, etc. 
D: Blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas, carbon monoxide, mine gas and other gases. 
E: Biogas, fermentation gas, biomass gas, landfill gas and other gases.
Application field

Example: B-FS600C represents B flare gas flow meter. Measuring pipe section DN600. Measuring C gas.

According to the application scenario. B series gas ultrasonic flow meters are divided into B-D type and B-F type.


The Z series rectifier can effectively improve the upstream and downstream measurement conditions of the gas ultrasonic flowmeter. Improve the accuracy of the measurement structure. The Z series rectifier adopts a tube segment honeycomb rectifier. It is connected with the flow meter and the pipe section through a flange. The rectifier plate is made of stainless steel. The meter head is made of stainless steel or cast steel.

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Influence of rectifier on straight pipe section

Installation situationStraight pipe requirements
With rectifierFront straight pipe ≥5D, rear straight pipe ≥3D
Without rectifierFront straight pipe ≥10D, rear straight pipe ≥5D

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