Difference in Details: Pressure Transmitter vs Pressure Gauge

Do you know the difference between Pressure Transmitter vs Pressure Gauge? Pressure transmitters and pressure gauges are industrial process instruments used to measure the pressure of media.Understanding the difference between Pressure Transmitter vs Pressure Gauge is something we should do Read More

Checklist: Pressure Transmitter 4-20mA Common Faults and Error

Pressure Transmitter 4-20mA is the most commonly used one in industrial process control. In industrial process control, the measurement and control of pressure has always been a very important parameter. The 4-20mA output pressure transmitter is widely used due to Read More

Industrial Gas Pressure Sensors and Transducers – Gas Pressure Measurement

What is a gas pressure sensor? Gas Pressure Sensors are also called Gas Pressure Transducers. Gas Pressure Sensors convert gas pressure into standard electrical signals, such as 4~20mADC. Measurement, indication and process adjustment are carried out by supplying secondary instruments Read More

Water Pressure Sensors for Measurement of Water Pressure

Water Pressure Sensors Water Pressure Sensors refers specifically to instruments used to measure the pressure of tanks, pipes or underground water. Also called Water Pressure Transducers, or Water Pressure transmitters. Commonly used Water Pressure Sensors generally purchase diffused silicon. Convert Read More

Pressure Sensor Applications-Featured Industry Applications

Pressure Sensor Applications refer to industrial pressure transmitters that convert gas, liquid and other pressure parameters into standard electrical signals (such as 4~20mADC, etc.). For on-site or remote measurement and control. Pressure sensors are arguably the most widely used sensors Read More

Flow Pressure Transducers for Fluid Pipelines

Flow Pressure Transducers are measurements of fluid pressure within a pipeline. When fluid flows through a pipe, pressure acts on the pipe wall. The medium in the pipeline can be liquid or gas.Measure the pressure of the fluid, on the Read More

Pressure Transducer Wiring: 2 Wire-3 Wire-4 Wire

Pressure Transducer Wiring refers to the electrical connection of the pressure transmitter. A pressure transmitter is a conversion device that converts pressure signals into analog signals or digital signals. Generally, except for wireless pressure transmitters, the others are used for Read More

High Accuracy Pressure Transducers

High Accuracy Pressure Transducers are also called high precision pressure transducers or high accuracy pressure sensors. Sino-Inst manufactures various types of High Accuracy Pressure Transducers. From the perspective of accuracy, the accuracy of conventional pressure transmitters is 0.5%. Therefore, pressure Read More

Flat Pressure Sensor for High Viscosity Fluids

Flat Pressure Sensor is a type of pressure sensor that specifically refers to the measurement diaphragm without pressure holes. Also known as a flat film pressure sensor. Flat Pressure Sensor is a special pressure sensor most commonly used in industrial Read More

What Is Resistive Pressure Transducer?

What Is Resistive Pressure Transducer? Resistive pressure transducers are also called resistance pressure transducers. It is a commonly used pressure sensor. Pressure sensors are generally distinguished by principle: capacitive pressure transmitters, resistive pressure transducers, inductive pressure transmitters, semiconductor pressure transmitters, Read More