Flow Totalizer is also called flow rate totalizer. Used with various flow meters to perform data measurement and display, cumulative calculation, alarm control, transmission output, data acquisition, and communication.

Flow Totalizer F3000X

Flow Totalizer collects, displays, controls, remotely transmits, communicates, and prints various signals such as on-site temperature, pressure, and flow. It constitutes a digital acquisition system and a control and monitoring system. It is widely used in trade settlement and factory measurement management networks in petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, light industry, medicine and city gas industries.

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The flow totalizer refers to the secondary instrument of the flowmeter, which is responsible for sampling, conversion, calculation, and data storage. It is used with a primary meter to form a complete flow meter. The primary meter often refers to the sensor part, such as an orifice throttling device.

The flow totalizer controller collects, displays, controls, remotely transmits, communicates, and prints various signals such as on-site temperature, pressure, and flow. It constitutes a digital acquisition system and control system, with LCD and digital display, and various external dimensions. It is suitable for flow accumulation measurement and control of various liquids, general gases, superheated steam, and saturated steam. It can carry out quantitative/batch control of the medium (with start, stop, and clear functions), and it can be used with various flow sensors or transmitters to adapt to various measurement control occasions.

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Features of Flow Totalizer F3000X

  • Wide range of applicable flow meters and fluid media.
  • The flow unit is automatically converted, and the flow coefficient of the differential pressure flowmeter is automatically calculated.
  • The steam density is calculated according to the IAPWS-IF97 formula, and the superheated and saturated state of the steam is automatically recognized.
  • Emergency fault-tolerant function: when temperature and pressure signals are abnormal, use emergency parameter values ​​for compensation calculations.
  • Debug calculation function: support to view the original value of each transmitter/sensor signal; support to view the intermediate parameters such as density in the flow calculation.
  • Audit record: Power failure record function.
  • Alarm list: Support recording instantaneous or cumulative alarm information such as flow, temperature, pressure, differential pressure/frequency/volume/mass.
  • Cumulative report: Supports cumulative traffic class report, daily report, monthly report, and annual report.
  • Communication function: standard Modbus RTU protocol, support RS485, RS232C communication interface.
  • Transmission function: support standard current transmission output, signal source channel is optional.
  • Report backup function: Support the backup function of each cumulative report.
  • Import and export function: support the import and export function of instrument configuration parameters.
  • Timing printing function: supports the timing printing function of flow, temperature, pressure, accumulation and other data.

Specifications of Flow Totalizer F3000X

Screen: Screen: 128*64 dot matrix monochrome liquid crystal display (LCD)
Accuracy: Accuracy: Display and measurement accuracy: ±0.2% F.S.

Processor: High-performance ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit RISC core

Input function
Flow channel: Channel: analog signal: 4-20mA, 0-10mA, and other signals;
Frequency signal: Fr (range: 0.0-5000.0HZ, low-level ≤ 1V, high-level ≥ 5V)
Temperature channel: Temperature channel: 0-10mA, 4-20mA, Pt100 and other signals
Pressure channel: Pressure channel: 0-10mA, 4-20mA, and other signals
Other input signals (such as digital input (DI)) should be specified when ordering

Output function
Power distribution output: Provide 1 group (F12) 12VDC and 2 groups (Q24, P24) 24VDC sensor power supply, the maximum output current of a single channel is 30mA, of which flow current 24V power distribution Q24 and pressure 24V power distribution P24 share the same ground
Transmission output: Support 1 standard current transmission output (source is optional), load capacity 500Ω (maximum)
Relay output: Support up to 3 relay outputs, contact capacity 3A@250VAC/3A@30VDC, configurable upper limit, upper limit, lower limit, lower limit alarm

Communication function
Communication interface: Provide RS232C and RS485 two communication interfaces for users to choose, support Modbus RTU protocol, baud rate —- (1200, 4800, 9600)
Print interface: RS232C directly connected to the mini printer, baud rate 1200

Report backup
Report backup and transfer: Backup and transfer: support USB 1.1, 2.0 protocol, support for cumulative report transfer from 1G to 32G U disk, strong compatibility, compatible with most U disks on the market

Power supply
AC power supply: AC power supply: 220VAC/50HZ AC power supply
DC power supply: Current power supply: support 24VDC (18VDC-36VDC) DC power supply; support 12VDC (9VDC-18VDC) DC power supply, DC power supply should be specified when ordering

Error accuracy
Clock error: Clock error: ±2 seconds/day

Working environment
Ambient temperature: Ambient temperature: 0~50℃ (avoid direct sunlight)
Environmental humidity: Environmental humidity: 0~85%R.H (non-condensing)
Altitude: Altitude: <2000 meters

Prohibit working inflammable and corrosive environment

Net weight
Net weight: Net weight: ≤1.0Kg

Technical index description
The technical index is the general index of this series of instruments, and the function configuration is subject to the actual product.
If the technical indicators are inconsistent with the actual instrument, please refer to the actual instrument.

Flow totalizer working principle

The flow totalizer is composed of four parts: measurement loop, digital panel meter, regulator and power supply.

The stabilized power supply converts the 220V power supply into a stable DC voltage as the other part of the power supply.

The measurement loop processes the signal (voltage, current, etc.) sent by the flow transmitter into a voltage signal.

After A/D conversion, the signal is sent to a dedicated central processing unit for processing. Not only to the digital panel meter but also to the regulator. After comparing with the set value, it outputs a control or alarm signal according to the regulation rule.

The flow totalizer is used to measure the instantaneous flow of liquid or solid in the industrial field.

The signal output by the flowmeter is generally a pulse signal or a 4-20mA current signal, both of which output instantaneous flow. Our purpose is to calculate and display the instantaneous flow value and calculate the cumulative value in the PLC.

When the input signal is a pulse signal, when calculating the instantaneous flow rate, it must be calculated in strict time intervals to ensure the accuracy of the instantaneous flow rate.

Therefore, the calculation of instantaneous flow must be done with a timed interrupt. Moreover, only this one interrupt program can be run in the PLC system, and no other interrupts are allowed (even low-priority interrupts are not allowed to run). To prevent interference with the accuracy of the time interval of the timing interruption.

Calculating the instantaneous flow rate is to convert the number of accumulated pulses in this time period into the accumulated flow rate. Divided by time is the instantaneous flow.

For 4-20mA input, the instantaneous flow can be directly obtained by simply converting according to its corresponding range. The cumulative flow is to add up the cumulative flow in each time period.

In the actual use of PLC programming, the following issues must be paid attention to:

(1) Whether the input pulse frequency range exceeds the receiving range of the PLC;
(2) How to ensure correct calculation when the PLC high-speed counter reaches the maximum count value;
(3) How to ensure that the timing interruption is not disturbed;
(4) How to avoid errors in calculating the cumulative amount;
(5) The maximum cumulative digits of the cumulative amount;
(6) How to reset the totalizer.

Totalizer vs Flow Meter

A pure totalizer is not a flow meter.

Usually, flow meters measure instantaneous flow. If you need to know the total amount of flow, you need to use a totalizer.

A complete flow detection system includes several parts such as sensing, transmission, calculation, integration, display, etc. Each part can be an independent instrument. It is also possible to integrate several functions into one watch.

Many flow totalizers on the market now integrate calculation, totalization, and display. It includes most of the functions of the flow system. Some manufacturers set the totalizer and other parts as flow meters and use the name of the complete set on the totalizer. If you buy the totalizer alone, you will see that the name is flowmeter.

So the flowmeter [maybe] includes a totalizer, but the totalizer is not a flowmeter.

If you get here, you still can’t find a suitable product. Then let us take a more detailed look at the functions and applications of the Flow Totalizer Meter.

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Flow Totalizer for Sale | Data collection and calculation

Flow Totalizer is also called flow rate totalizer. Used with various flow meters to perform data measurement and display, cumulative calculation, alarm control, transmission output, data acquisition, and communication.

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