What is a paperless recorder?

The paperless recorder is a data logger used to record measurement data over time. Paperless recorder equipment has been integrated into industrial control systems for process monitoring applications. Can input thermocouple, thermal resistance, standard current, standard voltage, frequency and other signals. The large-screen LCD screen displays the processed data in various forms of pictures.

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In fact, the paperless recorder we are talking about is basically the same type of product as the familiar digital chart recorders.

What Is A Digital Chart Recorder?

Industrial digital chart recorders refers to an electronic instrument that remotely displays and counts signals such as pressure, temperature, flow, and liquid level in the industry.

Digital chart recorders record the collected data/calculated data in the internal storage system of the instrument with time as the base axis. It does not consume any commonly used recording facilities. For example: paper, pen and ink. Sino-Inst provides time-saving paperless chart recorders with up to 64 channels.

The stored data recorded in the instrument is displayed on the LCD screen after calculation and simulation. Commonly used LCD screens are widely used. On the LCD screen, digital display, bar graph display, curve display, alarm list, etc. can be displayed.

The data collected by the paperless recorder are commonly used: temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, voltage, current, humidity, frequency, vibration, speed, etc.

Paperless recorder working principle

The paperless recorder is mainly composed of industrial special microprocessor, A/D converter, read-only memory ROM, random memory RAM, display controller, liquid crystal display, keyboard controller, alarm circuit, clock circuit and other parts.

The paperless recorder is based on a single-chip microprocessor. Collect and process various data. The recorded data can be sent to the random memory RAM for storage. Or send it to the LCD display for display. It can also be zoomed in or out as needed. To facilitate the operator to observe the status of the recorded signal.

At the same time, the recorded signal can be compared with the set upper and lower limit signals. Once the limit is exceeded, an alarm signal will be issued.

The A/D converter converts the analog quantity from the recorded signal into a digital quantity for the CPU to perform arithmetic processing.

The read-only memory ROM is used to solidify the program. After turning on the power, the ROM program can make the CPU work.

Random memory RAM is used to store historical data processed by the CPU. Depending on the sampling time, the data can be stored for several days to several decades. It has a backup power supply to ensure that all recorded data and configuration signals will not be lost due to power failure.

The data in the CPU can be displayed on the LCD screen via the display controller. Generally, it can be displayed on a 7-inch or 10.2-inch color LCD touch screen.

The operator makes various settings by operating the keys or the touch screen. The signal is transmitted to the CPU, so that the CPU works according to the requirements of the operator.

When the recorded data exceeds the limit, the CPU sends a signal to the alarm circuit in time to generate an alarm output. The function of the clock circuit is to generate the recording time interval, time stamp or date required by the recorder and transmit it to the CPU.

In addition, the paperless recorder is also equipped with a print controller and a communication controller. The data in the CPU can be connected to external miniature printers and personal computers through them. Realize data printing and communication.

Measurement function of paperless recorder

Paperless recorder is an instrument that can convert temperature and pressure into current, voltage, thermocouple, thermal resistance and other signals through a transmitter, and record and process the data.

Generally, it has functions such as alarm output, analog output, power distribution output, and communication.

The paperless recorder is an instrument that connects to a printer or U disk through RS485, RS232 communication, CF card transfer, and PC connection communication.

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The use of recorder for process measurement and control instrument:

  1. Equipped with a flow meter to measure and record the flow signal on site
  2. Equipped with a pressure transmitter to measure and record the pressure signal on site.
  3. Equipped with a temperature sensor to measure and record the temperature signal on site.
  4. The power distribution transmitter can measure and record the electric quantity signal on site.
  5. Equipped with a liquid level transmitter to measure and record the liquid level signal on site.
  6. Equipped with a temperature and humidity transmitter to measure and record the temperature and humidity signals on site.

paperless temperature recorder

Digital Temperature Recorder-Paper Less| Control &Monitor

Temperature Recorder can realize the signal acquisition and paperless recording of industrial temperature sensors. Also called Temperature data logger. Suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring, heat treatment process, current and voltage measurement, etc.

Temperature Recorder R7600 channel fully isolated universal signal input, 1-12 channels are optional. Multiple communication interfaces.

Support thermal resistance: PT100, Cu50, G53, Cu100, BA1, BA2 (requires three-wire resistance balance, lead resistance <10Ω).

Thermocouple: S, B, K, T, R, E, N, J

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Paperless recorder price

Paperless recorder HS code: 9031809090.

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For reference, a common flow recorder matched with a flow meter is priced at USD 150.00.
The more functions and the more channels, the higher the price of the paperless recorder.

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It is widely used in hydropower, tap water, petroleum, chemical, machinery, hydraulic and other industries to measure, display and control the pressure of fluid media on site.

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