Helium is a noble gas. Helium is widely used due to its unique properties as a rare gas, such as in ultra-low temperature coolants, aeronautics, welding, leak testing, semiconductors and other application fields.

Sino-Inst offers 4 common helium flow meters. Vortex flowmeter, thermal gas flowmeter, precession vortex flowmeter and metal rotor flowmeter. Meets helium flow measurement for pipe sizes from DN10 to DN1000.

Industrial Helium Flow Meters

Helium flow meters

Thermal mass flow meter for helium gas flow measurement

Helium (He) is an inert gas that does not easily react with other elements and is widely used in many industrial applications. Therefore, helium flow measurement devices are very important.

Thermal gas mass flowmeter is a flowmeter that can directly measure the mass flow of helium gas. Not only is it not affected by temperature, it is also not affected by pressure. The user does not have to make corrections for pressure and temperature. And for pipes above DN65 size, plug-in installation can be selected. Effectively reduce measurement costs.

The thermal gas mass flow meter produced by Sino-Inst to measure helium has the following advantages:

  1. A true mass flow meter does not require temperature and pressure compensation for gas flow measurement, and the measurement is convenient and accurate. The mass flow rate or standard volume flow rate of the gas can be obtained.
  2. Wide range ratio, can measure gases with flow rates as high as 100Nm/s and as low as 0.5Nm/s. It can be used for gas leak detection.
  3. Good seismic resistance and long service life. The sensor has no moving parts and pressure sensing parts, and is not affected by vibration on measurement accuracy.
  4. Easy to install and maintain. If site conditions permit, non-stop installation and maintenance can be achieved. (Special customization required)
  5. Digital design. Overall digital circuit measurement, accurate measurement and easy maintenance.
  6. Adopt RS-485 communication or HART communication. Factory automation, integration, and optional wireless remote monitoring can be realized.
  7. The power supply is optional AC220V, DC24V or AC220V/DC24V dual power supply.
  8. Display content: standard voltage, instantaneous flow, cumulative total, standard flow rate, etc.;
  9. Display units: NL/m, NL/h, Nm3/m, Nm3/h, L/h, Kg/h, Kg/m, t/h, t/m, g/S;
Applications of Thermal Mass Flow Meter1
Applications of Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Vortex flow meter for helium gas flow measurement

The vortex flowmeter is based on the Karman vortex principle. That is, when the fluid flows through an object without flow resistance placed in the flow channel, alternating vortices will be formed behind it. Suitable for various industrial gases.

This flow meter has the following advantages for measuring helium flow:

  • High accuracy and repeatability: For low-density gases such as helium, it can accurately detect the vortex frequency formed after flowing through the probe. This frequency is directly proportional to the flow rate, allowing for accurate measurement.
  • No need for temperature and pressure compensation: Since helium is a single-component gas, its physical properties have little impact on flow rate due to changes in temperature and pressure within a certain range. Vortex flowmeters can directly measure volume flow without the need for additional temperature or pressure compensation.
  • Wide flow range: Vortex flowmeter has a wide flow measurement range. Able to adapt to the variable flow requirements of helium in different industrial applications.
  • High temperature and high pressure resistance: Vortex flowmeter can work at higher temperatures and pressures. This makes it possible to measure helium flow in harsh industrial environments.

Therefore, vortex flowmeters are ideal for measuring helium flow. Whether in precision measurements in the laboratory or in large-scale applications in industrial production processes.

What Is Vortex Flow Meter

Precession Vortex Flow Meter for helium gas

The intelligent precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flow meter. This flowmeter integrates flow, temperature and pressure detection functions. And can automatically compensate for temperature, pressure and compression factor. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply and other industries to measure various gas flows.

Therefore, the advantages of using a precession vortex flowmeter to measure helium are obvious. Installing a precession vortex flowmeter eliminates the need to install pressure sensors and temperature sensors. This also saves costs and installation time.

Precession Vortex Flow Meter for helium gas

Metal Rotameter for helium gas flow measurement

Metal rotor flowmeter is an area flow measurement instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. It has small size and stable and reliable operation. Suitable for measuring liquids, gases, various flow rates and use in various environments.

The metal rotor flowmeter is only suitable for helium flow measurement in DN15~DN150 pipelines. But its measurement also has unique advantages:

  • Suitable for flow measurement of small diameter and low flow velocity media;
  • The requirements for the front and rear straight pipe sections are low; More about: Flow Meter Straight Length Requirements Guide;
  • The pointer indicates instantaneous flow, and the double-row LCD displays instantaneous flow and cumulative total (optional);
  • All-metal structure, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and highly corrosive media;
  • Can be used in flammable and explosive hazardous locations;
  • With data backup and power-off protection functions (LCD display type);
  • Reliable work, low maintenance and long life;
  • Wider range ratio 10:1;
  • Multi-parameter calibration, keyboard setting alarm (with alarm type);
  • Optional external power supply or built-in 3.6V lithium battery power supply;

More Gas Flow Measurement Soluitons

Helium is very inert and does not easily react chemically with other substances. It can be widely used in various industries. Additionally, helium has low density, low boiling point, and high thermal conductivity properties, making it a very valuable gas.

In applications in the welding and metallurgical industries, helium can be used as a welding shielding gas;
In applications in cryogenic engineering, helium gas is usually used as the working medium of closed cycle cryogenic refrigerators.
Helium also has many special industrial applications.

We, Sino-Inst, are a professional flow meter manufacturer. In addition to helium flow meters, we also produce steam flow meters, oxygen flow meters, hydrogen flow meters, argon flow meters, and various other liquid and solid powder flow meters.

If you need to measure helium flow or purchase a helium flow meter, you can contact our engineers for technical support at any time!

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