Water Level Transducers – Detailed Guide

What Is a Water Level Transducer? Water level transducers are also called Water Level Sensors, or water level transmitters. Water level transducers are used to monitor water usage and quality. The water level signal is output through 4-20mA and other Read More

Explosion Proof Ultrasonic Level Sensor| Hazardous Area-Non Contact

Explosion proof ultrasonic level sensor is a non-contact, easy to install and maintain liquid level measurement instrument. It is used to measure flammable and explosive liquids such as diesel oil and crude oil. Or used to measure the height of Read More

New Trend of Transformer Oil Level Indicator

What is Transformer Oil Level Indicator? The Transformer oil level indicator is specially designed to measure and indicate the oil level in transformer tanks, oil conservators and on-load tap-changers. Transformer Oil Level Indicator – Also known as Liquid Level Indicator Read More

External Tank Level Indicator

External Mounted Tank Level Sensors External Tank Level Indicator refers to an externally mounted level sensor. It is used to install on the outside of the liquid storage tank to measure the liquid level of the tank. When measuring with Read More

80GHZ Radar Level Transmitter

80 GHz Radar Level Measurement 80GHZ Radar Level Transmitter refers to a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar product operating at 76-81GHz. It can be used for level measurement of solids and liquids. Since it operates at a higher frequency, Read More

Material Level Indicators

The material level indicator refers to an instrument for real-time detection of changes in the height of solid materials in a container. Material level indicator is also known as material level transmitter, material level controller, material level meter, etc. Level Read More

The Secret of Water Level Control

Water level control refers to the control of high and low water levels by mechanical or electronic methods. It can control solenoid valves, water pumps, etc. to become an automatic water level controller or water level alarm, thereby realizing semi-automation Read More

Tech Guide for Non-Contact Radar Type Level Transmitters

What Is Radar Type Level Transmitter? The Radar Type Level Transmitter is a kind of instrument that measures the liquid level in the container by microwave. The Radar Type Level Transmitter provides reliable non-contact, maintenance-free continuous measurement of liquids in Read More