Flat Pressure Sensor for High Viscosity Fluids

Flat Pressure Sensor is a type of pressure sensor that specifically refers to the measurement diaphragm without pressure holes. Also known as a flat film pressure sensor. Flat Pressure Sensor is a special pressure sensor most commonly used in industrial Read More

Non Contact Flow Meters Measure Liquid Flow

What is non contact flow meter? Non Contact Flow Meters refers to flow meters that can achieve flow measurement without contacting the fluid medium. No need to destroy the pipeline. Easy to install and remove. This is a good choice Read More

What Is Resistive Pressure Transducer?

What Is Resistive Pressure Transducer? Resistive pressure transducers are also called resistance pressure transducers. It is a commonly used pressure sensor. Pressure sensors are generally distinguished by principle: capacitive pressure transmitters, resistive pressure transducers, inductive pressure transmitters, semiconductor pressure transmitters, Read More

What Is a Fluid Pressure Sensor?

What Is a Fluid Pressure Sensor? Fluid Pressure Sensors refers to sensors that can be used to measure the pressure of liquid media. Such as measuring pressure of Oil, Fuel and other fluid systems (select a sensor with the appropriate Read More

Influence of Dielectric Constant on Liquid Level Measurement | Radar-Guided Wave Radar Level Meter

“Low dielectric constant liquid measurement, not suitable for radar level gauge”. Inadvertently, we hear this all the time. In fact, when I first entered the industry, I thought so too. After a long time and understanding more, I realized that Read More

Liquid Volume Sensor? Monitors Liquid Volume Solutions

Ideally, we should be able to use a liquid volume sensor to directly measure the volume of the liquid in the container. Well, but in fact, there is no mature liquid volume sensor product on the market. Because there are Read More

LORA Water Meter

LORA Water Meter is a commonly used wireless water meter/wireless flowmeter. The wireless remote water meter measures the water flow in the pipeline. The microcomputer in the water meter automatically stores the amount of water used. When the time to Read More

What Is Difference Between Rotameter and Flow Meter?

What is a rotameter flow meter? Rotometer, also known as Float Type Flowmeter, is widely used in industry. It can measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, and it is suitable to measure the flow of small and medium Read More

Top 8 Types Petroleum Flow Meters for Oil and Gas Industry

In the new era, petrochemical enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. How to improve the production efficiency of the petroleum industry and improve the product quality is an important problem that needs to be solved urgently in front of us. The Read More

Mechanical Oil Flow Meters

What is mechanical oil flow meter? Mechanical oil flow meter refers to a flowmeter that can detect the volume flow of oil inline. Most importantly, this type of flowmeter is a mechanical measurement. It is common to use an oval Read More