What does a residential water meter look like?

A residential water meter is a legal meter for measuring water consumption in residential communities, residential buildings, bungalows, and other places.

What are the commonly used residential water meters? In terms of functions, there are smart IC card water meters, remote water meters, and smart valve-controlled water meters. Below, we will briefly introduce these common and commonly used residential water meters!

How does a residential water meter work?

Residential Water Meters Types

The types of water meters can be divided by the principle of measurement. The common types are mechanic water meters, mechanical water meters equipped with electronic devices, and electronic water meters.

Their working principles are as follows:

Measuring sensors, calculators, and indicating devices are all water meters with mechanical principles and structures. There are mainly speed water meters and volumetric water meters.

Mechanical water meter with electronic device

Keep a mechanical water meter with a complete structure. On this basis, a water meter with an electronic device is installed. There are mainly IC card water meters and remote water meters. The measuring sensor of the mechanical sensor electronic water meter is composed of a sensor based on the principle of mechanical motion and a sensor element that can convert the mechanical motion into an electrical signal and input it into the calculator. Both the calculator and the indicating device are electronic components. Such as vortex (impeller) wheel type electronic water meter.

Electronic water meter

Electronic water meters are divided into mechanical sensor electronic water meters and electronic sensor electronic water meters. The measuring sensor of the electronic water meter is based on the principle of electronic or electromagnetic induction. Both the calculator and the indicating device are electronic components. Such as ultrasonic water meter, jet water meter, Coriolis water meter, and electromagnetic water meter.

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Where is the Residential water meter installed?

In order to be beautiful and save space, water meters are generally installed in their own kitchens. Some of them will be installed in the corner of the kitchen or covered by other kitchen furniture.

However, in order to facilitate the reading of the water meter, it is best to install the water meter in a conspicuous position.

If the house has a special type, it may be installed outdoors.

Precautions for installation of Residential water meter

  1. If it is to install a water meter on a new pipeline. You have to rinse all the stolen goods in the pipeline first. This will prevent the water meter from slowing down or not moving in the later stage.
  2. It is better to install a filter before the water meter is installed. Before installing other instruments in the pipeline, the debris in the pipeline should be cleaned up. Avoid clogging of pipes.
  3. When installing, keep the direction on the watch case consistent with the direction of the water flow. And the place where the water meter is installed. The location should be convenient for us to read or change later. The place where the water meter is installed should not be installed in a place exposed to the sun and freezing.
  4. When the water meter is installed, the reading side should be facing up.
  5. The direction of the arrow on the water meter should be the same as the direction of the water flow in the pipe.
  6. If the water meter is installed outdoors, it must be protected against sun and frost. Because the outdoor environment is better than the indoor environment. If the water meter is exposed to the sun or cold for a long time, the service life of the water meter will be affected. If the gear of the water meter is exposed to the sun for a long time. It will cause deformation and damage. This will affect the accuracy of water meter measurement.

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