Mechanical Diesel Flow Meters for High Precision Measurement

Mechanical diesel flow meter is a volumetric meter for continuous or intermittent measurement and control of diesel or other liquid flow in pipelines. It has many advantages such as large measuring range, high accuracy, small pressure loss, strong viscosity adaptability, Read More

Crude Oil Measurement, 80G Radar Level Meter Should Be Your First Choice!

Crude oil measurement is important to the petrochemical industry. To control costs and improve efficiency. Effective crude oil level measurement regulation has become a challenge for many plants. If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate way to measure the Read More

Case Study: Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Detector

Sludge Blanket Level Detectors use ultrasonic technology, so they are also known as ultrasonic mud level meters. Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Detector uses ultrasonic emission with echo analysis of solids suspended in water. The height and thickness of the sludge Read More

What Is Metal Tube Flow Meter? Rotameter Manufacturer

What is Metal Tube Flow Meter? LZ series metal tube flow meter, also known as metal rotor flowmeter. Metal tube flow meter consists of a measuring tube and side indicator, the field indicator can also be retrofitted with an electric Read More

Fuel Tank Diesel Level Sensors

Diesel Level Sensors are used in Fuel Tank\Oil Depot. By accurately measuring the level data of the oil tank, it can effectively manage the inflow, sale and storage of oil in the oil depot. The selection of Level Sensors for Read More

Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Diesel Tanks | 5~150cm,0-30m

Ultrasonic level sensor for diesel tank includes top mount and external mount. Oil tanks are storage equipment commonly used in oil depots, oil terminals, oilfield refineries and petrochemical enterprises. For the liquid medium (petrochemical products) in the tank, the liquid Read More