Emerson-Rosemount Hart 475 Field Communicator

475 Field Communicator, Emerson-Rosemount Hart. A small amount of stock. Original Product.

Rosemount handheld 475 Field Communicator is for debugging any product under the global HART protocol. Such as pressure transmitter. Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Vortex flowmeter. Mass flowmeter. valve. Temperature Transmitter. Regulating valve, positioner.

The 475 Field Communicator supports HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. Allows you to configure, maintain or troubleshoot the device.

475 Field Communicator

Emerson Rosemount (Rosemount, USA) Hart475 handheld communicator is a new type of 475 field communicator developed by Emerson Process Management. It is also an improved and upgraded model of the Rosemount Hart375 handheld communicator. It supports both the HART communication protocol and the foundation site Bus communication protocol. And has the characteristics of universal, reliable, portable, intrinsically safe, easy to upgrade, and so on. These features will quickly make the Rosemount 475 handheld communicator the new standard.

The HART communication handheld communicator is used to directly communicate with all popular HART smart transmitters. It is used as a multifunctional handheld communicator for the maintenance and diagnosis of HART instruments.

The use of HART communication handheld programmer can be used to complete almost all on-site instrument maintenance and debugging work. Including fault diagnosis, daily maintenance, start-up debugging, calibration, etc.

The HART communication handheld terminal is a portable terminal (universal USB interface can be connected to the PC for operation). It is used with the instrument that adopts the HART communication protocol. It can be set, changed, and displayed, and it can monitor the input/output Value and self-diagnostic result. Set constant current output and zero adjustments. And it has a HART Moden function.

It can be used in conjunction with the host computer software of various manufacturers to adjust and maintain the instrument more comprehensively. It is compatible with HART275, HART375, HART475. It can communicate with all imported and domestic instruments with 1151, 3051, EJA, ABB, and other HART protocols.

When the system starts or maintains operation, it can be used as long as the HART communicator is connected to the 4-20mA communication signal line.

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Emerson Hart 475 Field Communicator

① Rosemount 475 field communicator is the new standard of a handheld communicator. It is a new generation of communicators developed based on Rosemount 275Hart and 375Hart’s more than 20 years of application experience and the further needs of users.

② Following the successful application of the Rosemount 375HART communicator. Emerson Process Management has introduced a new type of Rosemount 475 field communicator. It supports the HART communication protocol. It also supports the Foundation Fieldbus communication protocol. It is versatile, reliable, portable, Intrinsically safe, easy to upgrade, and other features. These features will quickly make the Rosemount 475 handheld communicator the new standard.

③ At present, more than 300 equipment suppliers provide more than 1,000 HART and FF Fieldbus equipment protocols. Rosemount 475 handheld communicator supports Emerson’s PlantWeb factory management and control network technology. And it combines 20 years of providing HART users with its instruments and valves. Field experience is required for configuration and maintenance. The powerful Fieldbus branch diagnosis function of Rosemount 475 Handheld Communicator is based on Emerson’s extensive experience of thousands of Fieldbus devices worldwide.

Versatility: Rosemount 475 handheld communicator supports all HART® and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices. In addition, there is plenty of room for your future development;

Users can upgrade on-site: Users can download the latest version of HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus-related content from the Internet to upgrade the Rosemount 475 handheld communicator on-site.

Safety: Rosemount 475 handheld communicator is the only field operator that meets all intrinsic safety requirements. Including ATEX-compliant, CENELEC, FM, CSA, and FISCO.

Robust and reliability: This is one of the reasons why he is called a “Handheld Communicator”. Some work must also be performed on the device. The Rosemount 475 Communicator is specially designed for the harsh working conditions of the factory.

Connect with AMS interface: Rosemount 475 handheld communicator can connect with AMS device management software interface. The configuration data transmission of HART instruments and valves is carried out between the equipment management software and the handheld communicator.

  • Microprocessor: 80MHZ Hitachi Hitachi SH3
  • Interface: 3 4mm banana holes
  • Built-in memory: 32M
  • Infrared data port: maximum rate 115kbs/s, distance maximum 30cm
  • System card: 1GB or higher
  • Working environment: -10~50 degrees Celsius
  • RAM: 32M
  • Protection: IP51 (front)
  • Expansion module: 32M
  • Earthquake resistance: 1m to the concrete floor without any problem
  • Weight: about 0.9KG, including battery
  • Humidity: 0-95% (no condensation)
  • Display: 1/4VGA (240*320 pixels); color 8.9cm touch screen, automatic dimming display
  • Storage: -20~55 degrees Celsius (with battery); -20~60 degrees Celsius (without battery)
  • Keyboard: 25 keys, 4 operation keys, 12 letter keys, 4 shoulders, 4 function keys and switch keys
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion battery, can be used for 20 hours, 100~240VAC charging
  • Charger: Mini DIN 6-pin socket
  • Upgrade requirements: winxp operating system CD-ROM can be connected to the internet

The most commonly used models of Rosemount HART475 Communicator are:

  • Rosemount Communicator 475HP1ENA9GM9 (basic type)
  • Rosemount Handheld Communicator 475HP1ENAUGM9 (three-year upgrade)
  • Rosemount Communicator 475HP1EKL9GM9 (explosion-proof)
  • Rosemount Communicator 475HP1EKLUGM9 (explosion-proof, three-year upgrade)
  • Rosemount Handheld Communicator 475FP1EKLUGM9 (HART+FF protocol)
ModelProduct description
475Field communicator (1)
Numbering  Protocol
Numbering  battery model
PRechargeable lithium battery pack
NumberingPower supply/charger
1Power supply/charger (0~24VAC, 50/60HZ, American and British European plugs)
9Excluding (2)
EEnglish (standard)
 Numbering certified product
KLFM, CENELEC/ATEX.CSA intrinsically safe (including FISCO)
NANo certification
NumberingFacilitate upgrade (3)
UConvenient upgrade options (including unlimited system card upgrades with a 3-year period)
 NumberingStandard mode
GMGraphic enhancement
Configuration management
 Numbering Bluetooth
TBluetooth function
9No Bluetooth function
ASpare rechargeable lithium ion (4)
SStandard rubber protective box

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In stock! Emerson-Rosemount Hart 475 Field Communicator

475 Field Communicator, Emerson-Rosemount Hart. A small amount of stock. Original Product.

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