Magnetostrictive level sensor

SI-2116 Magnetostrictive level sensor

Magnetostrictive level sensor ( magneto resistive level sensor ), also called Magnetostrictive level gauge, or Magnetostrictive level transmitter. Magnetostrictive level sensor, is the best choice for water level measurement, diesel tank level, and fuel tank level measurement. SI-2116 Magnetostrictive level Read More

Wastewater Flow Meter

Wastewater Flow Meter

Waste Water flow meter, also called in-line flow meters, application for water flow rate measurement, in those wastewater treatment industrial pipes. Accurate measurement, control, and reporting are critical in the water and wastewater industry.  SI-3118 Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is composed Read More

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter SI-3121

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter, also called insertion electromagnetic flow-meter, is an insertion type flow meter. An insertion flow meter is defined as a meter, that measures flow at a strategic point in a pipe, then uses that measurement to determine Read More